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Arianna  ° Based in the Bay Area °📚Nutrition student °🍽 Sustainable Lifestyle 🌴 °Follow for Food Recipes & Traveling Adventures☀️✈️

Green Smoothie!
Green leaf lettuce 4-3 leaves.
Get you some citrus, they are in all season. I used tangerines🍊
One apple🍏
Handful of nuts of your choice. 
And a banana🍌
and at least a cup of water.

Usually I have some re-fried beans in my freezer to eat my veggies with. (Check out my make homemade refried beans without the refry post recipe by Tiffany @dontwastethecrumbs )
I’ll toast some tortillas and then wrap my lettuce/mixed greens up with some beans and avocado.
But when I don’t I blend!
I highly recommend taking you’re time drinking green smoothies there is no need to chug them😀

Like my post colder weather and the Holidays are finally here! :D

I’ve been wanting these roll on bead bracelets for some time and was gifted them by Aid-Through-Trade💕

Aid through trade is a great way to give your family and support others.
These were made by Bina from Nepal.

These are the original roll on bracelets. Damien Jones started the company in 1993 by starting the fair trade business with artisans in Nepal

Support families by purchasing beautiful brackets like these from Aid-Through-Trade or similar fair-trade businesses!
Check out their beautiful designs🏵️
Happy Holidays!

Hello all💟
Suns out buns out! 😆
School 🏫, recipes, hangouts and warm pre-fall days here I come. 🌺 @lyncastillo 🌹 @rafiaraja4 photo credit 🌻

#lifestyle #birthmark

I’ve begun incorporating aloe leaf into my life regimen!🌱 It's a jelly but rewarding situation.😆
For starters I’m using it on my hair with @DiscoveringNatural method of blending,straining & freezing!
I can also save for later by making aloe cubes and adding them to my smoothies too.💕
Get the deets on their youtube channel!
Please share any aloe tips too!

*When Godmother Estella brings you back fair-trade beauty products from South Africa*💙 You get Kapula!
Check this! The flame heats the candle but the candle is also a moisturizer, so the candle melts the body butter for easy application! 💚The smell is fresh like summer flowers and herbs on hot day.

Kapula has been creating since 1993. They have created sustainable employment in their small farming community in Bredasdorp, where it is not easy to find work without being able to drive a tractor or herd cattle. You can visit their store, tour their factory and enjoy cup of tea in the garden, its a major destination for visitors in Bredasdorp!
Looks like my godmother kept up the bergamot theme with this sweet orange and bergamot soap from Kapula too. The scent is subtle yet herby and citrusy. 💛 🌻

http://www.kapula.com 💜
#africa #southafrica

The beginnings​ of Slow Cooker Refried Beans!
1lb dried beans 
1 whole onion 
3 tbsp minced garlic or more
1 jalapeno
I just eye the spices cumin,salt and pepper.
Add in all you ingredients and cook on high for 8 hours in a slow cooker.

After researching homemade refried beans, this recipe popped up while perusing the blog Don't Waste the Crumbs @dontwastethecrumbs 💕
Its incredibly easy and is now a family favorite and a new cooking staple.
Its amazing that three cups of dried beans yields around 3-4 cans of beans, so we
eat a bit and freeze the rest. 💟
You can use any type of beans, I’ve been using pinto beans but I’m going to go for black beans next 😊 The house smells so good while its

Split pea soup lunch!
Love a hearty soup💟
This is a family favorite 🍇
🍋Little brother Jman @jo__ji got us into seasoning almost all of our dishes with lemon, you'd be surprised how a good squeeze can elevate a dish's flavors!

Broiled grapefruit on a rainy day!☔
Not sure where I found this recipe, I’m pretty sure we were trying to figure out how else to enjoy grapefruit 🍊and found this!😆 With my godmothers homemade granola toasted on top, it reminds me just a little bit of pie.💟🐣 1. Cut grapefruit in half.🍊
2. Cut along the rind to separate fruit from peel.
3. Separate each little wedge with a knife.
4. Sprinkle some granola on top.
5. Pop into the oven and broil for 8 to 10 minutes.
Enjoy!🌻 #feedfeed #food52

Today’s easy breakfast 😊
2.Godmother Estella's homemade granola💞
3.Grapes!🍇 Sometimes its nice to have just bit of granola and a lot of fruit and yogurt!🍇🍌🍏🍑🍒🍓 Hope everyone gets a descent breakfast in the morning to start your days off well!🌻

Stumbled upon this delicious ginger lemon tea recipe!
Guest appearance - Azu the cat.😺
Flowers - courtesy of spring.🏵🌸
1. Peel the skin off one whole lemon but just the outer yellow layer not the pith! (white bitter part).🍋
2. Peel a nugget of ginger (about the size of a medium grape).
Blend all that in your blender or food processor with a shallow amount of hot water.
3. Strain all the bits out - We use a quart size jar or more for the water amount!
Add a tablespoon of honey if desired!🍯 Recipe by youtuber Dr. Arjan Khalsa!

Hope everyone is enjoying a bit of warmer weather!🌻☀
#springseason #springequinox #teatime

Trying to keep a healthy routine in New York! It's a bit harder to find raw fruits and vegetables here in comparison with San Francisco. There are still plenty of options to keep a healthy diet. 😋🍏 Let us know about your favorite healthy cafes/restaurants in New York! 🙌 We would love to know.

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