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Upside Down Podcast  Collaborative podcast with unscripted conversations on spirituality, culture & God's Upside Down Kingdom. 🌿 Fresh episodes twice a month. 🎧 on iTunes

The episode where we talk about it all: What does evangelical mean? Are you one? What does it mean to deconstruct your faith? How do you take the faith of your family of origin and make it your own? What keeps you tethered to Christianity? What practices keep you grounded in hope? How does Catholicism factor in? Who has helped us along in our journeys? What does it mean to reconstruct your faith? How do you stay hopeful? Is there room for suffering? What now?
Listen to us laugh and cry through these questions (in front of a live audience) in our latest episode.
Thanks, @theardisjay45, for the picture.

Co-host Lindsy is in Israel this week. Follow along with her photos + reflections over at @lightbreaksforth. Sometimes we need, to steal a phrase from @thebiblebinge, a “gentle rebuke” that we’re not the center of the universe.

This month and every month, we see you. We grieve with you. We love you.⠀

The print is by: @thejoyfulmorning @ashleeproffitt @lindsay_letters

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Our very own @shannonkevans is behind this year's @blessedisshe__ Advent prayer devotional/journal, Bearing Light.⠀

Bearing Light is beautifully written as Shannon walks us through the Magnificat, revealing the parts of ourselves in Mary’s own words, and helping us realize we are bringing the image of God into the world in our own unique and fruitful ways. The cover art is by the talented @beaheartdesign! To grab a copy, head over to Shannon's account!⠀

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Today, we are excited to share our first-ever live episode, recorded at the Upside Down Gathering on September 21. In this conversation, we dive into the tension between faith deconstruction and reconstruction, guided by professional counselor and friend of the podcast @aundikolber. Kayla Craig, Lindsy Wallace, and Shannon Evans open up about their own faith⠀
journeys in this special episode.⠀
In this episode, we tackle the questions:⠀
- What was your faith upbringing like? What have pivotal points been in your journey?⠀
- What has deconstruction of faith looked like for you? Why is reconstruction important?⠀
- What books, thoughts, or spiritual leaders have helped shape your faith?⠀
- Do you consider yourself an evangelical? and⠀
- How has your view of God changed?⠀

Join us as we share our honest experiences inside and outside of the church, reflecting on how⠀
our Christian faith has been shaped, molded, broken down, and built up on this long and winding journey with Jesus.⠀

Head to the link in our bio or wherever you listen to podcasts!⠀

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Worship is about decentering ourselves. // A word of wisdom @sandravanopstal shared with us in Chicago, and a good reflection for all of us as we spend our Sundays.

Remember these bags? They were made by Chantone in SE Asia in conjunction with our friends at @worthyforwear and held some #upsidedowngathering goodies. And we have one to share with you! We’re giving a full bag away in the October issue of Upside Down Low, our monthly newsletter for Patreon donors who help keep our podcast and community ad-free and free for everyone. 💛 The new Upside Down Low goes out tomorrow + is full of news giving us life, stories making us think, podcasts we’re listening to, books we’re reading, ways to support members in our community, and a recap from the Gathering. Check it out. ✉️

Saint Francis is the founder of the Franciscan religious order. He’s the patron saint of those who care for plants and animals. (Speaking of animals, this is @kayla_craig’s new pup, Olive.) His feast day is celebrated today, Oct. 4. 🍂⠀

Francis loved nature. He took long walks through the countryside and studied its plants and trees. Francis felt that all plants and animals were part of God’s kingdom. And of course, we are all about his peace prayer. Will you pray it with us today? ⠀

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:⠀
where there is hatred, let me sow love;⠀
where there is injury, pardon;⠀
where there is doubt, faith;⠀
where there is despair, hope;⠀
where there is darkness, light;⠀
where there is sadness, joy. ⠀

O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek⠀
to be consoled as to console,⠀
to be understood as to understand,⠀
to be loved as to love.⠀
For it is in giving that we receive, ⠀
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, ⠀
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.⠀

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“It’s not about finding the perfect adjective or metaphor, it’s about finding the courage to tell the truth. We need to be more courageous in our art, especially as people of faith.” // @micahbournes at the #upsidedowngathering
photo by @theardisjay45

We hope your Sunday is easy like iced tea. We also hope you've entered to win our new Upside Down necklace designed by our listeners and crafted by @wellscooperative. Head back one square ➡️✨

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>>Dance for the healing to come.<<
"It's very hard. It's an act of the will when you're lamenting to choose to dance for what God is making new but I tell myself, If I really believed He would do it, wouldn't I celebrate it now? If I really believed He was making all things new wouldn't I celebrate it?
Somehow it helps me to imagine it and that helps me to go back to what's broken in the world and to bring that vision with me and to tell others, 'Imagine if He's doing it! Let's live like it's true.'"
Did @uccmandy level anyone else with this on our latest episode? GEEZ.
We're excited to be back in your earbuds for season three! Taking summers off is a rhythm we're committed too but it's not so great for the iTunes ratings/algorithms/whatevers. If you haven't left us a review on iTunes before, could you take thirty seconds and do so now? There's a story saved above that shows you how courtesy of our social media maven @brynnlampert. TIA!!! 🖤

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