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Uttari  Pray, wait, trust on God. A poet An INFJ, Taurian 🐂, and a snake 🐍 Get hotter as the age older Anti-politic Free without judgement

Do you ever realize?
That not all women are similiar.
We have our own spices
We are garden with hundred flowers
Once you scream at a woman,
You will not get the same tears
Maybe, you will pick up your own death
The monster, or the pink fairy
Sometimes the fairy can be the monstrous anger you have ever seen
I told you to stop
You will never see the same thing again
Once you break her.
#poem #poet #standupforwomen #againstunderestimate #independent

We, the women inside the wall
We knew our scream and song
The roots of us are from different essence
This is the wall we build so no one knows what's inside
Even the air doesn't know
If we hold back the tears
If we have our bleeding skin scaterred on our floor
Neither the scent
Neither the dust outside
We, the women inside the wall
Naked skin, naked breath
Ego and kindness
Like the jar of certain candies
Hard candies
We are hard candies
The painful roses which grow in the same garden.
#poet #poem #art #standupforwomen

Kotaku, Kota Tangerang. #Tangerang #kampungbekelir

I will jump, and jump, and jump
As high as I want.
Without doubt or fear about who's gonna catch me.
Who will catch me when I fall down.
I know when to stop jumping.
I can catch myself when I fall.
#shortpoem #poet #feminist

Gak punya gambar yg pas buat caption ini. Gambar dipilih karena gue dpt dari pinterest dan cakep. Itu aja. So, here I am. I dont care dibaca atau enggak. Gw juga males nulis di fb karena pasti dibilang "terlalu pemikir". Oke. Adakah orang yg like postingan saya ini sadar tentang frekuensi timbul tenggelamnya diri lu? Siapapun bisa like. And thats why gw gak private akun gw karena gw merasa tidak menyembunyikan apapun dalam hidup gw. Gw gak pernah usik hidup orang. So gw gak perlu private sana sini dan YOU are free to see my posts. I knew someone have just noticed me recently. Hey someone, are you trying to talk again? Nope, i dont wanna. Im enough. I grown up from shit. And you are not perfect enough to get through my wall. Read this. And you'll realize who you are. You or without you, Im already be myself. I dont hate you. Who am I to hate human? I have no reason to hate you. I just grow up.

Nengokin empang warisan engkong. Belom dikuras dua taon. Ikannya bandel. Kalo udah malem gak mau bobo. Kalo siang makan nasi. Kalo malam minum wiski. #nemo #dori #jakartaaquarium

May I build this year as strong as the anchor. It's a new year. Fully blank page which is ready to be written by colors.

Thanks, social media.

The beauty of ubur-ubur mujur mundur teratur kabur-kabur.

Two sis. Beler family.

Kopi Tak Kie

Inilah bola-bola kuase....bola-bola kehidupan....bola-bola keubian.

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