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USRx  Clinical SkinCare For Diverse Skin Tones✨By @urbanskinfounder From Our Medspa💉 @charlotteurbanskin 2018 Essence Best in Black Beauty Award. Sold at 🎯

Tune into #urbanskinrx Instalive tonight at 9pm EST for a chance to win! @urbanskinfounder will be talking all about Beauty from Within, and how you can heal your skin from the inside out. 3 winners will receive a 3 month supply of Even Tone Support Supplements, the ultimate skin care routine booster! #urbanskinrx #skincare #glowgetters #melaninexperts

Yassss @theftdramaqueen ! Thank you for the review! Your skin is glowing!
Good morning, Good afternoon, Good night @theftdramaqueen #FTDQ Talks Skincare 🧖🏽‍♀️- Okay Drama Queens and Kings, for most of my life I’ve had clear skin but as of the last 3 years I’ve had these inexplicable breakouts. I’ve tried every product there is to use natural as well as medicated. Either it did nothing, dried me out or broke me out more. I needed answers so I even went to several dermatologists for a cure and couldn’t quite find the right cocktail UNTIL I fell in love with @urbanskinrx.
First I start off with @urbanskinrx Clear Skin Cleansing Bar, then I use their Clean and Smooth Retexturing Pads and lastly their Clear Complexion Acne Serum and to top everything off I use Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer in 30 spf.
#SMILEBITCH I’m living my best #SkinLife 😅
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You may already know the amazing benefits of microneedling, such as:
It stimulates skin growth and cell turnover.
It boosts your production of collagen, making your skin firm.
It helps with exfoliation.
It improves uneven skin tone

But here is a very important benefit of at-home microneedling you should know. When you perform the technique yourself, you can pair it with your skincare products, especially serums, to enhance their effect.
Take an already great serum that uses active ingredients like peptides. When you use a microneedling device alongside it (either before or after applying the serum, or both!) you are helping your skin absorb the serum at an even greater level! Microneedling is proven to increase absorption by around 90%.
It’s recommended that you do microneedling at home around 1-2 times a week.
Although in-office microneedling is a more robust procedure, having a deeper impact on the skin than the devices used at home, a lot of research points to it being more effective to use at-home devices regularly than an in-office procedure a few times a year. Plus, in-office procedures can cost around 6x the price of having your own device. So at-home microneedling saves you money. That’s another important benefit!
Here are a few important steps to remember. Don’t overdo the rolling. Only roll over an area of your skin 2-3 times in one session. Sterilize your roller after every time you use it. If you know know all this... you’re ready to get your roll on! #urbanskinrx #glowlikeapro #glowgetters #melaninexperts #skincare #beautytools

Be Blemish Free with four great options at @target ! This week #urbanskinrx products are 15% off at #target and Target.com! #urbanskinrx #glowgetters #melaninexperts #skincare #targetbeauty

Did you watch the #emmys Here are a few of our favorite looks from tonight✨

Coming Soon! The Lactic Glow Micropolish Cleanser is the newest #urbanskinrx product! A gentle gel cleanser, it contains a blend of alpha hydroxy acids (citric, lactic and malic), plus natural jojoba beads that reveal skin clarity by gently dissolving cellular buildup. Polishes skin without irritation to reveal a brighter, fresher and more healthy complexion! #urbanskinrx #newproductalert #glowgetters

Most of you know that @urbanskinrx headquarters is in Charlotte NC. Our city experienced record breaking rain, damage and flooding but the #urbanskinrx team is safe and sound. Please keep North Carolina in your thoughts and prayers as thousands of people are still unable to return to their homes. #hurricaneflorence 🎥 @charlotteagenda

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These @urbanskinrx products will be with me in my travels! I wish I could’ve showed you all how this system clears up dark spots on your face, this truly deserved a before and after photo!!! _
Recently @urbanskinrx came on board to be a partner for our #FearlessMoguls event and I was overjoyed because I know what these products have done for me!
Rachel the owner suggest after cleansing applying products in the order of the thinnest texture to most thick and it worked perfectly on my skin!
I encourage anyone looking to achieve an even complexion to try out these products.

The DermRenew Complexion Corrector Microneedling Tool is available now! Bringing the Medspa into your home. This beauty device effectively stimulates skin cell turnover and increases production of collagen to improve the appearance of pore size, fine lines, uneven skin tone, scars and aging skin. See visible results in just 30 days!
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Do you have oily skin with Breakouts and Dark Spots? If yes you will not regret ordering our Breakout and Oil Control Package! All of our packages are deeply discounted with almost 20% off retail price of individual items plus best and quickest results come from using a complete and thorough regimen! Shop by clicking on the photo ✨

Comment below and tell us where you live! Where do you want to see #urbanskinrx sold? #glowgetters #globalcommunity #melaninexperts

#Thankyou @hazel_goddesss !
Hey you guys! I decided to do some pampering today for my hair and skin. I used @curls Cashmere and Caviar Hair Masque to treat my hair. The Cashmere, Caviar, and Champagne fruit extracts help strengthen and add sheen. For my skin, I used @urbanskinrx Purifying 2in1 Pumpkin Pore Mask and Scrub. It deep cleans, while also exfoliating (its also self warming ☺️) thanks to its ingredients of Kaolin, Jojoba beads and Salicylic acid. My hair and skin felt amazing and so soft. Check out the full video on my channel. Get yours today @target stores or Target.com for 15% off @curls and @urbanskinrx Offer ends September 22nd 🙌🏽 #maskandglow #cashmereandcaviarcollection #urbanrx

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