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Barbell Club member @arnez8706 just got restocked on supps. What USPlabs supp do you need a refill of?

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When do you drink your ModernBCAA+? °
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Did You Know: The world's most "bulked up" brownie weighed in at 234.2lbs, delivering close to 1,200 pieces!!! 😍

If you're craving a brownie, try this easy recipe.

- 1/2 Cup Generic Pancake Mix
- 1 Scoop Milk Chocolate Flavored Modern PROTEIN - 1 Teaspoon Baking Powder - 1 Teaspoon Splenda - 1 Egg
- 3 Tablespoons Greek Yogurt - Water (to form batter consistency)
1.) Pre heat oven to 400 degrees.
2.) Add dry ingredients to a bowl (Modern PROTEIN, pancake mix, Splenda, baking powder).
3.) Mix Greek yogurt and egg into dry ingredients to form batter. Use water if batter is too thick.
4.) Coat a 9x9 brownie tray with cooking spray.
5.) Transfer the mixture to the tray and bake in oven for 15-20 minutes.

Per Brownie (9 Servings)
- Calories - 50 kcals - Protein - 4.5g
- Carbs - 5.5g
- Fat - 1g

"Modern BCAA is one of my favorite BCAA products. They deliver electrolytes in addition to the Amino Acids! You can get yours at @patriotsupplements!! I typically drink them during my workouts, but since starting prep I’ve been consuming them all day. This watermelon is my new favorite flavor!! 😋" - Barbell Club member @amandawilsonn_

As the days get longer and snow melts, we choose to grow, or heat things up to reveal abs that have been hibernating over the winter months. Tag us in your progress pics and supp snaps 📷. We want to see what you’re bringing this coming beach season. #FirstDayOfSpring #GetJack3d °
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To Enter - Click LIKE and TAG a friend who NEVER skips arm day!
Instant Training Tip – If you're looking to add some variety to your arm day try "running the rack" with the crossbody curl. Start with the lightest dumbbell you can find and perform 8-10 reps. Without resting, progressively work your way up the rack. Once you reach a weight where you can only perform a few reps, start scaling back down the rack performing as many reps as possible.

One (1) winner will be randomly selected on 3/20/18 and will receive any current USPlabs product of their choice (options are based on current availability). Winners will be announced in this post. Winners must submit information within 5 days of selection. 18+ ONLY, please. US Shipping Address’ Only. We are not responsible for packages that do not make it to their final destination. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited °
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“If there is NO struggle, there is NO progress. What a great feeling when you finish a great workout. Today my mindset is on another level!!! Felt motivated, energetic and ready to GET IT!!" - TEAM USPlabs @rafyturo

We're looking for some of your favorite Modern PROTEIN pancake and waffle recipes! Tag us in your pics.
Repost from TEAM USPlabs @bigvicpro - "Although I've cleaned up most of my meals for a more efficient contest diet, one thing shall remain constant! PROTEIN WAFFLES! This is typically my daily b-fast (provided I have time): 1cup wheat flour, 2 scoops usplabs modern protein, 2 eggs, cinnamon, mix, make & top with butter spray and drizzled w/ honey or fat free whipped cream."

AminoLIFT+ has amazing versatility, allowing you to incorporate into your day as you best see fit. Need a morning boost as a great tasting alternative to coffee? Check.

Looking for a creatine-free pre workout? AminoLIFT+ fits the bill there too.

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