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Urbana Chappa Lawrence  Celebrity stylist/designer founder/owner of Maison deUrbana and Maison de Mini kids clothing brand.Brand ambassador for kids clothing lines 😘

A great visit from my girls !!!TEXAS!! Repping AC Jones in my @adidas track suit!!Supporting @natashahuntlee on her amazing sweatsuit line#mommyof4#fashion#stylist#texasgirl#

Revealing your TRUTH allows you to love and be loved the way YOU DESERVE!#inspiration #love#urbanaisms#relationships#instadaily#instamood#godisgood#godsplan#newyou#selflove#selfcare#

Inspiration of the day : No matter what your going through, you can only go up from here ;))Leave the baggage behind you so the weight is lifted and you are able to FLY! Own your power and never be like anyone else! There are too many people who don’t know how to have their own identity!#lifteachotherup#empowerment#womenstopcompetingwitheachother#theonlycompetitionisyourself#stopbelittlingothers#teachwhatyoupreach#love#lookoutsidethebox#instadaily#insatamood#instagram#legendary#

The color yellow brings joy, happiness and hope to life. Yellow builds confidence, professes optimism and communicates identity.#thecoloroflife#yellow#color#inspiration#colorwheel#

Today marks 11 years since my mother’s passing. It never gets easier. Wishing you were here seeing every moment of our lives.Miss you soo much mom!! I see you smiling at our babies everyday !!#losingaparentishard#thankfulformyfamily#gaurdianangel#momo

Happiest birthday to @ashneverett. This woman is my brothers best friend who came to visit last year and it was our first time meeting.My husband was about to go on tour and I needed Somone to come live with me to to help with the kids,so I’m not alone at night.So I told her “you should move to la” little did I know she had been wanting to make that move from a small town in Texas.Not only did she make me feel safe, she helped take a lot off my shoulders so I wouldn’t be stressed. She gave up her life for us this past year so I could have one and travel.Thank you Ash for helping us through this ride! We love and appreciate you !! I know you want to have your own space soon but not sure how we are gonna let you leave our house !! Everyone wish @ashneverett a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎈🎊🎁 #friendswhobecomefamily#

I have been waiting to post about this because as a mother I had to marinate with this situation. I can’t ever imagine losing a child and then losing a child to a senseless act on top that?I can remember growing up in the projects vividly, not once ever being afraid for my life, we could sleep with our windows open and us kids could hang out by the creek and not have our families wonder if we were ok. Today we live in a world of feAr and what ifs . What if I go to a movie theater and get shot , what if I send my kids to school and I never see them again ,what if I’m at stop light and someone kills me for mistaken identity? When does it stop? The racism that is a constant issue for ALL RACES , genders, interracial couples etc.The gun violence that well this time was by knives and machetes:( I pray for this family, especially this brave, courageous, strong mother who has to endure something that could have been prevented on so many levels. So I want to leave with this, this world already has so much hate and division ,the last thing we SHOULD ever need to worry about is petty shit that doesn’t even compare to the real WORLD ISSUES WE HAVE HERE. I am so thankful for my family! My kids who are healthy , happy and safe.Husband who has shown me that miracles can happen if you believe in them. And to our friends who have never judged but love unconditionally. I’m super blessed I’m able to hug my kids every night and look at them and see who they are becoming because of us and regardless of what’s happening in the world!Thank your lucky stars,be grateful and humble always because as you can see life is too short to live in regret and hate for others. #worldpeace#justiceforjunior#motherlove#family#toANYONEwhohatesmeILOVEYOUMORE❤️❤️

☔️ PURPLE RAIN! #purplehair#💜💜💜

Waking up to another suicide is so heart breaking and I needed to post this. Depression is no joke! I have suffered from it and so many people in this world but unfortunately so many are afraid to speak about it . Depression doesn’t go away and sometimes when shit hits the fan it can get you at your most vulnerable place and then you don’t even think twice of taking your life. I also have had people close to me, family members who have committed suicide as young as 16. Being a parent is hard! Parents talk to your kids, let them express themselves , never judge, be patient and have sympathy and get them help.Depression doesn’t care about how successful you are or how rich you are , it can take you down at anytime. Depression is a disease like addiction, cancer and diabetes, it has to be treated. And lastly I’ll say this social media alone is a platform for so many great things however it also gives people courage to hide behind profiles and come at people. Some of my friends who are celebrities get hate so bad , me and my friends get it and it’s not ok. We too are human and it can affect anyone.People reach a breaking point and are your words that important to say ,to take someone’s life ? Never ! You should never judge Some one EVER and if you have never been through what they been through , try to be supportive instead of judgement. A person who is hurting and broken inside can only take so much and really what they need is real honest love , genuine support and awareness. Rip to anyone out there who has taken their lives! God bless your soul and to anyone thinking about it know that this isn’t the only way out ! Reach out to Some one. YOU ARE STRONG,LOVED,BEAUTIFUL AND SUPPORTED!Im honored to have met @kevinhinesstory and hear his unbelievable story of his suicide attempt and constant battle with depression.Looking forward to speaking on panels with you Kev. If you or anyone you know are struggling go to suicide.org or call18002738255#suicideprevention#talktosomeone#gonetoosoon#katespade#anthonybourdain#loveoneanother#letsunite#youneverknowwhatsomeoneisbattling#depression#

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