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Brittany  845. Psych RN. Mermaid. Body positive. Kitsch. Nature. Paradox. Halloween. Make up. Modern, vintage, classic. Rats, hedge hog, bunnies. Oracle reader

Still true

Calling on the collective today to ask this jury to make the right decision and that I have water tonight!

Hey I'm taking a selfie in a public bathroom ask me if I care what your opinion of it is

Back to the gym and yoga. For my mine body and spirit.

Down a few, as I get healthier

My camera came on when I put my phone down. At first I didn't like what I saw. Then I decided fuck it. I'm going to take a photo and post it for my body positive warriors. @bodypositiveeverydamnday @johnnysjoys love yourself every day every way

You don't gnome me

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