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The Urban Monk  Funk and Monk, kicks and art, beer release and Urban Monk Exhibition. Murals too.

Rough install of my art doors to see if they measure up before I finish them. 50 pound door I can slide open with one finger and only a quarter inch off the ground. Oh, and just ignore the rest of the video. It is hust my spaceship work in progress. #urbanmonkism

"Happy St. Pat's from Oscar with the love!"
Threw this piece up real quick. Painted with acrylic and india ink. #urbanmonkism #artfort321

Presentation is everything... "The Cleveland"
classic skater

Designed by The Urban Monk
Italian leather , hand made in italy by master craftsmen $300

Available soon on www.urbanmonkism.com

Plantin' apple trees in the mountains of Western North Carolina because we at Urban Monkism LOVE TREES! @wholetreepermaculture #urbanmonkism

Sooo, I got these... Stickers anyone? #urbanmonkism

"Pop up Junk in the Trunk Show"
At Green Eggs & Jam local record shop. 11am -12. Random one of T-shirts and random art. Today only. #urbanmonkism

2 more pieces framed up for tomorrow. 6 more to go. #urbanmonkism

Time to start sewing tags on some Urban Monk gear. Then its beer thirty, maybe? #urbanmonkism

Sneak peek at the new bottles for 4th annual beer release and artshow. Mad shout to Fonta Flora Brewery for all the hard work they are doing over there for this event. Also, to Defiant Whisky for hooking up the oak spirals. Bottles look DOPE! #urbanmonkism

Off to go dilver this to Fonta Flora Brewery. Time to start installing art all over town. 2 days till the Monk invasion. Art EVERYWHERE! #urbanmonkism

Some people go antiquing, others go thrift store bargain hunting, and yet others do the whole yard sale thing... Me, I'm all about other peoples mistakes. Mistint gallon of the most bad ass grey on earth! I say this paint is perfect just the way it is. I will make it shine. All color is beautiful, even grey. Especially, for eight dollars, hollar. #urbanmonkism

You know whats not pretentious? Using the good old garbage bag portfolio to keep work from getting rained on during transport. It could be new artwork for Fonta Flora Brewery or it could be trash, who knows? #urbanmonkism

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