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uriokuki ☆ koki  I have rp igs dm me ( ~°♡°~) . Victor (sub) @v_nikiforov.rp Yuuri (switch) @y_katsuforov .


@cassysketchbook and i were talking about that one thing where victor gets strawberries jammed up his ass ☻

#victornikiforov #longhairedvictor #yurionice

Thanks for attending my stream

Progress for that vitaliy art

The "i was supposed to shower, eat, sleep" but it's 1am and this is what i'm doing with my life.

For @cassysketchbook ; their OC Vitaly!
I finished the sketch
Ill see about adding a bg and watercoloring it in the future!
#yuurionice #cassysketchbook #vitalynikiforov #victornikiforov
Oh, it seems i forgot to draw the tattoo on his hand ahaha woops. I'll add that later
Sorry im really confused with his tattoo ;;;

Sketching out my OC son: Sergei. He is smol.


Can anyone tell me who the artist of this Pidge sticker is?
@m31sh111's brother got it for our squad but they don't know who the artist is
I was hoping if i could somehow buy another one since mine got damaged from the humidity :^((
#voltron #pidgegunderson #greenpaladin #artistsearch #anime

My adorable son (@hunky_health_officer) makes another adorable selfie!

Sketching OCs and clearing their bg story from my memory.
My OC (left): Koki, the witch of Potentiality. They have a deep connection with the earth and are also a mandrake descendant, hence their plant like appearance and constitution. Formerly a superhero, they retired from that life and live their days easygoing. (They're sticking their tongue out.) @hunky_health_officer's OC (right): Dr. Gero, an ancient earthen fairy whose real form is a mystery. The human body you see them wear is actually a golem they commissioned from another witch (who can craft bodies). They naturally have a green thumb and often nurse plants back to health.

They're married to each other, and together they run a flowershop/botanical garden. • Koki manages their customers and does flower arrangements. They also do charm work and charm the flowers into getting people to have 99% success rates on their dates or whatever they wish to go well. Its very popular and always in demand especially in weddings. • Gero takes care of the nursery where they see to the healthy upbringing of the baby mandrakes and other sentient plants. They also grow regular flowers. • Their shop can double as a hotel for creatures that would like to sleep in the terrariums. The terrariums come in many different shapes, styles, and content. Some have ones that hold tiny model houses.

RIP @pirmdien

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