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Unoma Nwankwor  📚I write stories fused with Faith, Romance and African Spice. Taking you on an inspiring and entertaining journey across continents 🇳🇬🇺🇸For More👇🏽

Some of my readers always tell me I need to write a cookbook because my books are splattered with Nigerian/African cuisine. Uhmm, no can do because cooking is not a passion of mine.🤷🏽‍♀️
However I can share with you the delicacies the Danjuma men in the Sons of Ishmael love. You have met the Danjumas right? Hmmm😉
📙Rasheed loves Catfish Pepper Soup
📕Jabir loves Bole(Roasted Plantain)
📗Kamal loves Kuli Kuli
SWIPE LEFT 👉🏽 to check out images of these delicacies in order of mention.
PS: None of theses images are mine. They are via Nigerian Food TV, @welovenig and @irocafrica
Make the Sons of Ishmael your weekend read. Readers love the Danjuma men. 🔗 in bio

We run this thing together. I got his back and he got mine.
Through thick & thin, ups & downs, good, bad & the ugly... we down, riding till the wheels fall off. After that we pushing that mug on 4 flats. Cc: @knndirector ———
KevStel Group: Entertainment with purpose. Bridging the gap between Africa and the Diaspora with edifying entertainment.

My next project is a real labor of love! It’s a FREE short story. But only those who are subscribers to my newsletter will get it.
Obianuju and Jide fought against all odds to be together but in the end, it turned out not to be enough.
They should’ve been able to clear everything up with a simple talk.
What happens when an unexpected twist makes even that impossible?

TBT 2015: In Lagos, Nigeria at one of my first book appearances with Uncle Kunle Kasumu of Channels Book Club. I’d heard about him way before visiting Naija but didn’t know he’d be the one moderating the event.
I’ve gotten to meet so many people on this journey of mine and I’m thankful for each one of them

Saw this cool pic of Zobo on @9jafoodie and remembered my couple from A Scoop of Love.
How did Rasheed and Ibiso go from a refreshing drink of Zobo to combat the Abuja heat one minute to having an explosive break up the next?
What’s your favorite summertime drink?

When you fall or stumble, make it a part of the dance.
This tree bloomed regardless. May you have the grace and courage to make your regrets, disappointments, delay and denials part of the dance(process) and keep it moving

Often times God allows certain things just to see how much you trust Him.
In my novel, To Live Again, Itohan swore up and down her life was over after she was betrayed in the worst way.
While she built a wall of defense around her heart, God was preparing Osaro to tear it down.
She went through so much pain... but did she die tho?
SWIPE LEFT and hit the Amazon link in my bio to read Itohan & Osaro’s love story

How can two walk together unless they agree? Amos 3:3
My couples are almost always going in opposite directions in the beginning. But they always get it together quick.
Kammy Danjuma wasn’t having it any other way. When he met Ebele he wasn’t taking no for an answer...eventually she saw it his way until unforeseen events had her thinking otherwise.
Haven’t read Mended With Love yet? Why not? SWIPE LEFT then hit that link in the bio to get your read on

"I don’t need an alarm clock. My ideas wake me.” ~Ray Bradbury
Any creative will tell you that the mind is almost always in a constant state of battle with ideas popping up left and right.
It takes discipline to stick to one project and see it to completion.
Martha was so busy running around that she neglected the most important thing. Of course there was nothing wrong with cooking for Jesus but was that the most important thing at that time.?
Pick the most important project to work on. As I say all the time your goal should be to get to the END.

Lying here with an IV in my arm, I ran across this quote. I, like some of you fight silent battles everyday but show up to get the job done.
S/O to those who fight battles others know nothing about but push through because we can’t afford to coast through life with gifts & talents made for the glorification of God and the common good of the Body.

Good morning! It’s biblical... as a man thinketh, so is he.
Stop letting irrelevant things take rent free space in your mind.
Have a great day.

In one of my favorite cuts. Preparing a couple of freebies. One short story for my fiction crowd and an expectant prayer guide for my non fiction folk.
Disregard the scowl... e be that way sometimes😉

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