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Liam Flanagan: Sport + Fitness  Strength & Conditioning Coach - Rugby and Athletic training - Youth athlete development - Wilderness Sport performance

Client @peppiandkrissy warming up for squats this morning.

We've focused Krissy's mobility work on improving her shoulder and thoracic mobility, and her results show in the squat press drill, keeping the bar over her midfoot during the press and concentric squat, and maintaining a neutral spine without excessive extension.

Lateral hurdle over/unders are also a great drill to get you moving dynamically and prime active hip flexion, adduction and abduction, all vital movements for a strong and stable squat.

Client Jon reaping rewards for his early mornings and dedication to training. His goal for the last training cycle was to reach 3 plates, he smashed through that and reached a comfy PR of 335lbs this morning. That's a 40lb increase in 8 weeks, and it looks like he could have done more.

Awesome work Jon!

In-season programming for a team sport requires a balance between strength and power maintenance and development, prehab, rehab and injury management, and fatigue monitoring.

Athletes often fail to properly assess their training needs and can focus on the wrong goals and exercises for their sport or role in a team, and spend too much time focusing on the irrelevant muscles and not the movements that need to be enhanced for optimal performance.

For me the most important factor of training during competitive phases is fatigue monitoring and management. Often for team sports, 1-2 strength training sessions, along with skills training, is more than enough stimulus to maintain and build upon gains made in the preseason. A conservative approach also reduces likelihood of game day fatigue and injury.

DM me if you are interested in coaching or programming for your sport or recreational activity

@picsformikesmom making his way forward on the #roadto195 . He hit a lifetime 3 rep PR today for squats at 205lbs, and his gaining strength in all his other lifts. He'll be challenging for a starting spot as @ubcobravensrugby push for playoffs spots in the coming weeks

My client Adrian showing great improvement in his hip and thoracic mobility, as well as foot stability in his squats.

We've been working hard for the last few months on maintaining a strong and upright torso during squats, and he's showing this throughout the movement.

He's also doing a great job of maintaining a tripod foot and strong arch, we've done a lot of work on hip stability to help support his intrinsic foot muscles.

His timing of hip and knee flexion is slightly off and we will iron that out as he continues to improve in strength and size

@mr_nolander developing single leg power with some contrast sets.

First a weighted Bulgarian split squat, hitting the high force/low speed end, then a band assisted plyometric lunge, working on high speed/low force.
Nolan is an outside back so single leg work is more specific to his position on the rugby pitch and should aid in developing speed and power in sprinting.

A couple shoulder prehab exercises to improve overhead stability and strength.

First is an Overhead Shrug with added instability via suspending weight from bands. You can increase difficulty by using a bamboo or light dowel instead of a barbell.

Second is a kneeling Kettlebell press, aiming to keep the hips engaged and ribcage depressed as you press the upside down kettlebell overhead.

Each exercise can be used as a warm up drill prior to overhead work such as overhead squats, presses and jerks, or as an accessory lift during the main session.

@peppiandkrissy showing great shoulder stability and control with these upside down kettlebell Turkish get-ups, a tough exercise for improving neuromuscular control in the shoulders and building core strength

#questfor195 off to a great start for @picsformikesmom

100 POINT ACTIVE RECOVERY: Professional athletes and sport clubs utilise active recovery techniques to ensure they are able to perform for training and competition, day to day, week to week.

Amateur athletes and active people can benefit greatly from active recovery methods, aiming to reduce the time it takes to recover from a training bout or competitive game.

Aiming to achieve a minimum of 100 points by choosing multiple activities to complete daily should result in improved recovery, more preparedness for training or games, and a reduction in injury risk.

@jeffso_ getting through a hard session today. He's worked hard on his lifting technique and is getting through a lot of volume with no loss of form. Keep up the good work mate!

Mensicus injury is very common in collision sports, and results in pain, limited knee range of motion and joint instability. I've aggravated an old meniscus injury from rugby, due to a high volume of squats recently. These two exercises have helped restore range of motion without pain and strength of the muscles surrounding the joint. They are very basic and can be done prior to training or as a stand alone prehab/rehab exercise.

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