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Handcrafted bags by Tempy  Designing, printing + making sustainable vegan bags + accessories 🌿 Inspired by nature πŸƒSlow living in the city. πŸ“ Brussels

Oooh it's been too long! It's amazing how addicted we can get to Instagram then with a few weeks off can find it hard to get back into it again. I miss the chat mostly but have been feeling very restless and like I need to clean everything so have not prioritised creative work at all. This is a half moon belt bag I made as a special order a little while ago - made with Pinatex pineapple leather alternative with a vintage gold surface that is unique to my bags ;-) hmm well maybe I'd quite like to get back to making now I think of it πŸ’› #7monthspregnant

Strange foggy light today and a definate feeling of autumn coming. Honestly I'm happy about it because the heat has been too much this year- let's hope it's not a new weather trend #globalwarming :-( Today we had a last trip to a beautiful wild beach and it was so nice even in this non-beach weather- see it in my stories! Oh and later I'll show some more avocado dyeing I just did. Hope you are all having a lovely relaxing weekend even just finding peace for a half hour! πŸŒΌπŸƒ

I finally made myself a work apron! Not for cooking but for sewing and printing to save my clothes. It started with some unbleached organic cotton and I dyed it with avocado stones then printed a birds egg pattern on the extra large pocket. I dont know how many people wear aprons these days but I'm looking forward to putting this to good use 😊

I've been thinking a lot about the idea of slow living and what it really means. Being in the remote countryside means nothing happens fast yet my brain is still going about a hundred miles an hour which I don't seem to notice at home. Still I am taking things at a snail's pace and trying to absorb it all: picking wild flowers, reading, sewing for fun. Hope you enjoy your weekend whatever little moments you can grab too β™‘

In the last few days I've packed my bags and arrived in Ireland... a very foggy and wet Ireland. Quite a big change from sweltering Brussels! But I'm keeping busy with rummaging through my mum's pile of fabric scraps to see what I can make for fun. If we manage to get out the our door I'll share some nice Atlantic ocean photos in my stories ;-)
Here are some of my designs that I'm currently using -> gold Pinatex card holder for headphones, avocado and gold foil stripe passport cover, Pinatex everything pouch for notebook and pens and an organic cotton pouch for keeping handbag bits together. Got to have one of everything for quality control right?? 😁

This calm picture totally belies the reality of now. I'm packing up to visit family in Ireland tomorrow, wrapping the last few orders to have sent off asap, everything is complete mess and the kids are going nuts. *tired sigh*. This is my recent plant dye lot done with avocado stones, onion skins and mixed onion skin/tumeric. Made them into tea towels I'm feeling pleased to have some hand made gifts to give family this time instead of airport chocolate! πŸ™Š

I'm in love with these plant dyed organic cotton pieces, these summer sorbet colours are made from normal kitchen finds would you believe! These are tests awaiting prints so we'll see if anything new happens. .
In other news an email should be coming to those who have signed up telling you about some clearance items and a flash sale... I only do it once a year so watch out! πŸ‘€

A surprising amount of you wanted to see the person behind the mysterious Grey Whale so this is me, never happier than when my nose is stuck in some creative activity. It's always something: gathering little nature treasures, reading books on slow thoughtful creativity, drawing and thinking what to screen print next, hovering over a plant dye pot or a dinner pot! .
So what do you guys love to get your noses stuck into best of all?? πŸ€—

A new thing! They are my absolute favourite things to make and I find it hard to not flit from one thing to another always trying something new. πŸ™ˆ But here is a very earth kind fold over clutch or XL pouch - as you like :-) Made with eco dyed organic cotton, hand printed with water based ink and given a bottom of pineapple leaf 'Pinatex'. .
These are really limited so to grab one in my sale in a few days be on my Email list!! Just follow the link. Ok then go back and enjoy your lovely summer's day xx

I was trying to stay away from the grid for a few days but just had to join in with #whpflowerpower (Oh @Instagram how can I stay mad at you?) Anyway one of my favourite activities aside from drinking tea is rummaging through my flowers pots in the evenings + snipping off dead flowers. It's very grounding to watch new buds burst open soon after and the cycle starts all over again 🌸🌸🌸

Some time off the busy production line has given me the chance to rethink what I really want from this making business.Β  It's not just 'bags' and it's easy to forget that when there are so many to get through.Β  It's about respecting the environment and savouring the things we fill our lives with, knowing where things come from and who made them.Β  Reducing the clutter of meaningless stuff to the things we love.Β  Taking the time to see the little things β™‘
I've opened up a space in stories today for people to ask me anything and there have been a few fun questions already- hope you enjoy reading + don't be shy!

After yesterday's photo of a different kind I decided to scout around outside a little for some new ideas while doing a neighbourhood trash clean up. (It looks much better now thank you :-) Not sure how much I want to be in my own pictures but it might be good to try instead of getting this tree branch to model for me 😁
This is my newest bag, the roundy crossbody in Pinatex rustic gold. It's a finish I applied myself so nobody else has it ;-) I'll have some made to order in the next shop update - let me know if you want one as production is limited these days!

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