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Didn’t miss out! 🍨☕️🙈 #semla

Throwback to the summer and this place 🌫

At Hilda’s place // @hildagrahnat ✨🌱🌿

Posting some miscellaneous pics - this one’s from January, when there was still snow here. 🦆❄️ Reminding myself that I have very little creative inspiration during the winter season, but I’m slowly starting to feel inspired again. 🙏🌚

If the daily average temperature here keeps raising and is above 0 degrees (Celsius) but below +10 for seven days ahead (counting from Friday this week) it’s “technically” spring. So next Friday we’ll have the answer. 🙏☀️🙌 I honestly can’t deal with the winter very well, but I really enjoy to long for spring time and so I google “The meteorological definition of spring”. 🌸


Friday! ✨🙌🏮📖

Two highlights in Gothenburg during January | February:

Seeing the camellias bloom inside The Palm Tree House 🌺
Gothenburg Film Festival - between January 25 to February 4 📽

One week ago I stood here, looking out at the peaceful sea and sunset. There was a beautiful and overwhelming response to my last post. Thank you (thank you!) for taking the time to read and comment. Since I haven’t written in a while I’m still in the process of sorting out my thoughts on ”what subject matter should be in what post” and so on. As the first week of January is moving towards an end I find myself shifting between different emotional states.
The transition from 2018 to 2019 was very emotional for me. Besides dealing with anxiety and facing the facts of a body exhausted from work, I made a few difficult decisions regarding my personal life last year. As the year was coming to an end I found myself contemplating about them a lot. Deep down I know that the decisions I made were the right ones but no big decisions seem to come without having to face, endure and reconcile with the plethora of mixed feelings connected to them. So that's what I’m doing now – enduring and reconciling. I have decided for this year that I should try to step on the brakes instead of running away from or rushing towards things. I’m not in a state of making big final decisions regarding my future life right now (but oh how I wish I was!) so this time is all about stepping down, enjoying a little more time off and, as the days become lighter, trying to engage in meaningful activities while longing for spring.

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