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My friends' cosplay group @noideaink is doing a giveaway to celebrate reaching 1000 followers! These guys are so fun and talented and I'm so thankful to have them all as friends. Be sure to go check them out and show some love! They have a YouTube channel as well!
#noideaink1000 #shoutout #giveaway #friends .
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Wow, oh wow!
Thank you so much to everyone who has given us a follow on Instagram to help us reach 1,000 followers! Our YouTube page recently surpassed 500 subscribers and we are so stoked from all the support! ❤️
How about a little giveaway to show our appreciation? Rules below!
We decided to add a few little things to this one besides just a wig, check out the prize list for details!
💡1st Place💡
-ONE wig from either ArdaWigs or EpicCosplay.
-THREE stickers of your choice from RedBubble.
-ONE Chibi drawing of your choice drawn by Tavaroo.
💡2nd Place💡
-TWO stickers of your choice from RedBubble.
-ONE Chibi drawing of your choice drawn by Tavaroo.
💡3rd Place💡
-ONE sticker of your choice from RedBubble.
-ONE Chibi drawing of your choice drawn by Tavaroo.
1. You must be following @noideaink to enter, it's a follower appreciation giveaway!
2. You must repost this picture to enter, and tag it #noideaink1000 so we can find your entry. (Bonus if you say something nice about us~)
3. Reposting the photo is one entry, and following @ramonatrumbona, @artemis_risen, and @simply_tavaroo count as three more entries.
(You must repost this photo first and foremost to be considered entered; following our personal instas are just bonus entries.)
4. Winner will be announced July 10th, 8pm PST.
5. If you win, you must be okay with sharing your name and address to have everything shipped to!
Thank you all so much, and good luck!
❤️ NoIdeaInk
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I'm super happy that Wig-Supplier is going to collaborate with me again!
This company is where I got both my wig and tracksuit for my Viktor cosplay! I did a full video review for them in my YouTube channel, and now you can expect more content about this great company in the future!
📷Photo cred: @offdutycos .
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Sorry I've been so AWOL lately, but I've been super busy with life and adult responsibilities (eew lol). Training for my new job has been super demanding but fun nonetheless, and I'm still working stuff out on the side about other things too. It's stressful and hectic af, but it'll all be worth it in the end!
Thanks to everyone who caught my live stream to keep me company and indulge my severe button up shirt phase that I'm going through xD
#outofcosplay #androgyny #androgynous #buttonupshirt #buttondownshirt #shorthair #update #lifeupdate

When walking downtown Portland looking for food yesterday at Pride, we found a spot that had some A+ lighting and literally everyone stopped for selfies at the same time. I had to capture the moment because I found it hilarious 😂
We got several passing comments along the lines of, "Yaaas, werk those selfies!"
#pride #portlandoregon #portlandpride #selfie #selfies #summer

Spent the day out driving and exploring the Portland pride festival! It was nice to get out in the fresh air and sunshine with friends 😁
Now I get to wake up at 5:30am tomorrow morning for work; yay adulthood?
#portlandoregon #pride #pridemonth #pridefestival #portlandpride #androgynous #androgyny #shorthair #summer

Contact lens review for @ttd_eye !
💵Coupon Code "uptown.cosplay" for $2 off!💵
✨Shop using this link:✨
"Magic Gray" lenses from the Dream series.
•Water content: 40%
•Thickness: 0.004mm
•Base curve: 8.6mm
•Diameter: 14.2mm
•Lifespan: 12 months
💙Color: 5/5
Light colors don't often show up on my dark brown eyes, but these gray lenses really pop! They're vibrant and stunning even from a distance, but not so opaque that they look ridiculously artificial. I wouldn't say they look natural exactly, but they make a statement and that's what I wanted.
💙Comfort: 5/5
The lenses are lightweight and flexible so you don't really feel them when you blink. Also, because of the opening in the center you don't see any halo of color when wearing them, which is a plus!
💙Enlargement: 5/5
There's definitely a noticeable difference in diameter between these lenses and your naked eye without them, but not so much that they look unreal or unsettling at all. It's just enough to make your eyes bright and stand out!
❤️Overall: 5/5
These are definitely one of my favorite lenses that I've tried from TTDeye ever! I love that the color is so visible even over my dark eyes, and they're so beautiful in the sunlight. I'm in love!
🔎These lenses are also available in prescriptions!

Huge thanks to TTDeye for sponsoring this review and sending me these lenses to try!!
#productreview #contactsreview #contactlenses #ttdeye #tyd_eye #grayeyes #graycontacts #greyeyes #greycontacts #silvereyes #silvercontacts

Tagged by @eethrennelf to do the in-and-out-of-cosplay challenge! I've done similar things before but not recently, so here it is!
If you wanna do it, consider yourself tagged 😁

#inandoutofcosplay #inandoutofcosplaychallenge #invsoutofcosplay #tag #challenge #dnangel #yurionice #yoi #miraculousladybug #miraculousladybugcosplay #yurionicecosplay #yoicosplay #dnangelcosplay

Who's excited for Season 2 of Miraculous Ladybug? 😻 It's been a long wait, but at least now we have another date of September/October 2017 to (hopefully) look forward to. I'm hoping with the new season will come lots of new twists that will give me more to work with for future Miraculous projects!
Enjoy this picture of me and my sister Eika from after our Miraculous panel at Sakura-Com 2017 in the meantime~

📷Photo taken by @kai.cosplay

#miraculousladybug #miraculoustalesofladybugandcatnoir #miraculousladybugcosplay #chatnoir #catnoir #chatnoircosplay #catnoircosplay #ladybugcosplay #sakuracon2017 #sakuracon #miraculousladybugpanel #soulsisterscosplay
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Life has been crazy lately and is probably going to stay crazy for a while, just in a different way. Summer break is almost here and I'll be starting work at my new full-time job soon, so that's exciting~ I'll have to work around everything to finish cosplays and such, but it'll happen! 💪🏻
Also, a huge thank you for the amazing support for the merchandise store! It's so cool seeing what items are people's favorites, and I'd love to see you guys wearing/using them! Feel free to post pictures!
#outofcosplay #update #shorthair #androgyny #androgynous #thankyou

My online merchandise store is officially live and operational! Link is in my bio and also down below!

I got so many requests for this that I couldn't say no, and I hope you guys like it! Here are some examples of the different designs, and each one is available in multiple colors. A link to the store is also in the description box of all my videos on YouTube.
Let me know what you think!

⬇️•⬇️•LINK IN MY BIO•⬇️•⬇️
#merch #merchandise #uptownmerch #announcement #update #psa #important #teespring

Got to hang out with the wonderful @ramonatrumbona earlier today! Grabbing coffee and wandering the mall together was a great opportunity to chat and catch up. I love Mona and I already can't wait to hang out with this fantastic human again 😁💖
#outofcosplay #ramonatrombona #friend #casual #hangout #gettogether

Surprise! 🌟 I'm going to be a guest of honor at KuroNekoCon! You guys have been asking me if I'm going and I've hinted at some special announcements, so here it is! I'll be hosting a couple new panels as well as guest-judging their Cosplay Contest, so please come find me and say hello if you can!!
I also want to say thank you to you all--of you guys hasn't asked for me so much and expressed so much excitement at seeing me at this con again, I may not have had this amazing opportunity. So it's all thanks to you! ❤️

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Guest Announcement!

Uptown is a cosplayer that has become renowned for their highly successful character panels and award-winning lip sync battle performances. They cosplay many popular characters such as Chat Noir from "Miraculous Ladybug" and Viktor Nikiforov from "Yuri!!! On Ice". To learn more, check out the guest page on our website.
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