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First date night since D was born. Going big... #thankgodforkyky #hamiltonsf #hamfrancisco

My #SweetDarbyJoy ... You are 8 months old today!! You just cut two teeth, you think it's hilarious to shake your head no, you babble dadadahdaah all day long, you loooove food, you are so close to crawling, AND today you pulled yourself up with my leg and my shirt!!! What an eventful month you've had! You are a champion napper... Mostly because you still sleep like an asshole at night - but you are getting better! Your favorite food by far is green beans... You gobble them up like a little beast. Carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash are definitely amongst your favs as well... And randomly, your least favorite food so far, is pears. You are totally getting more and more of your own little personality and we love how fun you are. We are super anxious for you to start sleeping through the night, since you have basically turned your mom and dad into zombies. We love you so much, little nugget and cannot believe in just four months you will be a one year old!!! #moderndaybabybook via @chatbooks

These babies!!!

Brady Cakes just wrapped up his first big school project! I am pretty sure the biggest accomplishment in the whole thing was my own ability to not take over and do it all for him. 😜 With some nudging in the right direction, he busted out a pretty awesome Landforms Project and was so stinkin' proud of himself.

If this baby could talk she would say, "WHAT on earth is poking my feet??!!" Little Miss did not know what to make of the grass at B's baseball practice today. She much preferred her cozy blanket.

So excited for summer with this little nugget #SweetDarbyJoy

Thanks for so many cute hand-me-downs @olgadonnelly @donnelizer

If you look real close you can see reason number one and two Darby woke up every 45 minutes the other night.

80s day at Brady's school today! Or dress like you are from the 1900s. Hahaha.

These babies. I can't even. They are so obsessed with each other... And if I were 10 years younger I would say "it gives me all the feels." But I'm 36 years old, so...

P.S. the #googlepixel camera is amazing.

Baseball practice was rained out... But Brady Cakes needed to get a little vitamin D. So basketball and bike riding are on the docket this afternoon. Love this little maniac!

Over 150 people at an 8:15a session??? Whaaaat??? #cprsconf #cprs #cprs17

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