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Urban K-9 Dog Training  Teaching the dogs of NYC to be the best UrbanK9s that they can be.

Wishing everyone a safe & happy Independence Day from your friends at Urban K9.
We hope you all enjoy lots of sun, good eats and games while keeping your dog safe, and celebrating the birth of our nation. Letting your well behaved canines hang with the crowd is just fine, but once those fireworks start up please keep them indoors.
Unfortunately the 4th of July is statistically the #1 day of the year that pets go missing so let them stay safely indoors, play them some music and provide them any of their known creature comforts. We want them to continue to enjoy the freedom they have in your hands. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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Griffin, one of our boarding dogs gets a hose down today. Next it’s pool time to keep him cool and having fun. Remember keep your dogs out of the heat today and keep them well hydrated. #cattledogmixesofinstagram #hosedown #summerfun #adoptadog #urbank9dogtraining #brooklyndogtraining

The next few days are going to be a HEATWAVE.
For your dog’s safety keep their walks short and compensate with interactive toys indoors.
Always bring a water source whether it’s a water bottle or ice cubes, and please be aware of these useful charts.
Most dogs, especially the brachiocephalic kind (short-snouted) cannot regulate heat as well as we can as they do not sweat the same way.
Safety first!

Pepper takes a break after a training session. Pepper is deaf and a current board and train student. She is learning her obedience skills with hand signals. She is doing amazing and we are all so proud of her. She came in a little over 2 weeks ago and is excelling. She is truly one of the sweetest dogs we’ve seen. She is ready to cuddle with everyone. We love her! #deafdogsofinstagram #deafdogtraining #badassbrooklynanimalrescue #adoptadog #urbank9dogtraining #brooklyndogtraining

Bandit, is a Sheepadoodle and is 18 weeks old. He is our current puppy board and train student. He’s here for the week while his family is away on vacation. He’s learning basic puppy fundamentals, such as walking on a leash, sit, place, down, leave it, drop it and come. He’s also getting a chance to socialize with other dogs and puppies while he’s here. #sheepadoodle #sheepadoodlesofinstagram #puppytraining #urbank9dogtraining #trainyourpuppy #brooklyndogtraining

Congratulations to the Reliable Recall class in Prospect Park. Everyone improved so much and I think the dogs and humans had a lot of fun too. Recall or come when called is one of the most important behaviors we can teach our dogs. It allows them to have more freedom and allows us to enjoy them more. It takes time and patience but we think it’s worth it. Please check back for our next class. #reliablerecall #prospectpark #brooklyndogtraining #urbank9dogtraining #comewhencalled #springinthepark

Looking to be able to play fetch like this?
Join our next recall class beginning Saturday, June 9th at 10am in Prospect Park and learn the foundation of a great recall!
Recall is a necessary and vital command with your dog so they can have more freedom, and you may find more trust in them.
The link to sign up is in our bio!
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Felicia would like everyone to have fun this MDW, but more importantly to keep Canine safety in mind!

When bringing your dog or puppy into a crowd keep mind to: - keep them well hydrated - avoid bbq table scraps, especially anything with bones - make sure they feel secure in their new setting. Practicing stays can help calm them. Use a good down-stay at a picnic! - have fun, but also let them rest. Lack of sleep in dogs can lead to irritability in crowds - HAVE FUN!

#caninesafety #dogsafety #mdw2018 #mdwdogs #mdwpuppy #sitstay #mixedbreedsofinstagram #adoptdontshop

Today marks the first day of day school for Benny (right) and Zebb!

Despite these two NOT being litter mates they display a common codependency found in genetic siblings. This sort of emotional reliance makes it difficult for these brothers to even stand on the opposite side of a baby gate without barking - despite the gate allowing them to completely see each other.
We started off promoting calmness near that gate and some separate moments in the apartment.
Once basics are achieved separately, they will begin to practice the “place” command side-by-side where they will work on impulse control and healthy independence.
We’re looking forward to changing their lives for the calmer!
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9 week old Siri learned to pee on grass at his breeders home in upstate, NY. Coming to the city was very different for him and he was having trouble finding a place to eliminate. His dad installed some sod outside in their tree pit and voila...pee and poop! Now little Siri is happy and so are his parents. #labradorretriever #puppytraining #nycdogtraining #brooklyndogtraining #housebreaking #tipsforhousebreaking #blacklabpuppy #peepoopoutside

Blue-eyed Monty welcomes you into learning door manners!

Impulse control near doorways is such an important element of training your dog.
Despite living in apartment buildings with hallways you may move one day, and preparing now is key so that your dog knows that it cannot run out an open door under any circumstances.
Monty shows this nicely as he practices a down-stay with the door wide open, smile and all!
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Join us for our brand new walking class in Prospect Park!

This class will work on helping you improve your handling with your dog, and knowing when to use which training tool. We will also aim to improve your dog’s skills around people, critters and the unpredictability of life in Brooklyn.
There are only 4 spots left so click the link in our profile to join now!
#urbank9dogtraining #advancedobedience #looseleashwalking #calmunderpressure

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