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Urban Coffee Roaster  TST🍳📍7, Bristol Avenue, TST 📞 2363 3661 C-DOU 🥑 📍4, Pound Lane, SW 📞 9085 6548 WM☕📍135, Lai Chi Kok Road, PE 📞 9157 4859

Cold Brew Coffee is the perfect drink to get you through the summer, and can be made easily with our Coffee Bag! ❄️ ❄️ ❄️
1. Place our Coffee Bag in a cup and add 150-180ML water
2. Let it chill in the fridge overnight

Viola! This is exactly what you need to make your morning even better.
1. 將我們的咖啡包放進杯裏,加入150-180毫升熱水


Order our Coffee Bags online now 即按以下網址訂購吧: http://ucr.hk/products/drip-bags-set/coffee-bags-set

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Calling all coffee lovers! ♥️☕️ Please join us from 23-24 June as we welcome Michael, the founder of @Freshness_Coffee to be our guest barista at our @wmhostel location! Michael will host some sharing sessions talking about the beans we bought from @flavorbazaar2017 in Taipei (including geishas). Be sure to drop by between 2-6PM on those days and say hi!

咖啡迷注意!📣 Freshness Coffee 的創辦人Michael 將於 23-24/6 2-6PM 來到我們荔枝角道的分店當客席咖啡師,分享我們從台灣Flavor Bazaar 🇹🇼 帶回來的多種咖啡豆,當中還包括各種藝伎!
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Some precious father and son moments at the shop to remind you to give thanks to all your dad!
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With Father’s Day just around the corner, there’s just enough time to get in those last-minute Father’s Day gifts! Swing by our locations to get our Coffee Cup & Coffee Bag Set HK$198, ideal for work, travel, and everyday use. 💯 🎁
還有不到3天就是父親節啦,要買禮物的就要加快腳步囉!我們的環保咖啡杯和咖啡包套裝 HK$198 任何時候都適用,有型又好看,爸爸一定喜歡!(即日起到6月17日所有分店有售。)
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Become a coffee guru 👑 with these simple steps that will help you make better coffee than you ever imagined in 5️⃣ mins.
1. Place our Coffee Bag in a cup and add 150-180ML hot water
2. Steep for 4️⃣ minutes
Viola! A perfect cup of joe, right at home, or anywhere you want. 💯 ☕️

1. 將我們的咖啡包放進杯裏,加入150-180毫升熱水



Order our Coffee Bags online now 即按以下網址訂購吧: http://ucr.hk/products/drip-bags-set/coffee-bags-set

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【 Sunday Coffee Sharing Session 星期日咖啡分享會 ☕️ 】
Hi folks! Missed out on Flavor Bazaar in Taipei last weekend? No worries! You can still get a chance to taste the incredible coffee from local roasters this coming Sunday!

Every other Sunday starting from this week onwards, we’ll host a Coffee Sharing Session for public at our Wontonmeen location from 10am - 12pm. This week, we’re featuring the beans we got from Taiwan 🇹🇼 and will do a little sharing session. The entrance fee is HK$50 for one but redeemable for buying coffee beans afterwards. Sign up on below link to save a spot now!
哈囉!上星期錯過了台灣Flavor Bazaar 飲食美學市集的人有福了!我們從台灣帶了大量台灣當地烘焙的咖啡豆分享給大家!☕️🇹🇼 為了讓大家可以多接觸不同種類的咖啡,我們 Wontonmeen 的分店由這個星期開始每隔星期日 10am - 12pm 將會舉行咖啡分享會,第一場是台灣專場!登記費為每人港幣$50正,登記費之後還可用作補貼買咖啡豆的費用喔!有興趣的朋友請即在以下網址登記!


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Father’s Day is coming up soon, and we have unique gifts for dad you’re not likely to find elsewhere. 🎁 ❤️

1. Coffee Cup & Coffee Bag Set 環保咖啡杯和咖啡包套裝 HK$198
2. T-shirt & Tote Bag Gift Set UCR T恤和環保袋套裝 HK$228
3. 6-month Coffee Subscription 六個月咖啡訂閱計劃 HK$698 (6 boxes in total) / HK$1298 (12 boxes in total)
All gift sets are available now at all locations until 17 June. Head to our shops now to shop!
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And that’s a wrap! It’s been an incredible two months at @iwcwatches pop up and we wanna thank everyone who’ve visited and supported us, and kudos to all the support and help from the lovely IWC team! 🙌It’s sad to say goodbye but there’re all kinds of cool and great things to look forward to in these couple of months! Hint: you might see us in Causeway Bay again soon! 😉
我們跟 IWC Schaffhausen 合作的期間限定店終於都結束了。兩個月說長不長,說短不短,感謝來過的客人們和一直支持我們的朋友!敬期待我們下一個計劃吧!
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Last day at our pop up with @IWCWatches at @HKFashionWalk 👋👋👋 Doors are open until 8PM 🕣, don’t let the weekend go by without a good dose of coffee!
今天是我們跟 IWC Schaffhausen 合作的期間限定店的最後一天啦!營業時間到晚上8點,大家要把握機會來喝杯咖啡逛一下展覽室喔!
#IWC150 #IWCWatches #FashionWalk #CausewayBay #Popup #CoffeePopUp #HKCoffeeShop #UrbanCoffeeRoaster

Hello friends from Taiwan! 🇹🇼 We’re here all weekend for @flavorbazaar2017 at Huashan 1914 Creative Park, offering hand-pour coffee and selling our merchandises, like Reusable Coffee Cup and new tees, drop by and say hi! 👋👋👋
台灣的朋友好!🇹🇼 我們這個週末一連兩天都在台北華山1914文化創意產業園區的「Flavor Bazaar 飲食美學市集」擺攤!除了手沖咖啡,還有一系列 UCR 周邊商品供大家購買,包括自家烘焙的咖啡豆、環保咖啡杯和新的 T-shirt。明天是最後一天了,大家一定要來逛逛喔!🙌
#飲食美學市集 #北歐森林風格野餐 #FlavorBazaar #Coffee #HKCoffeeshop #HandPourCoffee #CoffeeBeans #CoffeeFestival #WeekendFun #WeekendMarket #Taipei #UrbanCoffeeRoaster

New tees alert! 💥💥💥 We just stocked up on army green and off white colour-ways of our t-shirt, and they are perfect for the summer ahead. Come get one when you visit our store! 👕👕👕
我們新的 T-shirt 到貨了!新顏色分別有軍綠色和米白色,快到我們的店試試看吧,夏天必備喔!
Available at Flavor Bazaar in Taipei
#NewMerchandise #SummerCollection #Tshirt #WeekendMarket #Taipei #UrbanCoffeeRoaster

Guys, single-use plastic is a serious problem and we need to make a change. The easiest solution? Buy a reusable cup and take it with you on all your caffeine missions. Our latest product is a beautifully designed and pleasingly minimalist Reusable Coffee Cup with a well-designed lid and comes in two colours (black/beige). Help save the environment – and money (get HK$3 off when you bring your own cup) – with our functional, reliable cup starting today !

Available at Flavor Bazaar in Taipei
#ReusableCoffeeCup #GoCupHK #EnvironmentalFriendly #UrbanCoffeeRoaster

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