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Whitney Ewing Kahn 

When you switch to boomerang and strike boomerang gold!

Channeling my inner @tuggywuggy tonight!

Yep... Pretty much sums it up. #bestpopever #bestgrannyever #beachbound #vacay

How can she be so cute? And... More importantly, how is she going to be one in less than a month????


My #SweetDarbyJoy, in less than a month you are going to be one year old!!! You are growing and changing right before our very eyes. From one day to the next you are learning so many new things and sorting is more and more of your awesome personality. You are such a sweet little thing... Super easy to read and know what you need. Always very content and so dang portable! You had your third tooth finally break through last week, you have the world's cutest wave, you have an adorable little fake clap, you eat like a beast and love every thing we have you try, and you are out favorite little girl on the planet. We love you so! #moderndaybabybook via @chatbooks

My little sweet Sono turns 4 today! I can't believe it was for years ago that I got a phone call that @taycakes29 went into labor 6.5 weeks early. I got pulled over for speeding (for the only time in life) on my way to the hospital because I couldn't wait to meet her! I love this little sassy pants so so so much! Thanks for making me an Auntie, little nugget!

The fact that a couple weeks ago @rykahn2 asked if I had any plans with my sisters for Father's Day weekend is one of many reasons I love him. On a day for him, he's making sure to not step on the toes of me, Kyle, and Taylor. He gets it. He knows that this is a super shit day for us. He is such an amazing dad... So so grateful for this little family and life we've created. Happy Father's Day to my baby daddy!

Dad game's strong with this one... @rykahn2 braved Chuck E. Cheese's with both kiddos today, with a bow in D's hair to boot! My crazy summer schedule of working 50+ hours a week has plopped a LOT on Ryan's plate and he has been killin' it so far! I'm so lucky I get to do this whole parenting thing with a true partner who not only puts up with my crazy, but is so awesome with these nights of ours. #mushywifepost over.

This girl... She's basically the cutest.

#TBT to 5/19... When #SweetDarbyJoy turned 10 months old!!! Oh Sweet D! I feel like your little personality totally came into it's only between months 9 & 10. You are truly the best. You crack us up and have such a silly side about you! You love to feel like you're in on the joke and always do a hilarious fake laugh whenever you hear people laughing. (You did this during all of the funny parts of Kyle's wedding! It was the cutest!) You are an expert (fast!) crawler, you love to wave, still love bath time, an awesome eater, and... You got to go off of your reflux meds! You got your first ear infection (a double one at that!) And you started sleeping like less of an asshole. Some nights you cry out and put yourself back to sleep but most nights we have to jam in to put your binkie back in then you go back to sleep. You still only have 2 teeth and drool like a maniac. We love you so so much and can't imagine our lives with out you! #moderndaybabybook via @chatbooks !

These two... I can't even.

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