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Heather Marie  Goofy by nature NPC NQ PHYSIQUE COMPETITOR TEAM RAWTALENT Coach Rasheed English Hairdresser 💇 I DANCE everywhere💃 ♊ BAY AREA CA—-> SOLO

Been having nightmares for 4 days now... it’s starting to ware me out!!! Luckily I woke up to having this Friday off.. so as soon as my feet hit the ground it’s time to go work it off 💪🏻❤️ hoping today will be a productive wonderful day bc I’m determined to make it that way😏 .. ready for new things coming my way💋 #positivevibes #friday #newday #newseason

Extra credit😆😆😆 this explains us @thatedwardguy .. we played around a bit but had to share just from goofying off freestyle fun.. #stoptheyard #bodybuilding #dancing #twostep #dancefloor #beyonce #ufcgym

Progress ..Celebrating slight changes to keep me going.. I have my ups and downs- but consistency has paid off— I’m working on being the best version of myself inside and out mentally physically spiritually- my growth track and balance in life to enjoy it... #nosupps #nocutters #bodybuilding #womenphysique #changing #loveyourselfthroughitall #inspire

(SLIDES—->>) IN PROGRESS OVER HERE!! I’m learning to celebrate the small changes.. I have a long road.. yes.. I’ll have moments when I feel too tired, it’s too hard, motivation becomes fickle, stress of life comes..Orrr I just want a damn donut 🍩... I ask myself.. WHY, WHAT, WHO and HOW.. > WHY am I doing this? WHAT will I learn? WHO can I inspire and help? HOW will this mold me to be better?
Ok then- back to WERK.
This is called progress and growth.. physically -•>yes..mentally >absolutely, spiritually > Yes and amen Hehe. =Growth track❤️❤️❤️

Is it weird that I actually like myself with no makeup?.. some eye liner yes..but I like myself this way- don’t need to cake up #nocakeforme > #onprep hahah #realeyebrows #everydaylook #stayatthegym #likeitordont #thathairtho #fresh #bodybuilder #physique

Need some color in your life??!! Message me for any Hair appointments!! Specializing in Color, Multi- dimension blonding and Brazilian Blowouts at 2 locations - Pleasant Hill and San Francisco.. follow and check out
@hm_hair_designs for the specials going on for February for new and existing clients❤️❤️

Came across some family history to share.. most of you don’t know the adrenaline racing blood in my family!! Found a newspaper on my dad when he raced Nascar(bottom pic father on the right at age 28).. grew up around the race track involving 3 generations- grandfather, dad and my brother @perryracer2121 .. unfortunately I never remember my grandfather (upper right pic) racing but I remember him always helping my dad who built his race car from scratch along with his own engines.. The time is near where again I get to watch my father and my brother race this year and I can’t wait!!! I see where I get the adrenaline rushes.. I’m daddies little girl so no racing for me.. but that doesn’t mean I can’t be on the pit crew this year!! Perry racing in my blood! BTW- notice my grandpa had some 💪🏻 💪🏻!! My Filipino Genetics ❤️ r.i.p papa

2 weeks in prep and I’m already seeing changes.. had to slip in a moment of dance after my workout 2nit... #roadtonationals #hellaweeksout #womensphysique #npc #bodybuilding

Never settle for anyone/anything in any area of your life. Know yourself worth and value in your friendships, love life, career and actively pursue your dreams- my vision becomes more clear as days go on of what I want my life to be like and I don’t mind working hard for it and being patient to have what I’m after.
Mediocre just doesn’t cut it for me anymore 😏 #sorrynotsorry

It starts with you. Start the process of believing in yourself. Your capabilities truly start with a goal or dream.. but that’s not good enough. We all want to be our best version of ourselves but are you willing to work for it?
Consistency and patience with hard work will always pay off. I truly don’t believe I never acknowledged what I accomplished last year.
This photo shoot with amazing @jasonshweks was taken the day before my first competition at Fresno classic when I took 1st place. I had amazing family and friends who supported me through my process and an amazing coach that got me to my first win @fitmusclelady Who believed in me in moments when I stuggled to believe!! I’m so thankful for her!! I’m truly just now beginning to comprehend my capabilities... I have been off season for a while and it’s crazy what down time I had to be able to balance my life and of course enjoy some treats along the way—but-I’m so happy to be back in prep on the ROAD TO NATIONALS!!! It’ll be a lot of work and my goals this year are higher then last year but my mindset is in such a different place. I’ve delt with a few setbacks and some of my own doing but that’s ok bc I needed to learn.
This year with the help of my amazing coach @rawtalent126 - we will work to carve and improve- the sweat blood and tears and it’ll be all worth it. I’m so ready for 2018. As I stole this from a friend @_sugz_ and will be using it for months but it’s just to perfect LOL #HELLAWEEKSOUT
Styling photo shoot @thatedwardstyles
Photographer @jasonshweks

(Slides---> ) In LA for the weekend..can't wait to see everyone at la fit expo
#lafitexpo #venicebeach #lafitness #almostprepseason

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