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Holly Fiske  I'm a MOM. Stuff on the side: Writer & Movement Teacher The Book of Handstands Small Business Owner @umstuff upsidedownmama.com SHOP NOW ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Because there's nothing but laughs when you're hanging out with a couple beautiful souls you can call your best friends out of all the people on the planet you've met so far @jessjo.7 @yogitales . And like I was discussing with another beautiful soul yesterday ( @bridgylovesu ), it doesn't have to be perfect all the time. We don't need to feel guilty if we don't always shine our perfect persona. I prefer the real, be it gritty, be it rugged, be it emotional, be it awkward, be it hilarious, be it nothing but love. Just be it real. One real face to face or voice to voice conversation a day. Something deeper than surface and edgier than comfortable. We interact with our exterior most of the time. I think we need to let ourselves off the hook and allow ourselves to be raw. It's a great goal to have, at least once a day.
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Finally felt like I got a somewhat normal practice in today after a pretty crazy few weeks. Felt good to hit my mat. I'm off to watch the Seahawks game! Go hawks!
PS: Today is the FINAL DAY to take 25% off all upside down ebooks and the print: The Book of Handstands.
Code: Handstand
*link in bio OR
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Upside Down Workshop 1/3 begins today at iLaYoga.com in Wenatchee, WA. See you guys at 1pm! In correspondence, enjoy 25% off all upside down ebooks and the print: The Book of Handstands, through tomorrow. Follow link in bio for all the things. See you on the flip(ped upside down) side😜🤓🤸🏽‍♀️. Celebrate at @yodelinbroth in Leavenworth, WA afterwards?! PC @alder.photography
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We have moments. Lots of little moments and some big ones too. We have moments we anticipate and moments that keep passing us by. Moments build excitement, anticipation and even anxiety. And as they pass bring relief, nostalgia or regret. These moments feel out of control but really are what we make of them. Take control of your moments. Make the most of your moments. They are fleeting. Don't imagine the worst moment or it may be. Imagine the best moment and make it so. Mold your moments.

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Messing around with a shorter setup on the trapeze stand. Wrapping my head around what might be an early and harsh Winter and how to keep my sanity when indoors.
PS: all handstand ebooks and the print version of The Book of Handstands are 25% off through Sunday with code: HANDSTAND. This coincides with the workshop I'll be teaching tomorrow in Wenatchee, WA. Follow link in bio for all the things.
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It's handstand week (shocking right?😉)! Teaching a workshop on Saturday and all the handstand books are on sale through Sunday with code: HANDSTAND. Find the workshop and goods by following the link in my bio or go to upsidedownmama.com. Still pretty jet lagged from the long travel home from Spain. Movie and popcorn night with my minis. Throwing it back a few days to handstands in Barcelona.
Thank you for the photo @yogabodyfitness ❤️
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🤸🏽‍♀️25% off all handstand and upside down ebooks as well as the print: The Book of Handstands
🤸🏽‍♀️Code: HANDSTAND
Ends Sunday!
🤸🏽‍♀️I am hosting a workshop this Saturday at iLa Yoga in Wenatchee, WA. You can go to the link in my bio on my @upsidedownmama page to reserve a spot.

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Only a few days away!!!
Upside Down Workshops
with Holly Fiske
iLa Yoga Studio • Wenatchee, WA • Link in Bio

Upside Down: Level 1
Saturday Sept 23rd
1pm - 3pm

Upside Down: Level 2
Saturday Oct 21st
1pm - 3pm
level one required

Upside Down: Level 3
Saturday Nov 18th
1pm - 3pm
level one and two required •Follow the link in my bio to reserve your spot.
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Home is where the heart is. I am many things. But being a mom is my everything. Happy to be home with my heart beats. ❤️

Snowtember? 🤔
I left two weeks ago when it was 100°F and now I'm driving home through a snowstorm. 🌞❄️
Washington State

So we had a bit of a lay over in Ireland and made the most out of it! 🍀 @jessjo.7 #homewardbound

Oh Spain. You made it into my heart. How do you say...until next time?
Thank you @yogabodyfitness @lucasrockwood
PC @jessjo.7

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