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Ariana Grande Updates  ɹǝuǝʇǝǝʍs 26 days left.

caption this

@alexameadeart via Instagram

omg so ariana might actually restock the bundle if she signs the other 5000 posters on time !!!! 🙏🏼

The official God is a woman lush bath bomb !!!!
Currently being sent over to Ariana!
via @lush_jack

Ariana is currently signing the posters 😍
did you buy one?

The signed poster is now sold out!

Some fans were able to get the sweetener bundle for free! If you were one of those fans.. you will still be getting your bundle!
(as long as you redeem within 7 days)

THE SIGNED BUNDLE IS OUT !!!! shop.arianagrande.com !!!!!

Trusting her.
This album is going to be her most personal one yet and I’m so excited to listen to all her thoughts / feelings that she’s never expressed before !!!
Less than a month away 🙏🏼
p.s the songs she was talking about in her caption was goodnight n go, better off, pete, and r.e.m
via @sweetener

the tracklist in order !!!!
which track ended up being the one you claimed? 🤔


@arnold_daniel via Instagram

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