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USAID  USAID promotes and demonstrates democratic values abroad, and advances a free, peaceful, and prosperous world.

Orangutans and tigers and rhinos and elephants, oh my! Gunung Leuser National Park is home to the last ecosystem on earth where these four species coexist in the wild. Using Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART) data technology, USAID supports forest rangers in transforming #forest management and monitoring to protect Indonesia’s wildlife from poachers and traffickers. The SMART patrol training these forest rangers received from USAID honed their skills and sharpened their practices; they have since helped reduce illegal poaching by 75 percent in the park. #Wildlife #NationalPark #Data #Forests #USAIDTransforms
Photo by Samantha Martin for USAID

Every year, #USAID’s #FoodforPeace initiative uses photos to highlight the struggles many households overcome in order to meet their nutritional needs, break through societal and economic barriers, and even boost their crop production. This year #FFP has chosen five incredible stories about families and individuals living in #Kenya, #Bangladesh, #Malawi, #Guatemala, and #Burundi that have conquered their obstacles and now help others do the same. Read about these courageous individuals here: #USAIDTransforms #FoodSecurity #Resilience #SelfReliance
Photo Credit: @ggkenya

Xhylieta Devolli is a human rights advocate for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian women in #Kosovo. She believes that equal opportunity starts with the right to information and education. She is committed to improving women’s education, especially among vulnerable minority groups, and raising awareness of gender-based violence, domestic violence and early marriage. As a result of her work and the work of the NGO she works with, reports of domestic violence have increased by 30 percent.

#EndGBV #GBV #StopGBVatWork | Photo Credit: Ardian Kurtolli, USAID

At the Aviati Clinic in #Sumatra #Indonesia, healthcare specialists work around the clock. In Indonesia, where the #tuberculosis burden is the second highest in the world, USAID works alongside the Government of Indonesia and local organizations like Aviati to optimize TB prevention and treatment. This #partnership represents a great stride towards achieving the World Health Organization’s ambitious goal of ending the global TB epidemic by 2030. #USAIDTransforms #Health #TBResponse #HealthWorkers #EndTuberculosis #USAIDTransforms
Photo by Samantha Martin for USAID

Women's rights are human rights! We are celebrating #HumanRightsDay by highlighting the “Betteh Women” of Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA)/Savings Group (SG). They are the beneficiaries of USAID’s Women Empowered for Leadership and Development project (WELD) in the Bombali district of #SierraLeone. The community-managed savings group model provides a designated safe place to keep money and gives women direct access to grants or no-interest loans from the social fund to help them respond to emergencies. Thanks to economic training from WELD, the women increased their financial discipline and literacy, and are benefitting from the group solidarity and social capital that grows as members successfully save together and build trust. Savings Groups are just one way that women who are victims of gender-based violence can recover their social and economic power.
#16Days #EndGBV, #GBV, #StopGBVatWork #Sierra Leone I Photo Credit: Michael Duff, USAID

The ability to change attitudes on gender roles in patriarchal West African societies must be endogenous. Transforming social and cultural norms to end gender-based violence (GBV) requires the implementation of behavior change communication strategies over a period of time, the active participation of men, and solid understanding of territorial realities. The Women Empowered for Leadership and Development(WELD) project has successfully trained 140 Male Champions in order to work towards its goal to a GBV-free Africa. #16Days #EndGBV, #GBV, #StopGBVatWork #Sierra LeoneI Photo Credit: Michael Duff, USAID

Have you lit your Menorah yet? The people of Israel are currently celebrating #Chanukah, known as the #FestivalofLights. Israel is working with the U.S. Government on the @powerafrica effort, led by #USAID, to double access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa by 2030. This partnership has already brought light for the first time to more than 50 million people! Follow to read about how simple solutions, like #solarlanterns, are transforming lives. #USAIDTransforms #Hanukkah #beyondthegrid
Photo Credit: Merklit Mersha

The voice and energy of Aliou Kamara - a male gender champion - was heard during a USAID Women Empowered for Leadership and Development (WELD) Project radio listener group session in the Bombali district of Sierra Leone. He boasted about his wife aspiring to run for a position in the 2018 elections, and he fully supports her efforts. In Sierra Leone, this has led to anecdotal evidence that the WELD project has opened up opportunities for the recognition of women in leadership roles by their husbands. The community has also acted as partners in development and ending gender-based violence.
#16Days #EndGBV, #GBV, #StopGBVatWork #Sierra LeoneI Photo Credit: Michael Duff, USAID

Women account for about 51% of the population in Sierra Leone. Recognition of women’s roles and an emphasis on empowerment is critical to household poverty reduction and to the overall development of the nation. The Women Empowered for Leadership and Development (WELD) Project has positively impacted the lives of women who are affected by gender-based violence by facilitating prevention training, mentorship, and capacity-building as well as multiple other systems of support. #16Days #EndGBV, #GBV, #StopGBVatWork #Sierra #EbolaRecovery #SierraLeoneI Photo Credit: Michael Duff, USAID

Meet Father Petros, Apostolic leader and a father of two girls age 10 and 17. He took a USAID DREAMS training that helped him change his perspective on the views traditionally shared by his church on education for girls, and medical care. Previously, Father Petros daughters were not in school, but now they are. He rejects early child marriage and also openly encourages his congregation to adhere to HIV treatment and give birth in health facilities --a major departure from church doctrine. #EndGBV, #GBV, #StopGBVatWork #HearMeToo #Zimbabwe #EndAids #EndAids2030 #Zimbabwe I Photo Credit: Allison DiVincenzo USAID

Over 100,000 Zimbabwean girls are struggling to break out of the cycle of gender-based violence and take control of their futures. Meet Rejoice,15, one of these empowered girls who is determined to create poetry. She read her work at a high school club meeting where she is learning how to protect against HIV and take steps to combat gender-based violence. With assistance from USAID, this school club goes beyond supporting physical violence victims; it also provides a safe space for self expression, motivation to pursue goals, and a strong support system. #16Days #EndGBV, #GBV, #StopGBVatWork #Zimbabwe #EndAids #EndAids2030 I Photo Credit: Allison DiVincenzo, USAID

Young women who drop out of school and lack a steady income are at higher risk of contracting HIV. Meet Lisa: at the age of 19, she ran away from home, dropped out of school, and got pregnant with her daughter Naledy. With support from USAID, she has taken courageous steps to return to school at night and continue her education. Lisa knows that an education will give her and Naledy a better future, and she hopes one day it will open doors that allow her to travel the world. #16Days #EndGBV #GBV #StopGBVatWork #Zimbabwe #EndAids #EndAids2030 | Photo Credit: Allison DiVincenzo, USAID

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