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Couture Criminal #TheHoodAnthonyBourdain

🤷🏽‍♂️ @5thphvse

Spoiler alert: I’ve worn all these items before...just not together 🤷🏽‍♂️

LAMB-orghini Mercy 🙏🏽 #TheHoodAnthonyBourdain shout out @chefralphtao

Yo @diorandjordans i don’t have too many regrets in life, but one is not jamming with you earlier. As men we don’t hold ourselves accountable as much and it’s imperative to admit when you was wrong, and I’ve never been wronger about something than with you. Toast to a legend born ages of ahead of his alumni of the floss, chairman of the cool board, Mr.DidEverythingBeforeYou ! I love you b, thanks for being the brother i never had 🙏🏽 Happy Bithday Lord @diorandjordans

Yo @mitchellness ! Thanks for letting me show them how to jump out the face... @chicagodonc is the 🐐period.

The #DaytonaTour isn’t a concert, it’s an experience ! Ask Boston 🤷🏽‍♂️🎥 @5thphvse @kingpush

My autobiography: Chapter 1 (whore)

My love & connection to Chicago is well documented...appreciate all the love that city has showed me and everything it did for me 🙏🏽 @kingpush #DaytonaTour @5thphvse next stop....Boston !

It’s finally out ! The much anticipated episode of @behindthesmoketv with my bro Shawn Pen 💨 link in stories and in bio

This what @kingpush & i spend 70% of our time on tour doing 👖👟👕 (the other 30% is looking for restaurants 😂) shout to @rsvpgallery 🙏🏽 @5thphvse

I don’t have to explain how selective i am with the media i chose to do. Just know that being on @behindthesmoketv was an honor and i can’t wait for y’all to hear it. Probably my most personal talk yet ! This Friday at 6PM

When ya fam FaceTime you from the penn & you in the club so u make the waitress show him love 😂 #FreeMyBrothers

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