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Greg Moya  Devil Dog Fitness. Sponsored Athlete for @tuffwraps @compexusa code MOYA

Focus on what your goals are and they will happen by staying humble and surrounding yourself with people with the same purpose as yourself ..... Thank You @nostrafitness for opening your doors to us and making us feel like family

People put so many limits on
themselves and by putting limits on yourself they will always be in that comfort zone and never reach their full potential in everything.

Your Opinion doesn’t Matter ,TRUTH !!!!!!

Better Days are Coming !!!!!

Getting comfortable with new things that are uncomfortable..... In 6 years of doing Crossfit I have never done a power clean to a push Split Jerk in 1st did 2 reps @205# and then followed by 1 rep @215# ..... Stoked about this because I have always seen it and it’s harder than it looks it’s all about speed and explosion ...... Shout Out to @theironsmurf

Today got a little scare doing some snatches @175# but bounced back by hitting the 175# snatch then followed by hitting my DM (Daily Minimum) which means that should be the weight I hit on a Great Day ,Good Day,or a Horrible Day (its not all about hitting maxes all the time) DM 185# ........ Not holding anything back just going for it @devil_dog_fitness

For all new members and introductory offer 3 months for $100 of Functional Training @devil_dog_fitness
Athlete: @jennny_x3
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Once again more and more people are agreeing with me and what i have been saying since Sandy Hook incident about having a nationwide school force but what more do we have to wait for another mass school shooting ,cmon man it’s time to man the fuck up and if I have to I’ll fucking walk around my sons school with a vest and my gun patrolling the school because school security saint shit and the school police is so divided it takes them at least 10 minutes to arrive to a call.

I’ve been saying this for years and I am in full support of this 100%

It’s official after this school year ends my son will no longer attend regular school and will be getting home schooled next year ..... I’m fed up with these shootings at schools I pray for the families and kids that are going through this ordeal I don’t wish it upon anyone and yes there are tons of school shootings everyday nationwide that you don’t hear about ..... And ive said it before and I’ll say it again hire military veterans that are unemployed as a nationwide school security force they are more aware of perpetrators than a regular school security that has NO TRAINING WHATSOEVER in stop someone with a gun or knife ..... I want my son safe and sound so yeah he will be home schooled and safer than any damn school

Always TRUST THE PROCESS !!!!! .... Doing 3 Power Snatches + 3 Overhead Squats at 155# getting my confidence back and getting comfortable doing uncomfortable movements with Nanos and I want to thank @theironsmurf making me do heavy snatches and overhead squats in nanos plus I added one more thing i didn’t wear my belt knowing that I’m stronger I decided to go for it and yes my confidence is coming back

As the @crossfitgames Open begins next week I have been working on one of my biggest weaknesses which been my mobility on snatches but also my patience under the bar and today even warming up with 115# Muscle Snatch and Dip Snatch I was able to hold on the bottom with @reebok Nanos something that I didn’t ever think of ever being capable of doing but I want to give a shout out to @whiteliontherapeutic for taking care of me each and every week @devil_dog_fitness plus @romwod for the amazing daily programming to make me Swole & Flexy ....... Thank You !!!!!!

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