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Highlight: floating with a mini keg up in the snow-capped Rampart lakes after hiking an elevation gain of 2,300 ft while sick.
Travel tip: bring all the mosquito spray...I look like a Dalmatian now.
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Above are my Cardiac Echocardiogram images from a research study (basically, that's my heart!). Here's a guide for you: find my labels of my left atrium (LA), left ventricle (LV), right atrium (RA), right ventricle (RV) in 2D. So, if you know me, you know I nerd out about healthcare...I feel blessed to have the opportunities I've had assisting a cardiologist/professor for 3 years. Now, he is officially retiring to half his hours but the projects are still on. Lately, we've been learning more from radiology/nuclear medicine in order to better decide on our plan of care for some rare patient cases, mostly genetic conditions. When looking into coronary angiography, he's taught me mostly to recognize where vessels may require stents and predict which patients are diabetic by images. However, the cardiac SPECT, cardiac MRIs, and ECHOs are a whole different line of work. Sure, the written reports I've understood overall. Reading the images beforehand is a whole new skill for us. #nursingstudent #medicine

The other day I met a person whose survived cancers, multiple transplants, malaria, heart attacks, and toxic exposures. He fought in the army, traveled the world's monasteries becoming a priest, and became a neurology anatomy professor all in an effort to find the meaning of life. He told me that in all his knowledge, he did not find the meaning by seeking but found the meaning within. #sendit #reallifegoals #PNW

Shoutout to my new friend on the far left who handed me a shot before taking this shot & to my girl back from WSU, we'll miss you when you go back to the dark side 🙏

Sending out blessings to American livers and hands✌️ #runsinthefamily #humpday

Raising the bar before the bars. #imwayupifeelblessed
P.S. Living with messy randos isn't worth the savings...but I look forward this September living with my best friends next door to here, where more of my friends are moving to by coincidence! The world will go 'round, it just takes A LOT of patience waiting.

Mornin' inspiration. Rabindranath Tagore — "Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky."

"The sign on the totem says 'Happy Birthday' it your birthday?" Me: "it might as well be!" #paradiso #paradiso2017 #ravers
Not long ago, a friend told me that I owe myself the love I was giving freely to others. So, I've worked on paying back myself. Forgiving my humanity, my mistakes. Seeing that it's not selfish to be rightfully happy within yourself, it's selfish to expect to receive your own happiness from others. This weekend I had great memories with friends, but an even more eye opening time reflecting by myself for myself.

👋Bittersweet last day working in the Harborview ER. Thanks for the lessons and inspirations. I'll miss helping the diverse patient pool and my coworkers...Especially the two who wanted to take pictures with me. These two aren't the most noticed of staff, but their stories are inspiring and they're working to support brilliant children who are going far in school. Many coworkers balance with their own schooling too. I'll miss the coworkers who will go through some "nastay" decontaminations with me dressed ridiculously, the pranksters, and many other quirky people who fit the "Harborview way" of doing things. It's been my second round at this place, maybe next time I'll come back as a nurse! #ER #healthcare

"Mission statement: drunk without respite...with wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you please. BUT GET DRUNK." -Octopus Bar Menu #seattle

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