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UN Women Singapore  We provide women & girls with access to leadership development, economic independence & life free of all forms of violence @unwomensg #unwomensg

The World Economic Forum estimated in its 2017 edition of Global Gender Gap Report that it would take 217 years for the economic gender gap to be closed, mostly because the gap has widened. Economic inequality includes disparity in pay for the same work done by a man and a woman. More needs to be done to ensure that women are fairly compensated for their contributions to the workforce!
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Although wage differentials for female managers in Singapore have improved over time, it still exists. More has to be done to completely eradicate this gender pay gap.

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Although wage differentials for female professionals in Singapore have improved over time, it still exists. More has to be done to completely eradicate this gender pay gap.

#equalpayforequalwork #equalpaysg #genderpaygap #wagegap #payparity #equalpay #genderequality

"Despite a global momentum towards gender equality, there is still a gap in pay, the amount of household work done by men and women, and the senior positions between the sexes."
Mr Ong Ye Kung, Minister for Education (Higher Education and Skills), in his speech at the SNOW Gala 2017

#equalpayforequalwork #equalpaysg #genderpaygap #wagegap #payparity #equalpay #genderequality

Meghan Markle has a long history of activism, which started well before she met Harry. More at the link in our profile. @nowthisher

We’ve got #RoyalWedding fever today. At the age of 11, soon to be Royal - Meghan Markle took offense to a gender-specific soap advertisement. She wrote a letter standing up for equality not just to @proctergamble, but to First Lady @hillaryclinton as well. That letter had a great impact, with the soap Manufacturers changing the wording. It shows no matter who you are, or how old you are – your voice matters. #Goal5 #meghanmarkle #princeharry @theglobalgoals #sdg5 #genderequality

“Saturday Night Live” alum Schneider took to Twitter to announce that he, like Benedict Cumberbatch and others before him, is taking a stand for equal pay between men and women. “I, Rob Schneider, will no longer take projects that do not pay women equally,” the comedian wrote. “Even if that means lowering the woman’s salary substantially.” #SNL #saturdaynightlive #robschneider #benedictcumberbatch #equalpay #equalpayforequalwork #genderpaygap @iamrobschneider

This company’s clothing is 100% gender-neutral (via @nowthismoney)

"When you climb Mount Everest, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. Once you enter the mountain, it’s a level playing field. The mountain doesn’t lower down because you are a woman. When we were at the base camp, we (the women’s team) were like laid in a fish tank. Many foreigners came to our tent to look at the 6 women from Singapore and wondered how we can climb Mount Everest. There was quite a lot of uncertainty on us, that put so much pressure on us, and waving the Singapore flag you can’t lose out to anyone. We always seemed to be the last in the group, because we took our time and we were told that we had to go for more climbs in order to match the summit face schedule. But we didn’t agree. We just wanted to go slow. On the day of the final summit face, the first to arrive on the summit was a Singaporean girl at 3:45am. She overtook a few men and an astronaut. On that summit day, I was the second person and second woman to reach the top. Women are considered the weaker sex, but we are not!" Joanne Soo, Singaporean Mountaineer

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“Pick a problem. Any problem. And do something about it,” Oprah tells University of Southern California graduates during commencement on Friday. (📸: OWN) @cnn

@blackpanther director Ryan Coogler wants to make a spin-off movie led by the women of Wakanda. @nowthisentertainment

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Willow Smith opened up about a period of self-harm on her family’s multi-generational Facebook Watch show, @redtabletalk. She previously talked to @girlgaze about the pressures of growing up with well-known parents, saying, “Growing up and trying to figure out your life… while people feel like they have some sort of entitlement to know what’s going on, is absolutely, excruciatingly terrible,— and the only way to get over it, is to go into it.”

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