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Blessing Inajoh 

Many companies have cut down on their training budgets. Meaning, staff are seldom being trained.
Here's a unique opportunity for YOU to be trained at ZERO cost by one of Nigeria's best Management Consultants, Mr. Nath McAbraham-Inajoh. Ensure you don't miss this and bring a friend along too. Please call, send an SMS or email to reserve your seat.
See you on Saturday...
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We're super excited about Saturday coz it's going to be another enlightening session at Upgrade. We would LOVE to have you with us. So, plan to there as we embark on another journey to #Upgrade...
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@Regrann from @nathanielinajoh - Many years ago, when my first son was about a year old, we traveled to my village. It turned out there was a festival of masquerades going on but I didn't know about it. As I stood carrying my son in front of our house later that evening, one masquerade approached us and tried to scare my son. My son wasn't scared but, instead, slapped the masquerade that had brought its face very close to my son's in its attempt to scare him. The masquerade took off because it wasn't expecting that reaction.
What gave my son that confidence? I was carrying him! He felt safe in my arms and knew I wouldn't let anything hurt him. He could see I wasn't afraid so he drew confidence from my disposition. I learnt the following lessons from this:
1. Who is carrying you through your journey of life? There are situations you would face in life that would overwhelm you if you tried to face them on your own.
2. You need to know beyond all doubts that God has your best interest at heart. Let this knowledge give you the confidence you need to face any challenge that may come your way.
3. Be bold enough to slap the dirty face of the devil (with the Word of God) anytime he shows his ugly face in your affairs. And like that masquerade, he will flee.
4. Remember that behind every mask, there's a face. The devil puts on the mask of failure, sickness, unemployment, depression etc just to scare you.
Now, beat him at his own game by putting on Jesus Christ and watch yourself overcome that fear.
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Where would you be on the 19th of August by 10am? I would be at the Conference Room of MMA2 attending the Upgrade Seminar. And you know what? I'd LOVE to have you there with me too.
So please, check the flier for details and call in to reserve your seats. Your Communication Skills would be revamped after this seminar.
#Upgradeseminar2017 #August19 #Takingyoutothenextlevel

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How often have you passed up great opportunities because you were too afraid to act? How many times have you written yourself off because you felt you do not qualify or are not good enough?
You know what? Fear will always be around to tell you what you cannot do, but it's up to you to face your fears and tell yourself you can.
It's a new week and you've got a fresh opportunity to take steps in tearing the invisible barriers that separate you from becoming who you desire to be. Remember, action cures fears but inaction creates terror. Refuse to be defined by your fears!
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A New Wave Of Revival is happening here in Nigeria, Join Us at MegaCon 2017 and experience the Sight, Sound and Touch of the Most High in a MEGA way. #activatethemegayou #CgmiMegacon2017 #EmpoweredToSucceed #26daystomegacon #megaconsocialmediateam

I will be speaking at the Adonai Empowerment Foundation (AEF) @aefnigeria #JobSeminar on "Constructing a Winning CV and Business Proposal". If you're interested or know of anyone who'd benefit from this, please register and pass the word around. Limited seats available!
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Registered yet? Register @ http://cgmi-megacon.org/register
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I will be speaking at Adonai Empowerment Foundation (AEF) @aefnigeria #JobSeminar on "Creating your Job with a Business Idea". Not everyone wants to work as an Employee, some of us want to be our own Boss.
If you are interested, then register on time. Limited seats available.
Also speaking are Shemaye Aboderin (HR, Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc), Blessing Uredojoh Inajoh (Head, Corporate Learning, Just English Ltd). #JobSeminar #work #findingajob #employment #Entrepreneurs #entrepreneurship #Business #seminar #events #corporatelearning #writingacv #winningcv #success #career #careersuccess

When you've had a refreshing time in His Presence...
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