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Repost from my oldest friend. I am so touched by her words 😭😊♥️.
#Repost @annamariephotollc.mylife
You know her as @upsidedownmama, I know her as my fun loving friend Holly, a ball of energy, my life long sounding board, my reliable friend, and my teammate growing up. I don't even know where to begin. Well maybe I'll start with the beginning .... ☺️Holly and I met in elementary school, she was a little rascal to say the least, full of energy, full of life, always trying to oppose authority and break free of societal norms. One thing that's very normal about her is that she's always been there always been a great friend wheneever I needed her, maybe that's why she has such a strong grounding even though she's upside down she can be so still and so confident and something to rely on. And that's what I would say about Holly is that even though she does these crazy fantastic things with her body her mind (while still a little crazy in a good way), is a very grounded spirit and mind, truly a good person. I've seen her helping others in their lives, making a difference In helping women become content again in their bodies, and their minds, and in their spirits. Proving to the world that a women's strength is undefinable, has no limits, and it is beautiful.... so today we are two moms with little kiddos running around and we are still friends, in our 30s having fun living life and doing what we love.
if you learn anything from this mama when she's upside down or not take with you that nugget of living life to its fullest each and every day get outside, have fun and fill your life with beauty inside and out. Find the beauty in yourself and find the beauty in others.
Xoxo @upsidedownmama model
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That's a wrap! Too much fun filming in Seattle with one of Seattle's finest sticking her tongue out at me from the sidewalk😂👅. Awesome crew including PC: @paosanchez and @vidal_yoa
Thank you @omstarsofficial ! What an amazing experience, amazing group and amazing piece to this journey of life. Thank you for letting us play in your beautiful space @saltroomyoga ♥️

#Repost @omstarsofficial
We are filming some awesome new content today with @upsidedownmama today in Seattle! Holly's playful approach to yoga and also being a Mom on @instagram inspired us! We knew we had to have her on our platform to share her wealth of knowledge in a captivating and fun way for our subscribers. Her new plan will be out this summer! Any clue what it might focus on? 🙃

I'm going to miss my girl Luna! 12 week old Golden Retriever I've been kicking it with courtesy of @jessjo.7. Epic capture courtesy of @annamariephotollc.mylife ♥️♥️♥️ First day of filming for @omstarsofficial is a wrap! The crew was awesome and I was a nerd 🤓 😜.
Wearing @umstuff
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Getting weird at the Seattle Arboretum. 👽👽👽
Wearing @umstuff
Shot by @annamariephotollc.mylife

Pike Place Market! Too much fun today at our Pike Place shoot for @umstuff with the talent behind the lense @annamariephotollc.mylife and the gorgeous inside and out model @urfavorite ♥️ We all went to high school together and a couple of us made the right choice to go to WSU while the other went with UW 😜. Check out mystory to see behind the scenes at today's shoot!

Hey guys, I'm in Seattle! Here are a couple clips from yesterday's mystory as I road tripped over the mountains. I hit up @fitqueenirene 's liquid spine workshop yesterday and hung out with long time friend @jessjo.7 ♥️. Today I'm off to a shoot for @umstuff with Ms @annamariephotollc.mylife AND THEN I begin filming classes for @omstarsofficial 😅😱😬😁! In the video: @littleredsbakeryandespresso @pomegranatewood @mela_yoga_mama (responsible cleaners) and @kathrynbudig (podcast: free cookies 🍪)
Check mystory today to see our Seattle photo shoot! @umstuff @annamariephotollc.mylife

Alone Time

Alone is not silence or space
Alone is not an empty place
It is simply to succeed
In the suppression of need
The desire of want
The flirt and the flaunt.

Alone is leaving behind
Distractions that clutter the mind
That we readily fill
To elude what is real
A game that we play
To excite us by day.

Alone is an idea we ponder
But a place we are too scared to wander
It's a mountain we admire
Out the window by a fire
Protected from the storm
Comfortable and warm.

But will you ever know
What it's like if you don't go
Alone? - Me
I wrote this so long ago I can't even remember what was going on in my life. I don't know how old I was (I have many notebooks of writing) but I know it was well over a decade ago. #poetry #poetsofinstagram #poems

The hollowback...a perfect example of how much strength it takes to be vulnerable. It can literally take your breath away when you first expose your heart and leave your pelvis suspended accepting the pull of gravity. You'll teeter totter for awhile not quite willing to let go. But then you give in and find a drishti that goes far beyond, or rather within your gaze point. A gaze point whose importance has lessened as seeing is no longer believing but believing is seeing. So you have to truly feel this posture and it becomes not just a pose, but an experience. It is by far my favorite. ♥️♥️♥️
Wearing @umstuff

Nev said to me today, "Mama hold my hand so I can fly." She doesn't even know she's the one who gave ME wings.

My handstand journey started 3 months after she was born and as she learned to crawl, then walk, then run, I learned to balance, then float, then press.

Leggings by me: @umstuff -
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I will not be censored.
I will not be pulled by strings.
If I were to take everyone's advice on what to say or not say.
How to act or not act.
I would just sit here smiling.
But even too much smiling can be critiqued.
I cannot be you.
I want you to be you.
I may or may not believe in or stand for the things that you stand strong for.
You stand strong in your square.
I'll stand individually in mine.
If I leave a bad taste in your mouth.
Don't torture yourself.
Just unfollow.
You wouldn't be the first or last.
I will not be molded.
Not to gain followers.
Not to keep them.
I am unapologetically me.
No one else should be me.
That would be boring.
I don't want to follow me.
I want to explore differences.
There is only one requirement.
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One more for Mother's Day. This is what a 30 minute "yoga practice" looks like with kids. 😂 Mother's Day used to be a day I wished my mom was still alive. And don't get me wrong, I still do. But, today, I just felt lucky to be a mom and lucky to be amidst the years when my children adore spending time with me. These inseparable years are fleeting I know, so I will soak up all the snuggles, giggles and wiggles I can get. Today people say thank you and applaud you for doing the tough yet fulfilling job of motherhood, but I'm saying thank you to my littlest for all they have given me and for all they have added to my life. ♥️ #yogamom #fitfam #fitmom #fitmoms #strongmom #strongwomen #fitspo #yogalife #yogagram #fitnessmotivation #fitsporation #work#workoutmotivation #workingoutwithkids

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