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A lot of our time at Ursk is spent cleaning, organising & preparing our products, equipment and work spaces so our team can provide you with the highest quality of care and service possible! It’s not the glamorous side of our job BUT one of the most important! 😍 #salonlife #saloncleaning #saloncleaningandorganizing #preparingforsuccess #cleansalon

NEW PRODUCT ALERT 🚨! Raw Elements NEW Skin Balancing Emulsion has hit the shelves TODAY! This incredible moisturiser is lightweight and all natural with plant actives including marshmallow root, Ivy & Burdock for oily, blemished and imbalanced skins! Jojoba, raspberry seed oil and squalane provide the skin with hydration protection allowing the skin to heal without feeling oily. The bio complex of watercress, sage extract & saponaria help to regulate oil production for a more balanced & clear complexion. #rawelementactivenaturals #urskmedispa #naturalskincare #naturalskincareproducts #acnetreatment #acneskincare #oilbalancing #teenageskin #breakouts #oilyskin #oilyskincare #oilyskinproblems #healthyskin #healthyskincare

Nyssa has had a cancelation for either a full set of lashes, lash fill or brow tattooing tonight at 4pm. Call 93798883 to book in :) #lashesextension #lashes #eyelashextensions #eyelashesmelbourne #microbladedbrows #featherbrows

Lets talk about Cleansing!
We all know we should do it, but sometime it's easy to think 'I just cant be bothered', or do I really need an expensive cleanser when I just wash it off? cant I just use soap? <- nope, no soap, we are not even going to go there. :P

Cleansing your skin is the first step is any skin care regime. Cleansing removes dirt, bacteria, makeup, sweat, environmental pollution and Urea to name a few things that get all up in your skins business!
Removing all this gunk prevents build up that leads to roughness, dryness, flakiness, irritation, congestion, breakouts, dullness, PH (acid mantle) in-balance and oxidative stress. Phew! That was a mouthful! and I could go on... you even have Urea seep out onto your skin when you sleep!
Anyone thinking they really want to wash their skin right now??? Next, what should we cleanse our skin with?
There are many skin cleansers on the market, but the question is, what does YOUR SKIN need? And is cleansing alone enough?
Cleansing your skin daily (twice a day is recommended, and it doesn't even need to be the same cleanser- you may like something more moisturising in the morning and more exfoliating at night for example.)
Cleansing every day helps to keep the skin clear for surface build up that could be causing many skin complaints that your skin normally gets the wrap for. A well cleansed skin gets more benefits from your other skincare products as these products will be able to penetrate deeper and more evenly.

Ursk's skin specialists recommend daily cleansing with the addition of regular exfoliation, serum application and daily moisturiser and sunscreen. It may sound like alot, but its really no biggy once you get into it, and when you see RESULTS you then cant get enough!

If you would like to know more, but don't know where to start, why not give us skin chicks at Ursk a buzz on 93798883 so we can guide and teach you the basics of how to take care of your skin. Nyssa, Jody and Jen are all here ready to help get you off to a healthy skin start :) We will be posting HEAPS of info on skin, skin care and all things beauty, so make sure you like and recommend our page so we can keep you up to date!

I’m currently away in Wilson’s prom and have been adamant in keeping on top of my skin care! I have a mix match of products up here and thought I would share my holiday facial routine 😊 Im cleansing with @intraceuticals_official opulent cleanser- this is a brightening cleanser for pigment prone skin, @eminenceaust organic strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant with lactic acid- this is a powder you add water too to exfoliate your skin, BeautycareCo charcoal, jojoba & clay mask for purifying your skin (great on acne spots) & coffee & Kukui for hydration @chapstick total hydration lip scrub, @avene_au thermal spring water mist (I’m just addicted to this!) and @rawelementactivenaturals Vita C Glow Paste with goji berry, Kakadu Plum, lychee and triple berry complex to hydrate, brighten, and prevent pigmentation (my new favourite moisturiser) @grownalchemist watermelon and vanilla lip balm to finish my facial off 😍 I hope you all enjoy watching my video 🙏💕😋 @hyde.miss #facialroutine #faceregimen #homefacial #healthyskin #healthyskintips #intraceuticals #eminenceorganics #avene #chapstick #rawelementactivenaturals #grownalchemist

Do you know about the benefits of LED light therapy for your skin?
LED is a ‘light emitting diode’ device that provides non-invasive, high tech results.
LED therapy is recognised fir its ability to achieve a younger, healthier and more radiant complexion. High intensity LED lights help to repair and rejuvenate skin tissue while cell-specific wavelengths stimulate the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is every cell in our bodies energy currency. ⭐️ Blue light works to clear congested and acne prone skin
⭐️ red light increases blood circulation & lymphatic flow, encouraging skin renewal and the revitalisation of ageing skin. ⭐️ purple light combines both blue and red light to produce dual-results in clearing and age management, ideal for post pregnancy or hormonally unbalanced skin.
Available as a full facial combining chromatic serums and hyaluronic acid (our skins natural moisturising factor) for clinically proven results. $136

Or as an add on service to all our skin treatments, or as a stand alone, state of the art light therapy session.
15 minute $29
20minute $39
30 minute $69 (Was $89!) Call 93798883 for more info or to book in to try LED to SEE RESULTS! #ledskinlighttherapy #ledskincare #healthyskin #healthyskincare #facial #performancefacial #activeskincare #skinrejuvenation #glowingskin #advancedskintechnology #advancedfacial #lighttherapymask #lighttherapyfacial #energiseyourskin #antiaging #antiagingskincare #acnetreatment #hydratingmask

Let’s talk wrinkle relaxants! How does it work? Relaxant is injected by a tiny needle into areas of the face to treat wrinkles resulting from muscle contraction. The Relaxant blocks action potential signals from the nerves so they no longer contract, causing wrinkles to relax and soften.
In this pic, you can see the before and after of the lip where the contraction of the lip muscles (obicularis oris) are causing a ‘pursed’ effect on the shape of the lips. (Top picture). The bottom picture shows the relaxed shape of the lip post wrinkle relaxant application.
Wrinkle relaxant is great to treat many areas of the face including forehead lines, crows feet and frown lines.
If this is a treatment you would like more info about, our specialist Maddison will be at ursk Friday 25th Jan. to book a non obligatory consultation call 93798883.
If you think you are ‘not quite there yet’ when it comes to cosmetic injectables, give us a call to talk about our non-invasive skin tightening treatments. #wrinkles #wrinklesbegone #cosmeticinjector #liplineperfection #antiaging #newlips

Stay on top of a sun kissed tan without damaging your skin with UV rays. Ursk uses Black magic tanning solutions that are all natural and gentle on skin, providing a tan that lasts 7-10 days. Our tans are available in light, medium, dark and extra dark, and can be washed off at 1,2,4,6 and 8 hours fir your convenience. Call 93798883 to get your tan on! #blackmagicspraytan #spraytan #spraytanmelbourne #2hourtan #naturaltan #darktan

Ursk is OPEN TODAY! We are ready to get you lashed up, hair free, tanned, polished & relaxed for 2019! #urskmedispa #spraytanning #spraytansmelbourne #weareopen #manicures #pedicures #lashextensions #blackmagictan

Happy new year to all our amazing clients! We are so very lucky to be in a workplace that allows us to meet and treat so many incredible people! You are all what makes Ursk Ursk and we appreciate every one you you guys! We have built up so many relationships that are unique to every individual. We laugh, we cry we share and thank you all for supporting us and giving us the opportunity to service you guys and help you feel beautiful :) cheers 🥂 to 2019 and what it has is store fir all of us! 💖 @hyde.miss, Jen & Jody. Xxx

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM URSK MEDISPA! We hope you all have a fantastic day! Xox

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