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Urban Utopia Wildlife Rehab®  A 501c3 nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation rehabilitation organization. www.urbanutopiawildlife.org


#Reposting @rootsandshoots -- Cool Summer Project!🌻☀ NYC summer campers are putting up a 🍋lemonade stand to fundraise for @urbanutopiawildlife. 👉 Read how they chose this project: rootsandshoots.org/project/lemonade-stand 👉 Find more projects in the #RootsandShoots project database!rootsandshoots.org/projects/search

#Reposting @blueridgewildlifectr -- Don't forget that while some animals have only one or two seasons for babies, Eastern Cottontails have babies every 4-6 weeks throughout summer!
We received a litter of cottontails that had been dropped off at a veterinary clinic two days prior, and their reasoning for admission? "Abandoned."
Many people mistakenly believe cottontails have been abandoned or orphaned when they find a nest with no mother around, but remember, mother rabbits only visit their nest twice a day to prevent drawing predators to her babies!
If the baby bunnies still have their eyes closed but are snuggled quietly in their nest, those are content, happy bunnies. If you find them injured or crawling out of the nest with their eyes closed, these babies need to be seen by a wildlife rehabilitator or veterinarian.
Please always discuss a wildlife situation with your local professionals before acting; sometimes, leaving them alone is the best thing for them!
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👏👏👏💗💗💗#Reposting @thedodo -- Firefighters worked in the pouring rain to free this little raccoon. 👏 🚒 #rescue #wildliferescue #raccoon

Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4th of July! As you celebrate please remember our wildlife neighbors and consider foregoing the noisy fireworks. #wildlifesmart #respectwildlife #respectnature #babyanimals #cutebabyanimals #wildliferehab #wildliferehabilitation #urbanutopiawildlife #4thofjuly #happy4th #celebratesafely

#Reposting @evelynswildliferefuge -- LITTER HURTS CRITTERS
Animals of all kinds often mistake trash for food or shelter. And unfortunately, wildlife is the main victim when it comes to this situation. Imagine if tons of litter was being tossed into your home. For wildlife, this is the disturbing and dangerous reality of litter.
You may have seen viral videos of an animal like a raccoon walking around with a food jar stuck on its head. While some may find this comical, the end result for many animals is actually no laughing matter. An animal in this situation can suffer from overheating, suffocation, dehydration, starvation, and eventual death from these elements. It is also not equipped to defend itself from a threat.
Litter has many other destructive effects on the animals: ~ Discarded food is prone to quick contamination causing food poisoning thats can be fatal to animals.
~ Broken glass can cut the feet of wild animals. ~ Beer or soda cans have sharp edges and can be a threat to such delicate creatures seeking shelter or a taste of what remains inside.
~ Six pack rings get caught around animals necks and limbs which can hinder movement, dismemberment, or choking death. ~ Plastic bags on the seafloor take 10 to 20 years to decompose and plastic bottles take much longer. An animal killed by ingesting plastic will decompose long before the plastic, allowing the plastic to kill again.
~ Plastic items such as balloons are mistaken as food and become intestinal blockages.
~ Ingested cigarette butts can choke an animal or poison it with toxins.
~ Litter tossed out of car windows onto freeways attracts inquisitive animals. In addition to the hazards posed by the litter, these animals often suffer serious injuries or death from vehicle collisions.
~ Fishing hooks are often injested by pelicans, turtles, seabirds and other aquatic creatures.
~ Fishing nets, fishing line, and abandoned crab pots snare or trap animals. Entanglement can lead to injury, illness, suffocation, starvation, and death.
~ Small lead fishing weights cause seabirds to suffer lead poisoning from ingesting.

The list goes on!

Adorable baby being cared for by our friends at Volunteers for Wildlife! -
#Reposting @volunteersforwildlife -- Baby woodchuck dozing off during his last meal before bed! #woodchuck #babywoodchuck #animals #wildlife #wildliferescue #animalrescue

Great infographic from @wildlifecenter_va Glue traps are a slow and inhumane way to deal with pest animal, and they may catch songbirds, bats, reptiles, and other unintended victims. Check out their link to learn about more humane methods for dealing with nuisance animals. #wildlife #wildlifecare #animallovers #protectanimals #haveaheart #saynotogluetraps #inhumane #urbannature #urbanutopia #urbanwildlife #urbanutopiawildlife #urbanutopiawildliferehabilitation

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