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So the three months I was away and recovering from surgery must have seemed like forever to the poor, biscuit-deprived doggos of Newberg, Oregon who were eagerly awaiting my return and demanding to be fully and immediately compensated for the treats that were withheld in my absence.
At stop after stop I heard the same sad tale of woe. There had been an eternity of privation and famine. The miserly substitute driver had been cruelly stingy with the Milk Bones, handing out nothing but crumbs. He had skipped right over Triple Biscuit Thursdays, and even had the gall to completely disregard the Bonus Biscuit For Bleps rule. The horror was unspeakable!
Being the generous guy I am, I listened with a sympathetic ear to the cacophony of canine complainers and placated their incessant demands by declaring it to be Quadruple Biscuit Columbus Day. More importantly, however, I chose to conveniently overlook the fact that I was getting hustled by a pack of con artists whose lies were as obvious to me as the missing 10 boxes of Milk Bones that I had stocked the truck with the day before I left. Because if the substitute drivers didnt eat all those biscuits...who did? 🤔
By Scott Hodges


Before and after! ❤️👍🏼 Falling Waters, WV Sean Dawgzilla

New pup on route! Meet Tucker, from Hedgesville, WV. It took a couple seconds for him to get up that big step, success of course.

Sean Dawgzilla McCarren

Sport loves his UPS Driver in Belle Glade, Florida. He's almost completely deaf at 12 years old but still can hear the Moving Biscuit Box miles away.💕

They THINK they are dogs...💕Checking my truck for treats/food. Lyman, Wyoming.

Biscuitology 101: the Science of Canine Biscuit Extraction. Achieving maximum biscuit yield during the daily UPS pickup requires skill, patience and dedication, and Stella has become an absolute master of the trade.
As a UPS driver, I am on a tight deadline in order to make service on my customer’s packages. Maintaining a clear and unobstructed walk path in the back of the truck is a vital part of my job....a fact which Stella was well aware of and had learned to cleverly exploit to her advantage.
The key for Stella was skillful body positioning, as seen here. My customer had an entire pallet of boxes they were shipping out, which I had to load through the rear of the truck. Opening my back doors to accomplish this task revealed an obstacle—Stella—who had been eagerly waiting for that precise moment to use her big hairy body as a barrier that would defeat all attempts at egress on my part.
Faced with this insurmountable, interfering, four-legged impediment, I had no choice but to utilize the only tool at my disposal—a biscuit—to get her far enough out of the way so that I could do my job.
But was one biscuit enough? Not even close. Once I had loaded all of the packages from the pallet into the rear of the truck, I was preparing to leave when confronted with yet another canine complication. You see, UPS trucks have TWO doors, not one...a fact which Stella was well aware of and fully willing to exploit by simply moving around to the FRONT of the truck while I worked in in the back, in order that she might block that door also. Since UPS policy prohibits driving with the bulkhead door open as well as the carrying of unauthorized passengers—human OR canine—I was left with no alternative but to proffer up an additional two biscuits in order to finally eject her from my truck and be on my way!


So I met a new friend! Well I might need a few more visits before we are completely friends, but I’m liking what I’m seeing. We will call him Cujo for now until things get better. 😂🤣👍🏼#packagedelivered
Sean Dawgzilla McCarren
Falling Waters, WV

Eve, nothing but love!❤️

I’m a dog trainer and was working with my Doberman between lessons. Ran into your driver Chris and he was very nice and happy to meet Tigra! Thank you UPS for being pawsome! @jamietrainsdogs

One is waiting patiently, the other is just...goofy! Ha. Whatever it takes for a treat!💕
Crandall, Texas

This is a story that began with packages, biscuits, holiday cards and friendly hello’s that grew into a sweet friendship. Walter Carretero, has been delivering UPS packages and biscuits to our home for as long as I can remember. Of course, the frequency increased in recent years with older girls and more deliveries, and our golden retriever Rocky was definitely the happiest member of the house. Rocky would hear Walter’s truck, jump off the couch and run to the door. Walter would even give Rocky biscuits if he was delivering a package across the street or happened to see us on a walk in the neighborhood. It was always nice to see both of them smile when they greeted one another.
A few months ago just before his 9th birthday, Rocky was diagnosed with cancer and given only a few weeks to live. We were all heartbroken and doing our best to keep Rocky happy and healthy for as long as we could. Rocky was not eating well, but seemed to still love to see Walter and get a biscuit or two or three. When Walter learned that Rocky only liked his biscuits, he started coming by every day to give Rocky as many biscuits as he would eat. Walter would sit on the front lawn or steps, share in sprinkler time, and chat with us as he fed Rocky biscuits. It was a nice time of day for us all. As Rocky got sicker, even Walter’s magic biscuits were not appealing. I told Walter that I was cooking more for Rocky than I had for my husband in 20 years. The next day, Walter appeared not with biscuits, but with chicken and rice made by his wife. Rocky loved it and the next day Walter brought pasta and beef, followed by another chicken dish. One day, we face-timed with his wife so she could meet Rocky and we could thank her. In all of the years of offering Walter water or fruit or anything, I finally got him to take home a piece of blueberry cake for his wife!
I had known very little about Walter, just that he had a son of whom he was very proud, and he worked very hard to provide for his family. In the weeks of Rocky’s illness, I learned where he was born, all about his dreams for his son and his family’s future. Walter left for his family vacation and gave me and Rocky a big

Although this page is called “UPS Dogs”, I would be remiss in neglecting to share my encounters with some of the other four-legged customers who attempt to mooch yummies out of my truck.
Miss Porkchop is her name, and raiding my lunch box is her game. She is the official mascot and greeter of the Beaux Freres winery. While not a big fan of dog biscuits (especially the bacon-flavored ones) she is always more than happy to partake of the contents of my cooler, even bringing her squealing offspring to the door in order to elicit my sympathy and increase the yield of my offerings. Granola bars are currently her snack of choice, although she also enjoys apples, carrots, grapes, my sandwich, my pant legs, or pretty much anything else in the truck that is edible. Her gianormous appetite actually works to my advantage; getting a big stubborn pig out of the cab of the truck would be virtually impossible for me, but her rotund, snack-induced 400 lb. girth combined with her short, stubby legs make her incapable of reaching any higher than the bottom step, leaving me free to disengage from her gluttonous clutches and escape when needed!
By Scott Hodges in Newberg, Oregon.


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