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USAID  USAID promotes and demonstrates democratic values abroad, and advances a free, peaceful, and prosperous world.

How is USAID working to prevent the spread of diseases like #Ebola? With confirmation of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s(DRC) 10th outbreak of the Ebola virus, USAID along with partnering health officials have focused on border screening as a method to identify travelers who could pose a danger to local communities. In this photo Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator at USAID Alma Golden receives information about #Ebola at a border crossing between the DRC and #Uganda. Border screening is an essential part of the response to the Ebola crisis. With the help of trained volunteers, travelers are required to wash their hands with chlorinated water and soap and check their temperature with a special thermoscan thermometer. Once screened, travelers are given information on the symptoms and how to prevent the spread of Ebola. #USAIDTransforms #EbolaResponse #DRC

Daniyar is a 31 year old resident of Kyrgyz-Ata. This father of three has a 0.3 hectare apple orchard that was never seriously utilized. That changed when in 2015 he started receiving support from USAID. The USAID Agro Horizon project works with a local cooperative that provides services to people like Daniyar. This support includes farming advice and various services such as pruning, spraying, harvesting, and commercialization. In 2017, Daniyar harvested 5 tons of apple! With the extra income he was able to buy a small cargo truck he sometimes use for extra jobs and money. #USAIDTransforms #partnership #USAIDKyrgyzstan

Nurgul returned to her home after 15 years to the city of Osh in Southern Kyrgyzstan. After two years of unsuccessful search for a job, Nurgul, heard about how USAID was working with local farmers to grow safflower. Without any farming experience, but full of determination, Nurgul contacted friends and relatives to secure 7.5 hectares of land for her safflower project. Nurgul's successful harvest turned into a neat profit, and on top of giving her some financial freedoms and independence, she was able to buy brand new, good quality school uniforms for her children and much more. Visit to read more about Nurgul’s amazing story! #USAIDTransforms #Determination

USAID projects are helping entrepreneurs create breakthroughs that build stronger, more self-reliant economies. Four young Kyrgyzstani entrepreneurs saw an emerging market for trail mix snacks, popular combinations of dried fruits and nuts, and teamed up to create Advantex LLC. After meeting with initial success, their efforts to keep up with demand were frustrated by low production capabilities and a lack of quality control. With the support of USAID’s Agro Horizon Project, they successfully expanded their business into a new processing facility that has increased production by 500 tonnes per year and now supplies commercial partners like Air Astana, the region's flagship airline. The company has also connected thousands of small farmers to new international markets through the sale of their crops for processing and storage. #USAIDTransforms #entrepreneurs #agriculture_worldwide

The new edible oil and garlic processing facility in Uzgen, Kyrgyzstan is a joint project of USAID and Atalyk Group.The facility has the potential to replace up to 10% of the country’s edible oil imports, employ 73 full-time workers and boost agriculture through partnerships with thousands of local farmers. Click the link to watch more on this ambitious example of business-led development transforming communities. #economicdevelopment #USAIDTransforms #SelfReliance

Do you know where #vanilla comes from? Follow along as we rewind from an American birthday celebration with vanilla cake — to harvesting the vanilla bean on an #Indonesian farm. #USAIDTransforms Video by @thomas_cristofoletti

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For over two decades, USAID has been supporting Paraguay's quest for transparency and access to information. The passing of the Access to Information Law back in 2015 allows citizens unparalleled access and opens the door to greater oversight. To encourage citizen participation, USAID supported Paraguay’s Ministry of Justice in the development of an innovative web page, which allows for the online filing of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, which the government must respond to within 15 days. In August 2017, to encourage the use of the platform, USAID carried out 80 street plays throughout Asunción and neighboring cities in places of great affluence, including the municipal market, and reached approximately 1,500 people. As a result of this and other interventions, the number of FOIA requests has skyrocketed, reaching almost 10,000 requests since the creation of this platform. Photo Courtesy of Belén Peña - @ceamsopy (2018 DRG Photo Contest submission). #InternationalDayofDemocracy#transparency #Paraguay #citizenparticipation #accountability

On Oct. 24, 2017, Fanis Lisiagali, executive director of Healthcare Assistance Kenya, leads the White Ribbon Campaign march and promotes their rapid response call center hotline, which responds to violence against women in elections in Nairobi, Kenya, as part of International Foundation for Electoral System’s Kenya Electoral Assistance Program. The campaign strategy was built on the polarization and division in Kenya led by the two political parties, which dramatically increased from August to October 2017. It was designed to showcase the voices of women and mothers that had been missing from the national conversation with the call to action for all women to play an active role by intervening in violence within their family, communities and on social media. Photo courtesy of Carla Chianese, IFES (2018 DRG Photo Contest finalist). #InternationalDayofDemocracy #violenceagainstwomen #Kenya #womenempowerment

On Nov. 14, 2017, ballot boxes from all over Somaliland filled the National Election Commission’s warehouse in Hargeisa, the day after the presidential election. The National Election Commission poll workers then helped to prepare the ballots to be tallied. The USAID Bringing Unity, Integrity, and Legitimacy to Democracy Project worked with the commission to produce more than 700,000 voter identification cards and engaged civil society to encourage voter participation. A total of 565,000 Somalilanders cast their ballots in a well-organized and relatively trusted election, many for the first time. Through community meetings and events, social media, loudspeakers and billboards, Somalilanders learned their vote counted, and were proud to be part of democracy in the making. Photo Courtesy of Jim Huylebroek, Creative Associates International (2018 DRG Photo Contest third place winner). @jimhuylebroek #InternationalDayofDemocracy #civilsociety #fairelections #Somaliland

Feed the Future is working with food processors to boost child nutrition with help from leading food businesses here in the United States. Employee volunteers from @generalmills and @HersheyCompany — hailing from Minnesota and New Jersey — helped VALID Nutrition, a social impact enterprise in Africa, meet food safety requirements and develop a marketing strategy to increase sales in their local market. Partnerships like this are putting communities and countries on a path to self-reliance, while simultaneously bringing benefits back home.
This week, we’ve reflected on the progress we’ve made with partners spanning sectors to empower communities like Khady’s, young leaders like Petronila, rural moms like Thiane, and social enterprises like VALID Nutrition. We are fighting the root causes of hunger and expanding opportunity in some of the world’s poorest places together. This helps us protect and accelerate growth on the journey to self-reliance. And, ultimately, create a more peaceful and stable world.
We #endhunger by supporting global stability. What do you think it will take to #endhunger?

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With humble beginnings on a tree miles and miles away, chocolate – a mainstay in U.S. store aisles – is so much more than just a delicious treat.
A chocolaty treat starts with a tree in a tropical area. Chocolate is made from cocoa beans (shown in the photo), which grow in a pod on a cacao tree. Most of the world’s chocolate is grown in areas within 10 degrees north or south of the equator in West Africa, South America and Asia. With the need for a unique climate to grow cacao, millions of smallholder farmers from miles and miles away are making chocolate possible and depending on it for their livelihoods.

Feed the Future teams up with U.S. businesses to help these farmers improve production, earn more, connect to the global economy, and rise out of poverty, while making sure that they have the right resources and knowledge to grow and harvest sustainably.
This #InternationalChocolateDay, we are celebrating the partnerships that are creating sweeter opportunities for smallholders and chocolate lovers alike. Check out the Instagram Story for more!

We #endhunger by innovating and working together. What do you think it will take to #endhunger?

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In our last post, we shared the story of Petronila and how empowered young women are transforming agriculture and improving lives. What do you think it will take to #endhunger? Let us know in the comment section or share on your platforms!

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