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Holly Fiske  What do I do? I'm a MOM. Stuff on the side: Writer & Yoga Teacher The Book of Handstands Small Business Owner @umstuff ONE HUGE RAFFLE ⬇️⬇️⬇️

⭕️ #WonderWheelChallenge ⭕️
July 24th-31st
Join us for 8 days while we get acquainted with the @yogabodyfitness Wonder Wheel!
You do NOT need a wheel to play along in the challenge. But if you already have a wheel, great, let's get rolling!
Hosts(and posting rotation):
Sponsor: @YogaBodyFitness - gifting a Jumbo Wonder Wheel.
Day 1: rolling/wheel pose
Day 2: plow pose
Day 3: crow pose
Day 4: camel pose
Day 5: high lunge
Day 6: plank pose
Day 7: dolphin/pincha
Day 8: chin/cheststand
Please follow and tag sponsor to be eligible for prizes. Report this flyer to help us spread the word! 🙏❤️

Hey y'all! I feel compelled to tell you guys a few stories about myself today. I'm the youngest of three girls, my sisters are an extension of myself. We all grew up in the same log cabin my dad built from the trees on our property. Our extended family referred to us as the "mountain girls" because our dad (and mom when she was still alive) would take us backpacking since we were in diapers for weeks on end. We had horses at first but llamas for most of my upbringing. We trained them to backpack into the mountains. We had other animals too. Nothing makes you give up meat faster than having to butcher it as a child. My moms death was traumatic for me, I had to witness sudden death way too young without adults around. So, not only was I raised in the wild but wild grew within me. I've always been a runner (figuratively). I was emancipated at 17. I went to the border of the state for college. After college I crossed the ocean to Hawaii for a decade. I went to Ethiopia and became very sick. I was weaker and frailer than I'd ever been. When I came back I went for a surf. I pearled, the nose of my board broke on the reef and flung into the air. My leash whipped it down and shredded my leg. It came close to my femoral artery. I still have a lot of nerve damage in it. But I swore after that accident I was going to make myself strong as $&@%. Unbreakable. I'm terrible at being in groups, social anxiety. I'm terrible at communication. I'm out of service a lot and ironically not on my phone that much. I was raised on hand me downs and there was a time where I would staple my shoes together in between classes in Jr. High. My favorite place to hang out as a kid was high on a platform in a maple tree. I'd stare up at the leaves lying on my back and think it was the most beautiful view and how free I felt. I filled up numerous notebooks with poems and stories and songs up there. Writing was the only way I could appropriately express my emotions because I had to be strong. I stopped letting myself cry. The most important thing in the world to me has always been to become a mom. I love my past because I'm in love with my present. PC @annamariephotollc.mylife

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Morning spinal movements. Using the @yogaprowheel to access more bend in the upper back. *Win a wheel and a mat by @zenlife_by.gosaproject by following the link in my bio!!! ❤️

I don't know why it takes me so long to file my taxes🤔. Note to self: when you send your kids to clean their room and it takes 10x as long as it should and they seem to be playing more than cleaning...look in the mirror🤓. PS: Go look at my last post. Now.

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I felt it was totally appropriate to encourage this badass extreme athlete @jfplouffe to crow press on the paddle board. My neck is questioning my decision. Lol! Hopefully @redpaddleco will still sponsor us both😂😂😂! What about that roll out exit though?! Win a board! Win a board! Follow link in bio! PS I'm totally okay👌
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Every now and then I fall in, but it's usually when my feet are on the board, not when I'm on my hands😂. Win this board, swimsuit and paws! Time is running out to enter! Link in bio! @redpaddleco @yogapaws @dos_gardenias #supsidedownmama

My solid practice was about 1 hour yesterday. It was focused around back bending and 3/4 of it was like this first slide. The second slide was my peak transition I was building up to and I attempted it 3 times. And the third slide was some of my cool down with counter poses. My point is that you will see a lot of advanced postures featured on Instagram but I guarantee, just like me, that the advanced postures and transitions are only a small portion of the practice. The yoga wheel has been a game changer for my back bending. I use it every single day. @yogaprowheel is my favorite for its versatility. You can win one in my raffle! Follow link in bio! Other items you can win featured in this video: @zenlife_by.gosaproject mat
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❤️Mini and Mama #SupYoga ❤️
Who has entered the raffle?! You can win this @redpaddleco board😱😱😱! You can enter for as little as $2, and you get a free ebook for entering AND you support my little eco ethical one woman business. You can also win swimwear by @dos_gardenias like the one I'm wearing and sunglasses by @sunski 😎. Follow the link in my bio if you haven't already and enter to win all the things! So much more to win...go check it out! You have until the end of this month👍🏽.
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Moon Chakra Crop Bra is currently on PRESALE🎉
*small batch production
*limited quantities while supplies last
*blue sign certified
*made responsibly from recycled plastic
*tops are doubled layered fabric on the front
*made to be functional for fitness and inversions
*secure for up to C cup and some D. Additional support may be needed for larger. *presales can be exchanged but cannot be returned
Featuring artist @jessjo.7
Photography by @yodelinchef 🌘🌗🌖🌕🌔🌓🌒

When you have some time to kill while your face mask is drying. Super normal behavior by: muah, @yogitales and @jessjo.7 ❤️
Face Mask: @pomegranatewood
Legs: @umstuff
Tops: @dontmesswithganesh *follow link in bio to win all the things👍🏽

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