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✨الحمد لله✨  🕯"Never confuse motion with action" -BF 💡 ❤️"Jánam bi Fadáyat" (👪👭)❤️

My Day 1.
More like my Day 774 but you get what I mean. 🤔😂 #HappyBirthday @elweezyfbaby 😍 Love you #LittleSis 😘

Use your blinker! 👌🏼😊

"if u find one, i beg of u, hold her tight... yes, if u spot one good sir, treat her right." #ThreeThousand

Family Forever 💎


No change of heart - a change in me. 🎓📓📚 #UGA #2016 #Masters

And another one! #Blessed | 11.22.2016

Oh, what a time to be alive... 😘

You don't have to get ready if you stay ready... 💅🏼👯

A great philosopher, Bernard Freeman aka Bun B, once said "you ain't gotta love me mofo , cause my momma do..." 👌🏼

UGA | 2016 | IO Psyc ✅

West Coast Crew 💞