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Louis giving up some love!🐾❤️. I walked back to the truck and the customer said, can I have my dog back? Sorry you haven’t heard of our new exchange service? We deliver a parcel, we take one with us! He he he!😝
Sean Dawgzilla McCarren
Falling Waters West Virginia

After a hot week everything got delivered I’m dog tired! @My_dawg_rue 2

Believe it or not this little guy Luke, jumped his little butt up in the truck, and wouldn’t leave until he got a treat!
Instead I kept him for the last 10 stops, they were all envelopes and he ran them off for me. Paid in treats! And a safe ride home!
Ok this didn’t happen!
Wild Wonderful West Virginia

When you don’t have a dog around to give a treat to you have these little guys are trying to treat them selves to the drivers lunch. Zephyrhills, FL

No tricks.
No games.
No bamboozlery.
All he has...and all he needs in order to achieve maximum biscuit that relentless, yearning, hypnotic gaze.
His eyes grasp at my heartstrings like steel claws, from which escape is impossible, resistance is futile, and refusal of biscuits is unthinkable.
His technique...which I refer to as the “Oliver Twist” from the hungry young boy asking for more food in the Charles Dickens novel... is amazing in its brutal simplicity, and impervious to all my attempts to defeat it.
The fee I must pay for passage is three biscuits. Not one, not two, but three. That fee is non negotiable and final. I have tried dropping a single biscuit on the floor in order to break his gaze, but his willpower is resolute and he ignores the biscuit and continues to maintain eye contact and hold me under his spell until such time as he hears the required three biscuits hit the floor.
Even the “thirdsies” trick is of no avail, for he sees right through the chicanery of breaking the biscuit into three pieces and he can easily distinguish the difference between the sound of an entire biscuit hitting the floor versus the sound made by a mere biscuit fragment.
Faced with such an overwhelmingly superior foe, I must give up my useless struggles, admit defeat, and pay the toll in full!
By Scott Hodges in Newberg, Oregon


Do these guys look happy? Best part of the job is making them happy when I deliver!

He’s all work no play!! @mr_flynnstagram

This is Brady, she loves tennis balls and the love she gets when I visit. -Taylor Shields, Bozrah, CT

Very politely waiting💕
Abingdon Oxfordshire England

What does the fox say? 😝Everyone gets treats! Peacehaven, England

Package security! Newport, Oregon❤

She loves being carried by the UPS man and snuggled up.💕
Louisville, Kentucky

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