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VANESSA WEBSTER  Toronto, Ontario 📸 vangweb@hotmail.com 🦈 @stillsane • #STOPSHARKFINNING


Patiently waiting for summer. Patiently waiting for chapped lips to become trendy. Patiently waiting for my dad to kick my ass for taking his sweaters. 🙄

Dat new new finally up on @stillsane 🦈🌎 Never taking this crew off 🤤Link in bio!

~ Justin ain't the only Man of the Woods 🌲

Sticky Fin, Sticky Fun!!! Last night was the best, thank you to everyone who was a part of our @stillsane beer release collab with @townbrewery & @buzzkillcanada ! And a big thank you to @talmey1 for making this happen and putting up with pepkid and I. We appreciate you!! Sticky Fin is now available at @townbrewery on draft and bottles! Portion of proceeds are donated to Rob Stewart foundation and @teamfinfree 💙🦈

💛 Happy day of love to this perfect girl !!! 🌹😍

This lil birdy just told me someone v special is coming to visit this weekend ... & that I look like a Fat Albert character. Both true, but who's coming😏

To the girl who holds my heart, thank you for every little thing you do for me. You constantly have my back and show me endless amounts of support and love no matter what. It would be a dream getting to spend the rest of my days with you. Especially if we continue slurpin' slushies and cruisin' around aimlessly listening to murder podcasts till we're too old to drive. 👵🏼 You're my person and I appreciate you in my life every second. I love ya sweets, always.

Update ~ nt ded ~ just sick since '17 🤦🏽‍♀️

A series of me surrounded by the thing I hate most and the one I love most. How many days until summer??? #overwinter #qudiepie

A 2 minute story of #TheGreatestMoment in Vwebs recent years. About 7 years ago I found myself stuck sitting in a chair at college...staring at walls during lectures, attending labs I barely participated in, all just to get home at the end of the day remembering NOTHIN. Maybe it’s because I was in FITNESS & HEALTH (omg) but I eat fast food more times a week than the amount of times I run in a year? 🤔 Or maybe it was because the program I really wanted to be in was photography but I didn’t have the GUTS to pursue it. 🤔 So after 2 long blurry dreadful years of college, I dropped out of my program right before I was about to graduate. I figured having no plan was better than absolutely hating my current plan? For me, it definitely was. I can’t completely speak for my future yet; but today I turned 25 and 25 year old Vwebs is currently making a living by owning a company with her childhood best friend encouraging eco sustainable fashion and getting paid to take pictures?! Tell me that 7 years ago and 18 year old me would’ve said make a future plan not a future dream, yikes. Seriously thank you guys so much. Y'all make me feel like I'm actually good at something. If it wasn’t for all of you always sticking around and supporting my mediocre pictures and crappy videos back in the day AND today none of this would have happened. I’d probably still be an insecure closet case doing grape vines in my fitness program, eating pizza in class while everyone is else is eating veggies and drinking protein shakes. I promise that in 2018 I’ll post more of my stuff, or make a site so I can share more with you guys. Y’ALL ARE THE BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER. I APPRECIATE YOU N LOVE YOU ALL. SO MUCH. 24 was stupid FUN, I’m ready for you 25. This story is for #TheGreatestShowmanMovie :) There’s a link in my bio for you to check out. The movie has the same vibe as this post. A flick about being at zero and having the passion to achieve anything. (And also SIDENOTE: Zac Effron & Zendaya are in it so there's that) #ad GRAB A TICKET and let me know if you loved it :) @greatestshowman 💕Luv yous guys thanks to everyone that has messaged me today, I really appreciate it💕

Can't tell if I'm getting better at taking pictures or if he's getting better looking? 🤔

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