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Upside Down Podcast  Collaborative podcast with unscripted conversations on spirituality, culture & God's Upside Down Kingdom. 🌿 Fresh episodes twice a month. 🎧 on iTunes.

FLASH SALE: Get $20 off ALL two-day tickets with the code “flashsale” until Saturday at 9 p.m. - if you’ve been waiting to nab your tickets, now is a good time to grab a friend and join us in CHICAGO on September 21-22. Full speaker line-up and information in the link in our profile! #uptownchicago #flashsale #podcastlove #intentionalcommunity

In our special B Sides episode, Lindsy chats with Deborah Santana, the editor of @allthewomeninmyfamilysing, an anthology documenting the experiences of women of color at the dawn of the 21st century. Deborah is an author, business manager, and activist for peace + social justice. ⠀

Lindsy and Deborah discuss:⠀

- the book and where the title came from⠀

- the women who wrote the stories⠀

- what is it about "story" that allows us to begin to understand lived experiences we ourselves have not experienced⠀

- What caucasian writers and readers do to support women writers of color⠀

Deborah is full of wisdom and insight that she lovingly shares with us in this special episode. So many takeaways here. (And, you’re gonna want this book. The essays are powerful and beautiful, and @AmericaFerrera wrote a pretty beautiful piece, too.) 💛⠀

Head to to listen. (Thank you for giving and keeping our podcast free + without advertisements. You know allow us to keep having important conversations!) #allthewomeninmyfamilysing #readdiversebooks #read4equality #womenpodcasters

GUYS. These adorable babies Lucie and Francis (and their mamas) just had an #upsidedowntribe meet-up, and we are HERE for it. Lucie even came all the way from across the pond!⠀

From @ginajune7: Sometimes the Internet is a horrible place that makes you want to stick pins in your eyes, but OTHER times it's a wonderful place that allows you to connect with friends with whom you wish you could chat all night long. Thanks for coming to see us @krugthethinker and hope to see you very soon! And thank you @upsidedownpodcast for connecting us!⠀

We’re so grateful for our community! If you’re looking for a safe space to process + explore God’s Kingdom in our ever-changing world, find us over at You might just make a few friends! 💛🌎 #bettertogether

We’re honored that @preemptivelove has linked arms with us to present The Upside Down Gathering this fall in Chicago. Our two-day event is for YOU, a place where you can learn as well as rest, connect as well as get quiet.⠀

Preemptive Love has generously offered to pay for Saturday lunch for EACH attendee. We’ll be ordering from a local Chicago cafe that acts as a socially-minded enterprise, and we’ll listen as @DianaOestreich shares about Preemptive Love, a coalition stretching across Iraq, Syria, the United States, and beyond, working together to unmake violence and create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.⠀

We’re so grateful to have an organization that we look up to so much believe in our small organization. We’re planning an entire retreat/conference in the margins of jobs, families, and ministry, and so far, we’re not making a dime on this event. Thanks to like-minded generous sponsors (more on that later!) we are still able to keep this event focused on art and culture and faith and justice, not on marketing and advertising and the whole idea of scarcity.⠀

So, all of that to say: 1: Preemptive Love is amazing, but you probably already knew that. 2: We’d really like it if you joined us on Sept. 21-22. Learn more about speakers and how to purchase your ticket in our profile link. ♥️ #loveanyway #preemptivelove #unmakeviolence #wilsonabbey #upsidedownkingdom #purchasewithpurpose #upsidedowntribe #uptownchicago #womenpodcasters #podcastlove

One way to think of the market ideology and the empire is that it produces alienation and loss of human vitality. The culture flows from the assumption that the accumulation of commodities will make us safe and happy. // Walter Brueggemann, An Other Kingdom: Departing the Consumer Culture

"Here's the thing, you weren't made to do it all. It's okay to have limitations. It's okay to recognize some things aren't for you. If we let them, limits can be a gift."
Words of wisdom from @aundikolber, guest co-host of our mental health episode. We are thrilled to have Aundi among our speakers at the Upside Down Gathering in September!
#upsidedowntribe #upsidedowngathering #wednesdaywisdom #christianpodcast 📷: @aundikolber

Sixteen days underground and counting. Food is scarce, oxygen is low, and the waters are rising. Miraculously, divers are guiding them out, one by one.
As I watch the news coverage and pray for the boys and their rescuers, the thought strikes me: how easy it is to become trapped by fear, by indecision, by the lies of the world, by forgetting who we are and to Whom we belong. It can feel like the darkness is insurmountable. Sometimes we are too weak or weary to get out on our own. It can feel like we'll never find a way to get out of the cave.
Those are the moments when we need brave friends who are willing to dive into the cave, to sit with us in the dark, to guide us back into the Light. They remind us of the Way out of darkness, the Truth of who we are, and the Life we have as beloved children of God.
[Side note: this photo is from @brynnlampert’s 2016 trip to Puerto Rico, not from Thailand]

Volume 5 of the Upside Down Low goes out tomorrow! Each month we include a special discount code for our $5+ Patrons and for July we're excited to offer you 20% off @elikiacollective! (Those pillows! 😍😍😍) Become a Patron today to get this great deal, along with curated best of the internet links, our fav podcasts, exclusive Upside Down Gathering info (+ input!), and a fun giveaway straight into your inbox every month. Link in our profile. 🖤

Men of the Upside Down Kingdom, YOU are formally and personally invited to the Upside Down Gathering this September. We've heard a rumor that you think this is a women's gathering; it's not. It's for you and it's for us and it's for anyone who needs a little encouragement in following Jesus here and now, in our places and in these moments. We do hope you'll join us. (Deets in our profile.) The Upside Down Kingdom needs men willing to lock arms with us.
(Ladies, help us dispel this myth and share with the men in your life? Maybe tag a guy who might be interested in the Gathering ⬇️)

"I love America more than any other country in the world and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually." - James Baldwin

If you’re a financial supporter, have you listened to July’s bonus episode with @ashleegadd about creativity + faith? We’ll be dropping a new July episode and August episode, too. Grateful from all we learn from makers and creators in God’s Kingdom. #wordscanwarmtheworld

Thank you,, for this piece. 💛 #familiesbelongtogether

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