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A rare and epic date last Monday with @shahntio on this enchanted land where Faries and gnomes roam free. Thank you @poppyandsomeday for the delicious Ayurvedic treatments ✨ I received Netra Basti, a warm oil treatment for my eyes and Shahnti received Shirodhara, where warm oil is continuously dripped on your third eye for an hour. LA you are really doing it for me these days 🌿🌈🌿 #ayurveda

Dye assistant in training 🌈🌈🌈 seriously what would I do without him 💜 Both sets of grandparents when they see this will think immediately he needs a haircut 😂 #textiletuesday

I connected with this textile, made by #mixed_color_ titled Arachne as it reminded me of an important Spider Medicine dream I had recently. She told me the story of its origin, honoring the spiders who wove their web above her work space daily. I place it on my altar to hold space for the upcycled textile projects I deeply desire to create this year. #textiletuesday #crystals #intentioniseverything #spidermedicine

Dye therapy 🌑

Chromotherapy 🌈

Still high on dye! 🌿🌑🌿 the most enchanting collection at @lookoutandwonderland studio. Indigo is indeed in our DNA... a shared and universal part of our collective ancestry. #mythologyofcolor #fibersandflowersforever #inplantswetrust

Yesterday I had the honor and pleasure of learning about the spirit and majesty of Indigo from a real wisdom keeper Indigo priestess @lookoutandwonderland. Thank you for so generously sharing this precious knowledge intact. Creating in community makes me so happy. #fibersandflowersforever #divinefeminine #plantmedicine #chromotherapy #mythologyofcolor

Yesterday was one of those days that felt like a week by noon... I feel high highs and lows almost everyday~ it's simply my nature, I used to feel like a freak for feeling so deeply~ at 37 I now realize it's a gift to feel so much, to have a large container for holding emotions or my own and others. My day ended here in a magical Dr Seuss come to life garden with an amazing mama, natural dye master and maker @thedogwooddyer 🙏🏾 for the invite. Her baby Mae is just a couple months younger than Phoenix, it was pretty much the best day in the end. When nothing makes senses head to a garden where everything makes sense 😉🌿🌺 #mamamakers #babyphoenixforever #getoutside

Not a bad day at the office ⚡️🌕⚡️the first time I've played my instruments like this since I moved to LA...
I'm beyond thrilled to say I will be offering Sacred Sound every first Friday of the month 🙌🏾 in the most beautiful new space in Culver City @wmn_space. This is a long time dream come true, it reminds me how elastic time is. Keep dreaming and keep practicing your art. Feeling the love today. I hope to see you there #highvibrational #soundmedicine #ritualsound #soundbath #divinefeminine

Bundle dye experiments with Eucalyptus bouquet that was to be composted . Natures bounty is endless and somehow we have plundered her to the point where we threaten our own extinction and so many other species. Everyday 150-200 species go extinct. Let that sink in. I love bundle dyeing so much, it honors the plants one more time and infuses the plants energy into the fabric forever while using little water. Thanks to @paulamallis my friend and doula extraordinaire for gifting me these living art materials. Check out @wmn_space her beautiful new women's wellness space in Culver City.

Toes 👣👁👣 Phoenix is 5.5 months, fully grabbing everything within reach then everything goes into the mouth. She's the chillest and is my side kick. #babyphoenixforever