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Greg Moya  Devil Dog Fitness. Sponsored Athlete for @tuffwraps discount code :MOYA10

It’s burning down,Its burning high
When ashes fall the legends rise
We burn it out oh my oh why
When ashes fall the legends rise
by @godsmack

As most of you know me I do post my personal life on social media doesn’t matter the circumstances from me arrest 4 years ago to me being clean,sober 17 years,& my PTSD. But I want to apologize to my family and friends for the way I have behaved and been acting with my actions. I hurt a few people very close and dear to me that I do cherish and care about and never intended to do that ,yes the damage has been done and there’s no coming back from that. It got so bad that one of them called me a Piece of Shit and a Disgrace . But now it’s time to move forward and lift myself from this event.

As the song says
It’s burning low ,it’s burning high
When ashes fall the legends rise.

Time to rise up once again from my failures and mistakes because the only person that’s going to do it is me ,I will always be in control of the outcome. I am the only person that’s going to fuel that fire from within and nobody will never distract,slow me down,or make me go backwards.
I also want to thank @godsmack for writing such an amazing song ...... you guys are fucking awesome

Relaxing in my zen room with some @romwod in preparation for @fnthunderdome his weekend ..... #SWOLE&;FLEXY #SWOLEANDFLEXY

I just saw this from a friends post and I feel so disgusted at what Americans are doing being so disrespectful to a mural of a fallen hero ...... I am appalled by this act ..... WTF !!!!!

When you pass by the beach and say FUCK IT go for a swim ....... GOTTA ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF LIFE !!!!!

Got up today to an early training session @devil_dog_fitness in preparation for @fnthunderdome with some Hang Power Clean and Split Jerks at 5x1 rep @215# ....... Was able to complete my training fasted and I felt amazing ....... I don’t recommend fasting and training at the same time if you’re a beginner ....... Always think about your healthy and safety first ....... I want to thank my sponsors making this possible this year @tuffwraps @alpha_nutrifit @veteration360 @rofperformance @marmanofficial 2018 has been an amazing year so far and let’s make this weekend another amazing event ..... I love you guys and so grateful for being my sponsors and support team !!!!!

Late post from a few weeks ago of hang power cleans from below knees at 225# and then followed by push press doubles at 185# ...... proud of my progress @devil_dog_fitness

After today’s training put in some@more gymnastics work and as I’m getting more comfortable with Ring Muscle Ups I’m happy and my Bar Muscle Ups are even getting better ....... I’m so grateful that a month from turning 44 years old I can still be a an athlete at a high caliber ......

Putting in strength work in today with 3 position snatch from dip,below knee,& floor @155# ...... I also want to give a huge shout out to my sponsor @rofperformance for putting me together this is the first time ever that I perform snatches with no knee sleeves and no lower back pain ...... THANK YOU !!!!!

If you’re feeling down,stressed, or even heartbroken please remember this ......

So this is what happens when my son gets my skateboard and a cell phone at the same time ........ #livingthroughhiseyes #jdmoya

Couldn’t ask for an amazing sponsor from @veteration360 for making us our jerseys for @fnthunderdome next weekend

Putting some work on the GHD with @minibeast0102 and pushing her on doing sets of 25 reps @devil_dog_fitness ....... ALWAYS PUSH OTHERS BY LIFTING THEM UP !!!!

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