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Jacob Kastrup Haagensen  Packrafting blogger and adventure filmmaker from Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently living in Sweden

Old and new friends, rivers and a bad ass deliverance saloon! The first Nordic Packrafting Roundup is on!
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In less than a month the first Nordic Packrafting Roundup is up! We will be in the Särna area and one of the many rivers there is Fjätan river which I paddled from source to the confluence with Österdalsälven. It’s time to watch or rewatch my movie alone on Fjätan again. Hope to see you in Särna! Link to movie in bio.

Here is a handful of pictures of Joni from our resent trip to Högvadsån creek. Joni is from Belgium but decided a couple of year ago to move to Gothenburg together with her family. She also paddles a packraft and this was my second time together with her. First time was down Säveån a little over a year ago where also Arvid attended.

Are you living in Västra Götaland area around Gothenburg? Come join us next time. 🙂
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On our way down Högvadsån creek we encountered one small scale hydroelectric power plant. As we took up our boat and carried them around we decided it was time for a coffee break.
Our conversation soon turned toward the madness of all the small scale power plant of all the Swedish watersheds. Even on when the river is flooded this one only produce enough electricity for maybe one household and almost nothing in summer time. You could easily replace it with a solar panel and produce the same amount of electricity without the damage to the watersheds ecosystem. .
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Paddling on flooded creeks are interesting. It makes you wonder if you are on the main canal or just somewhere at the brinks. .

There was two spots at the Högvadsån creek where we had to jump to shore for scouting down river. First spot we where about afraid of strainers and the second spot had probably been an old mill in the past.

It wasn’t anything to worry about even that the old mill spot at this high water level was more like class II whitewater. I took my camera with me and shoot some photos of the other navigating the rapid.
As I’m mostly behind the camera it was with joy that Arvid asked if he also should take some photos of me. So here is a series of photos of me paddling at the old mill. It’s also the first time I use my neoprene mitten as the wind was quite chilly at some spots.
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Here at the Swedish west coast spring flood is upon us. And today it was time for my first packraft trip of 2019 as I joined up with Arvid, Adam and Joni to paddle a small creek called Högvadsån. Well the creek wasn’t really small anymore as it has swallowed from a usual few cubic meters per second to almost 30. Trees, electric fences and raspberries brushes was under water. Even though we didn’t encounter much real rapids, the current was fast and demanded a bit maneuvering to avoid trees and debris from the flood. We paddled the creek for 15 km and ended up at the for the Swedish inhabitants famous Ullared Gekås. An enormous shopping mall which I visited after our paddling (and it took me almost as long time to navigating through all the sales as the paddling itself). #thisispackrafting #adventuretravel #gekåsullared #packrafting #packraft #whitewater

Today it’s my son Ib two year old birthday. So I’m celebrating with those two pictures from last summer where the hole family went packrafting in a nearby lake.
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It’s time for some more pictures from the Grand Canyon Trip. Here is @mollysharpharrison on her way down Lava Fall Rapid. Molly is rad and made it through unlike almost everybody else. Lava is the most violent, fastest and biggest rapid I’ve ever padded. It was the last of the real big Grand Canyon rapids and by all means the biggest.
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Hey it’s Friday! Go packrafting the Grand Canyon! #thisispackrafting

For days the walls of he canyon was made by sedimentary rocks like conglomerate, limestone and sandstone. But enter the inner granite gorge of the Grand Canyon is quite something different and more dark. In the inner gorge you are as deep as it gets and the rocks around you are as old as 1,8 billion years. Red and black granite and gneiss looms around you. It’s in the inner gorge that most of the hardest rapids are. And the day of the gems rapids like crystal, sapphire is soon to come.
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Night at the Grand Canyon. A December trip to the Grand Canyon include a lot of hours with complete darkness even though it much lighter here than in the Scandinavia I’m used too.
So after sunset it was dark, but the darkness wasn’t bad. We made bonfire in the fire pan and looking at the beautiful night sky where constellation and falling stars as better than any movie night. As we approach winter solstice the moon grow bigger and bigger and we almost full.
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