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UPS Dogs  Official Instagram for UPS Dogs. Send photos to: upsdogs@gmail.com


Feed Me!

Wally was totally all over the camera! Sabrina

This is Romeo! I call this the behind the back trust shot!
Falling Waters, WV
The Dawg

It just doesn’t get better than this! Who looks better? Me or him?😂

Our UPS man is so nice and such a great sport. This is a picture of our shop dog Jerry with our UPS man. He delivers packages to our shop ( Great Outdoor Provision Company in Greenville NC) and he is always so delightful and talkative. Jerry (@blind_jerry) is completely blind and was alittle apprehensive but after this picture he warmed right up to our UPS man.


... spoler alert, he's too fat to climb the stairs.
Thanks to our wonderful driver for braving the storm in Denver, CO!

These are awesome well cared for pups!
7 month Great Dane pup, Bruno
5 month old #ZebrazoodleKevin

Bert hanging out with Keir!❤️
Keir is a wonderful UPS Driver, battling the snow and cold on this blustery snowy day in Royal Oak MI


This is “Izzy” and I LUV UPS!
Tiburon, Ca
Marty McHale San Rafael Center.

I’m Mocha! Do you think I’m pretty?❤️

My husband is a UPS driver in East Tennessee. Our senior girl Jade gets so excited when he stops at home for lunch break and brings her a treat. She always wonders what other pups he's out petting and giving treats to all day long. She's a mess! Ashlyn

Reginald.... the awesome UPS man for the Moosehead Lake route and Bryn the Newfie! Bring treats today Reggie. Abby

So I make a delivery to this stop, and I come back to the truck, and there he is(1 treat goodbye pup)
The next stop which is 4 houses down, I pull up walk the package off, after making my delivery I turn around. 😀yes, there he is again.(treat two thank you sir). So I go down to the end of the lane, and turn around as I’m coming back through, yes he’s in the middle of the road, and won’t move. (3 treat pup) smartest dog ever!

UPS Captain Parker @officialsnowdog will make sure all your cookies get delivered on time in his 747.✈️

“A different kind of dog🙂”
Mark “Some of the pictures that are received are truly amazing!”

Hi I saw you have other post than just dogs.. I’m a crazy cat lady so when I find a loving cat I’m all over it. My helper videoed me 😂.

Young DUNCAN thanking the driver that delivers his goodies🐾🐾🐾🐾

Hi! We love our delivery man! Do you have ups doggie shirts? We would love one to match our friend!! Wilbur

My husband Eric Nocon is a UPS driver. Just before Thanksgiving a hungry feral kitten hopped up in his truck cuddly and desperate for food. She was underfed and all alone on an isolated rural route. Eric fed the kitten some of his work snacks, and the kitten never left his lap. We brought the little girl home, and named her Duchess. She’s been one of the most cuddly and loving animals we’ve ever met.

Well I’m gonna miss Angel, I’ve been giving her a bone everyday for the past 4years on this route, that’s a lot of bones. 😂. Moving on to another route, gonna miss her! Martinsburg, WV. The DawG

Senior dogs are the best! Very patient, knows I have something. ❤️❤️❤️ Martinsburg, WV

Abby @abby.pup loves hearing the UPS truck. The driver bought bacon treats for Abby!

Max ,Cooper,and Fletch. They are always happy to see me. They live on Golden "Retriever" Lantern in Dana Point, CA. Marlene

On his Saturday route a few weeks back a little girl told my hubs that Mr. Bigglesworth was in his truck. This is who he found in the truck. Not sure if that’s his real name but they met again this past Saturday and he got a pic and a couple of biscuits. Southern Chester County PA

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