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Urmo Parts  Nature photographer from 🇪🇪 Pentax, because I love it.

Not the highest climb that I have done, but definitely it was scary, muddy and slippery.

Scotland, Glencoe, 2016. Rather than buying new camera, go travel.

Fjörds in Norway. Why I didn't born in Norway :D

Winter is coming finally. Are you ready?

Still Norway. Everything is beautiful out there. Can't wait to go back.

Bucketlist place for landscape photographers in lofoten. Really beautiful scenery.

Auroras as seen by human eyes. Have you seen northern lights?

Full moon eclipse.

Finnish lapland.
Kadestan @kirsimetsa_tripup66 seltskonda, kes lahkuvad làhipäevil Lapimaale.

Beautiful light with beautiful bird.

It was perfect summer for hiking and camping, but not so good for landscape photography. Too much blue skies, little bit too boring for me.
Thanks for Pentax K-1II @photopoint I had the tools, but sometimes you need more luck.

One of those sunsets, just beautiful. @visitscotland

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