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US Muay Thai Open  Siam Fight Productions seeks to unite the best Muay Thai athletes, coaches, and fans throughout the world. #usmtoeast #usmtournament #usmtowest #usmto

We as an organization have always had this rule in place but now we have been forced to enforce it. 1st offence earns you a 1 year suspension 2nd will earn you a lifetime ban.
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FIRST: On behalf of my partners Brandon Michael Jones and Ryon Gerard we thank you for your participation in the 2018 US Muay Thai Open West Championships. This was our largest tournament to date. We feel that we have made massive strides to improve our tournament thanks to participant’s and coaches’s suggestions. I am always available to listen to any constructive criticism you may have that will help us improve the experience for the athletes and spectators. Please let us know with your comments below what you liked and what you would like to see improved at the next USMTO tournament. (derogatory statements will be blocked)

This year we have encountered big issues with athletes deliberately reporting false records. Prior to this tournament our team worked with a number of coaches and federation officials to form a national ethics committee and its still a work in progress, if you’re interested in being part of this committee please contact me at As of now the USMTO has enforced 2 full year suspensions for athletes (and coach) who have been caught cheating and we have one case under investigation. These athletes and their coach will NOT be allowed to compete in ANY USMF and USMTA sanctioned event for a full year. We hope that other sanctioning bodies will reciprocate these suspensions as well.
We want to say thank you to Bob Karmel and the USMTA of Arizona staff, who have worked hard to ensure that fair play is enforced. We look forward continuing to grow the sport here in Arizona with them.
We also want to thank Michael 'Chase' Corley and the USMF team for allowing us to help grow Olympic Muaythai in the United States. It was the reason the USMTO was created was to help grow, fund and promote the USMF and their efforts to unite USA Muaythai under the IFMA - International Federation of Muaythai Amateur banner.
The location of the 2018 USMTO East will be announced soon as we are finished drafting contracts. Registration is OPEN at the EARLY BIRD rates. Register online at -Thiago Azeredo
President US Muay Thai Open

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Day 2 of the US Muay Thai is in the books. Right time, Right Place, Right energy. Great athleticism on display all day long. Much respect to all competitors and their Teams....
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Day 1 of fights at the USMTO in the books. Right place, right time, right energy! Follow here for more updates, let us know if you want to be part of the upcoming videos.
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62 years old nak muay! AMAZING! Never too old!

That live scoring... #USMF #USMTO

The 2018 #USMTO West championshis has begun!

It's on tomorrow at the #usmtowest

The NEW 2018 #USMTO Open Class Championship Belt.

Now that's how you do hair #USMTO style!

Tickets will be available at the door.

Can't be here? Watch online on

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