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Marine Corps Recruiting  Follow us on Snapchat: @USMCRecruiting. To enlist or discuss opportunities in the United States Marine Corps, fill out this form:

The desert MARPAT design is an effective camouflage because it mimics rough boundaries found in natural arid combat settings.

We pride ourselves on making Marines. Aspiring Marines must overcome fear, doubt, and hesitation. The result is a transformation all Marines experience that culminates in an elite warrior force known as the United States Marines.

Marines make it their mission to make their communities better.
When St. Thomas Yuma Indian Mission recently needed support tearing down a shed to make improvements to a community building, they put out a call for help. Lance Corporal Adriana Adorno and other Marines stationed at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Yuma answered that call and used a Saturday to quickly conquer the demolition and cleanup.
Photos by Corporal Isaac Martinez.

"The title is definitely earned. It's never given. It's something that really ties us all together." — Captain Ashley McMillan speaks to the fighting spirit in every Marine.

Do you have the resolve to fight and win as a United States Marine?
Talk to one in your community and get answers to any questions you have about what it takes to become one. Text THEFEW (843339); standard text charges may apply.

“I have been through a lot and had to push through it, but I never gave up trying to better myself." —Corporal Nelfi Tineoferreiras.
Corporal Tineoferreiras was awarded III Marine Expeditionary Force’s Marine of the Year for being exemplary in her duties, including technical proficiency and demonstration of the Marine Corps' fighting spirit. Congratulations, Marine.

Photo by Lance Corporal Jamin M. Powell

Winning our Nation's battles begins with the most important weapon in the Marine Corps — a Marine’s fighting spirit.

The digital pattern creates visual "noise" and prevents the eye from identifying anything visually distinctive. It's an effective design that helps Marines win in battle.

Training provides Marines with opportunities to practice situations they may face in combat. During Integrated Training Exercise 2-18, Marines worked as one force to conquer a challenging, realistic training environment designed to produce combat-ready forces capable of operating as an integrated MAGTF.
Photo by Private First Class William Chocke

73 years ago today, Marines secured the island of Iwo Jima and raised our flag to let the world know that the battle would be won. The legacy of these brave men lives on today in every Marine who answers the call to fight and win for our Nation.

When faced with an opponent, it is the will to win that drives us to victory.

'One Mind, Any Weapon.' Swipe for pictures from the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) which trains Marines to conquer in combat with or without a weapon.

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