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Since it’s Christmas 🎄 I decided to buy myself a gift 🎁got tired of tying my shoelaces #AlwaysInTheFuture #AlwaysAheadOfTheGame 🤫#MerryChristmas

I’m just a canvas hanging in the louvre but @frankcooker is the 🎨 you’d be hard pressed finding a better artist

I spent my afternoon talking the history of Roc-A-Fella lifestyle with these two legends @theroc96 & @djclarkkent 🤦🏽‍♂️mind blown....oh & we also shot for Nike 😂 what a day man, thank you god !

I never told @theroc96 this but the only posters i ever had on my wall were Roc-A-Fella posters. The only people i ever wanted to emulate were them 3 & Pharrell. Only god would’ve known that i would end up working under @vegas_jones at one point in my career . So when @theroc96 told me he had a gift for me i know he wasn’t aware of how special it would be to receive this box. Then he goes a step further and tell me he wants me to be a part of the day they release. Mind blown 🙏🏽 i said all that to say this, there’s no dream unreachable if you put the work in and be a man of your word. Thanks for the honor Biggs ! #Roc4Life 🙌🏾

This my “don’t even think about it” face...💪🏾 #MyBrothersKeeper 📸: @youknowmyface

@vegas_jones x @jerrylorenzo 🙏🏽 #444 👉🏽for details

Oy @Vegas_Jones Eu vou deixar você contar isso 🤷🏽‍♂️ @jerrylorenzo o medo de Deus 🙏🏽 #444

Too much drip 💧 @jumpman23

I don’t think @kingpush remembers but years back he told me “if you ready to do this shit i got you, you with me...but you can’t be 1 foot in 1 foot out with this shit, i ain’t got time for half ass’n” that shit sparked me & we been scorching ever since. We bout to go to BRAZIL 🇧🇷 to release a shoe & perform at a festival b, that’s crazy ! I couldn’t even travel last year & we boutta do Brazil & Dubai in 3 weeks. Thanks for giving me a spot b, promise you I’m always gonna turn up cuz i represent you 💪🏾

I normally don’t post opinions on here because if i feel strongly about something i chose to act. In this case there isn’t much i can do but support by shinning light. I travel ALOT & get mad love from airport staff who i have so much respect for. I recently chopped it up with workers at JFK while waiting for my bags.They told me that they work for a company called @primeflightaviation who isn’t treating them fairly. Low wages, bad working conditions & not enough support. I reached out to a few people to see how i can help & @32bjseiu was the answer. This union fights for these employees to get their just due. If you work at the airport & need help with your wages & work conditions reach out to @32bjseiu ! They got you 💪🏾

Just different...

Man @jeffstaple just blessed me ! That’s crazy to even type because only he and a few people know what i went through to get the first @staplepigeon #PigeonDunk 🙏🏽 honored my g ! Might go to storage and get the OG to wear alongside these

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