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Usha Jey  Half hedonist, half dancer. #GhettoStyle Twitter : @usha_jey 📩 --------- ✨ ⤵

FUSION CONCEPT China is over, and the level was HIGH ⚡ Congrats to @rhythmgate_prepix and @waackxx_xy
Let's catch now at the @fusionconceptworld the 2nd September at Paris. #EventOrganizer #Ghettostyle

GOOD FRIEND BE LIKE : Woke up after few hours of sleep to go support @zyko_sarcellite for his first workshop in China. ⚡ (Im the girl in the right who seems a little bit lost 😂)

Somewhere in Asia. #HipHopFirst

Sipping some pineapple and lemon juice (yes you heard me well) in Shanghai city w/ @lilqii. 🇨🇳 🍹

Guy homie, less drama. #youcanslidetohisDM

FREESTYLE | In my zone.

PS.- For those who are wondering why i have a hood, it's because it was rainy and then I didn't want to take it off 😂

So basically i was deleting some pictures on my phone and i found out this video. You can't even imagine how long this debate was taking place between @kanon_gs and me...I guess we can now come to a conclusion hahaha #GAMEOVER Thank you @ihatekannon#AndNoHeDoesntHateKanonWithOneN

Found a new pleasure : Running 🏃 #myspot

FREESTYLE | Say it - @sevyn #HelloFromUkraine #HipHopFirst

Mm why not a #HelloFromUkraine dance video ? 🤔

Rooftop Party 🎉 #Ukraine

📍Currently in Ukraine for @fusionconceptworld. #EventOrganization #BattleWorld 📷 : @kanon_gs

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