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Meet Elizabeth Baxa. When she stepped on stage at graduation this week, it was a moment that represented a decade-long journey filled with more obstacles than most of us could imagine.
In her early 20s, two years into her degree, Elizabeth suffered a brain haemorrhage. What followed was a gruelling road back to health, learning to walk, talk and write again – and returning to UOW to finish her studies.
Such incredible and inspiring work, Elizabeth! We hope you thoroughly enjoy your celebrations. 👏🎓👏🎓
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ConGRADulations to all our awesome grads this week! You’ve really done us proud. 👊🎓🙌🎓
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After three long years I finally got to wear a trencher! #uowalumni #thisisuow

Growing up with three disabled siblings in the small town of Ardlethan in rural NSW, Lachlan Auld’s sense of social justice was formed at an early age.
"The prejudices of a small country town were significant and soon resulted in bullying perpetrated against my siblings, and by extension, myself. I have since had a burning fire to act for those who are unable to fend for themselves," he says.
On Tuesday 17 April, Lachlan graduated with a Bachelor of Laws with 1st Class Honours and a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction. He was also awarded the University Medal for being the most outstanding law student in his year, assisted by the fact he attained the highest mark in the majority of his subjects. An exceptional achievement in itself, made even more remarkable when seen within the context of Lachlan’s life.
Congratulations, Lachlan! We're incredibly proud of you and all our graduates. 🎓👏🏅👊
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“Many marine animals rely on coral reefs for habitat and food. The big question is: ‘How long it will take for the reef to recover from ocean temperature rises?’.”
Ocean warming threatens the structure and function of coral reefs worldwide. There is no longer any doubt about the impacts of global warming in relation to our reefs. The cause of coral bleaching is well known to scientists.
Corals can put up with high temperature for a short amount of time, but if they are exposed to too high temperatures for too long, they bleach.
Once corals bleach they begin to starve. If the stress persists on the already bleached corals, they often die.
The loss of these corals resulting from the bleaching then affects the new reef-building corals. It’s these new coral constructions that serve as a nursery and shelter for dozens of fish species.
So what does this all mean for these fish and the other creatures that call the reef home? A team of researchers from UOW, Southern Cross University and The University of Technology Sydney are working at Lizard Island to find out.
Click on the link in our bio to read more.
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PSA: Keep your eyes peeled at our Wollongong campus... 👀 You might be lucky enough to spot these tiny little frogs!
Their Latin name is ‘Littoria fallax’, but they are more commonly known as the Eastern dwarf tree frog or Eastern sedge frog. 🐸🐸
Thanks @jessicasallyy for spotting these little guys!
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When was the last time you bought new clothes? Think about it: a wedding is coming up so you get a new dress for the occasion. Or there’s a party and you don’t have anything that will work. Or you just found a handful of T-shirts for only $5 each. At that price, who cares if you only wear them once?
We are slaves to fashion like never before. Australians, on average, buy 27 kilograms of clothing each year. And in the few minutes it will take you to read this, tonnes of clothing will be dumped into landfill.
Fast fashion – a term that refers to the speed with which designers churn out clothes and the speed with which we consume them – has become the beast that can’t be tamed. While fashion used to be defined by the seasons, clothes now move from catwalk to a store near you in a matter of weeks.
Elyse Stanes has just completed her PhD in the School of Geography and Sustainable Communities at UOW. She has spent the past four years investigating the environmental and ethical impacts of our clothing choices.
"Everything is faster now," Elyse says. "The average high street or chain stores brings out 12 seasons a year."
In this age of mass consumption, of mindless purchasing, what impact does fast fashion have on the world? And why should you care?
Check out the link in our bio for more.
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Those autumn evening feels... ⬆️😍🙌🤩
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Having resisted the "starving artist" stereotype, Misha Harrison is successfully making a living from her creative endeavours.
Like a scene out of MasterChef, Misha uses a cocktail of different coloured ingredients to make her resin art, measuring out precise amounts, stirring the mixtures into a runny coloured liquid and then pouring out the viscous material in stylized patterns all over an art canvas. 
After graduating from UOW in sculpture and textiles in the top five per cent for her year, she undertook further study and completed an Honours degree in visual arts. 
Misha has been awarded various prizes including The Liz Jeneid Prize, the Hazelhurst Artist in Residence Prize and the NAVA Graduating Student Award. 👏👏👏
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On International Women's Day, meet Elette Engels, a PhD student at UOW who’s researching better ways to treat brain tumours (and winning medals in the process).
Inspired by her love of maths, medicine and technical sciences, Elette is working on new ways to more precisely target brain tumours in order to deliver higher doses of radiation. She enjoys the intellectual challenge of her work, and knowing her research might one day save lives gives her additional motivation.
Elette was also recently awarded the Postgraduate Excellence Medal by the Australian Institute of Physics, becoming the first UOW student to win the prestigious honour.
She says, “I’ve definitely caught the research bug. It’s challenging and rewarding. You get to try things that no one has done before. You can contribute to better the scientific community.”
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Week one done! 👊 So great to see so many new and familiar faces on campus. 😄 Here’s to an awesome autumn session all round!
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Picture perfect day on campus 👌☀️☀️☀️ Welcome back guys!! Hope week 1 is being kind to you! ☺️ #week1 #thisisuow

Nothing says 'UOW O-Week' quite like the annual pool party! A few clouds and a little rain didn't spoil the fun. And when you've got inflatable peacocks to float around on, no one's worried about the weather! 🌧️💦
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Students in Liverpool will now have access to a world-class legal education on their doorstep, as the Honourable Michael Kirby, AC CMG, launched of the School of Law at our South Western Sydney campus this week.
We're proud to be ranked the best university in NSW and the ACT for Law and Paralegal Studies by the Federal Government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching in 2018. In addition, the highly influential Times Higher Education​ World University Rankings for 2018 ranked UOW Law 85th worldwide, a position of third in New South Wales.
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