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Ayisha 💙  😜!!em ekil tsuj sdnah ruoy no emit hcum oot evah uoy taht gniwonk si ezirp ruoY !sdrawkcab nettirw si siht taht tuo derugif ev'uoY !ztargnoC

Since insta’s update has them asking why I haven’t posted in months😂😂.... like damn!!! a girl is just too busy to post!!!!

Sooooo PSA!!!!! One of my best friends @lolritza just released a dope ass podcast titled "just the tip". It covers just about everything from feminism to shaderoom-ish gossip. It's for anyone who enjoys commentary from a real human in America. https://www.thejustthetippodcast.com/ you're welcome world 🙃

He makes me laugh.... so I guess he's okay 🙃#instagramlessMatt

Big sis let's little sis be a bridesmaid.... YASSS I GET TO WEAR A TUX!!! #IssaAugust2k18Wedding

Wow this is our first year not celebrating your bday together... anywho, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOE and try not to end up staying in Canada 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

When there are limited females in the cousin ratio 😩

I guess happy birthday Osu 🙄

When you pose like those tourist do when they come to your city 😂🙄 I guess I can give P.C to @badboydeedee

When in Turtle Bay ❤️🐢.....

An actual depiction of my fam 24/7.... thanks for going through the hassle of coming to my graduation (as if you guys had an actual choice!!!!) love you guys all day everyday ❤️❤️❤️

When you know those C's got you your degree #urgrad

When we were just seniors in high school everyone told us not to be roommates because it'll ruin our friendship... well four dorm rooms and 10 years of friendship later we made to the day that is graduation. Thank you for your selflessness and patience for me and being there for me even when I didn't want you to all of college. Thanks for showing me that maybe, just maybe one day a guy love me just as much as you love me, unconditionally and selflessly. I know you'll be fine without me this next year that we won't be together, but I don't know how I'll be fine without you here in New York City with me. Thanks for being my person Shaquana Delisha Reed ❤️❤️❤️#URgrads17 #blackexcellance #blackgirlmagic

Senior ball 2k17

Happy Mother's Day to the strongest and smartest woman I know (even though she has no text savvy knowledge😂😂😂) thanks for having the strength to raise 4 annoying ass kids on your own and allowing us to be whoever we want to be. You are much appreciated in every way possible ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks for holding me up fairy godmothers 😘 #7daystillgraduation

Okay.... last @bigsean appreciation post 😍😍😍

Last DDay was LIT thanks to zaddy❤️❤️❤️

Jk I took a decent grad pic for mom #countdowntograduation

When you gotta graduate and give up the turnt life at the SAME DAMN TIME🤷🏿‍♀️ #meliora

Time to show appreciation for the landmark and this school in my final days here 🙃💛💙 #MelioraMonday P.C @badboydeedee

Hai best fran 😏

Chilling out, maxin, relaxin..... like I don't have two papers and a test this week 🤣

I guess they're all cool.... happy #nationalsiblingsday or whatever 🙄❤️

Personality pics for days #initiation2k17

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