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7 disciplines in USIP WORLD POLICE GAME 2019 - milan: 🔴 Practical police shooting 🔴swimming
🔴running (10k)
🔴judo 🔴jiu Jitsu (style later)
🔴skeet trap shooting
for more information link in bio:

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USIP meets ASPMI in Kuwait

Kuwait 8 October 2018

By:USIP communications
The USIP President Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah and members of the USIP Executive Committee had a meeting with the President of ASPMI(Italian Police Sports Federation) Mr Antonio Barbato and the ASPMI Vice President Mr Massimo Re at the USIP Presidential Office.
During the meeting the ASPMI President Mr Barbato held a presentation about the upcoming 3rd USIP World Police Games which will be organized in September 2019 in Milan -Lombardy. All details and preparations were discussed about this upcoming World Police Sport event. Registration shall start next December 2018 for 7 disciplines ( shooting, swimming, cycling, running, judo , jiu Jitsu and skeet)
The representatives of the USIP are convinced that with the experience of the ASPMI the 3rd USIP World Police Games will be again a great success for international delegations and their athletes .
The USIP delegation consist USIP President Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah , Secretary General Sandro L. Dirckx, Dept. Secretary General Col. Khalid Alnajar , General Treasurer Brig. Abdulrachman Al Haqqan and PR and Marketing Director Col. Tariq Alsaddani .

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amazing hall of fame night for IJF .. thank you for the invitations. #ijf #judo #usip #police #sport #baku2018

Guangzhou : USIP press conference
Secretary General Sandro Dirckx and members of the Guangdong organizing committee of the 2nd USIP World Police Service Pistol Shooting Championship held a press conference at the Police Headquarters of Guangdong #ipsc #championship #glock #usip #sport #police #ijf #world #international #olympia

guanzgho: Secretary General Sandro L. Dirckx meets the deputy Chief of Police Commissioner Li of Zhao Qing City to talk about Police Sports matters.


BAKU: the USIP Presidential office delegation had a meeting with President of International judo federation IJF mr/ marius vizer about anew future Project between the two organization.

USIP TC meet Guangzhou WPPS organizer
Guangzhou-China 17-20 September
The delegation of the USIP Technical Committee (USIP TC)had meetings with the organizer of the 2nd USIP World Police Service Pistol Championship wich will be held between 12-19 November 2018 in Guangzhou-China. This World Championship will be organized by the Guangdong Provincial Police Sports Association in cooperation with the Vanguard Sports Association of the Ministry of Public Security of China under the umbrella of the USIP.
During the visit in Guangzhou the members of the USIP TC discussed with the organizers the ins and outs of the upcoming championship. Thereby visits were made on location at hotel accomodations (5 star) were all shooting delegations shall be hosted. The Guangdong organizers showed also the brandnew build shooting range and accomodations with 11 stages which are nearly finished for the upcoming championship. Delegations from more than 60 countries will attend the upcoming 2nd USIP World Police Service Pistol Championship in Guangzhou this year. On behalf of the USIP TC delegation Secretary General Sandro L.Dirckx said that they have full confidence that the Guangdong organizer is fully capable and equiped of making this world championship to a complete and succesful one.
The USIP TC delegation consist: USIP Secretary General Sandro L.Dirckx, TC members Brigadier Whaleed Al Shamsi . For further details:

BAKU: The USIP Presidential office delegations ( col. Khalid alnajar - deputy S. G. and col. tareq alsadani - PR& M Tech. Director) attend the JUDO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018 in Baku-Azerbaijan. The spectacular relationship between the two organisations brings excellent cooperation for organising events.

the photo taken in the Hall of Fame 2018 of IJF with col/ stefan marginean - Director of IJF Military and police commission.

Kuwait 4 September 2018

The President of the USIP Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah had a meeting with the new appointed Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Lt. General Issam Salem Al-Naham at his office of the Ministry of Interior of Kuwait. The USIP President was accompanied by the USIP Secretary General Sandro Dirckx and the Director of the Presidential Office and Deputy Secretary-General Colonel Khaled Al-Najar and the Executive Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Colonel Tariq Al-Saddani.
The Undersecretary Lt. General Issam Salem Al-Naham discussed with the USIP President and his delegation about the development and the achievements of the USIP in the past years to promote sports to all police officers worldwide.
The USIP delegation reviewed to the Undersecretary Lt. General Al-Naham the most important achievements and activities of the USIP, which were undertaken since 2010. Many achievements would not be possible without the support of the Ministry of the Interior which under scribes the importance of sports and a fit and healthy life style of police officers.
During the meeting the USIP President present the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior the USIP shield and a gift box with the award medals that were given during the last 2nd USIP World Police Games

jakarta: the president of the USIP shiekh/ ahmad alnawaf alsabah met the president of ANOC - the president of Olympiac consul of Asia OCA shiekh/ ahmad alfahad alsabah .
the delegation of usip are :
brg/ abdulrahman alhaqan
col/ khaled alnajar
col/ tariq alsadani

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