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Unoma Nwankwor  📚I write stories fused with Faith, Romance & African Spice.Take a relaxing trip across continents🇳🇬🇺🇸 COO @kevstelpp Founder @expectantliving ⬇️⬇️

Happy Saturday!! You can't change where you've been, but you can change where you're going.
What’s on the agenda for the weekend?
Me: Nextlixing with the kids

Weekend Reading!!
Is there a piece of you that wants to see your offender suffer? Do you forgive that easily or just hope God will be your avenger? #EntertainmentWithPurpose #toliveagain #books #goodread #filmlife #christianfilms

What things can’t YOU live without? There are a few things I’m pretty sure I just couldn’t live without: in the morning coffee and talking to God. And on the weekend family time, reading and trying my darnest to stay indoors. Introvert things😉
In my work, though, these three things are indispensable: reading(far and wide), networking, and notebooks😊, plenty of them with different colored pens and of course a plan.
Now it’s your turn...what are your must-haves in your work?

The wave a lot of us expected just didn’t happen. Does this show the true fabric of America? 🤷🏽‍♀️
Whatever the results turn out to be cos I’m on my way to snooze land... I know who holds tomorrow.
If you know nothing at all know this.
He is the God that parted the Red Sea.
The same One that told Gideon to take only 300 men.
The One who told Joshua, just go round the wall a few times, and then brought it down.
The same One who turned a murderer,Moses into the freer of His people.
The One who watched over the three in the fire.
Who kept the lions mouth shut while Daniel was in their den.
He is unchanging. All knowing. Our sufficiency in weakness.
Whoever this is meant for, if you are going through dark days, remember He holds tomorrow. His ways are not our ways nor His thought like ours. But...He has you in the hollow of His hand.

L E T ‘ S GO!!
The credibility of our country is at stake~ President Obama

Chamomile Honey Tea ☕️ x Notebook📓 x Pen🖊
I gotta have a structure. Refer to my previous post, the purpose of the book always remains the same. The way I get to THE END changes every time. My plots are very loose but I gotta have one.
Ray Bradbury said it best: Remember, plots are no more than footprints left in the snow after your characters have run on their way to incredible destinations.
🥂here to book 12 footprint.(No I have released 11 yet) And letting the characters fly...🕊🕊
Readers do you love character driven or plot driven stories?

Don’t let your storm move you out of position. When you become so rigid with the PLANS YOU MADE, and they collapse, the storm of the uncertainty of your next move takes over.
One of my writing mentors read a scene I wrote once and said, “Unoma, that’s cute and all, but it doesn’t belong in this book.”
The disappointment I felt... like what?... I crafted this scene to perfection... a lotta words too.
True story I ended up setting the book aside for weeks in defeat.
Forgetting the purpose for the book 😉
Dear#Christianpreneur become so clear on your purpose, down to the letter then commit the plans to the One who will make your way straight.

We’re all strong in some areas and weak in others.
Be mindful of how you use your strength. Do you intimidate or elevate?
“I will boast in my weakness, so that Christ power may rest in me.”

And suddenly the love songs are about you #quote
This couple reminds me of my Ibo couple; Ejike and Amara from When You Let Go.
You know you are into a book when you begin to pray for its main characters! Right now, Amara and Ejike are my two favourite book characters. 'When You Let Go' was a captivating read for me. I cannot explain it but it wasn't just an inspirational romance novel for me. It was more. I not only prayed for the characters, I prayed for myself. It's that kind of book. I loved that it was funny. I loved that I could relate to the 'Naija' bits which Unoma always smoothly explained. I loved all the Igbo language I picked up! But most of all I loved how, through its pages, we see what happens when we choose to let Jesus Christ live His Life through us. It's the only way the kind of unconditional love and forgiveness we read about in this book can be demonstrated. It's only when we let go that God can have His way in our lives and make all things work out for our good. Like her first book that I read, An Unexpected Blessing, I give this one two thumbs up!!~ Amazon Review.
Have you checked out my second novel and first married couple? SWIPE LEFT👉🏽👉🏽
Hop on over to your online platform and get your copy.

Aye! Where my queens at? Salute!

After almost 2 hour wait outside in 52 degrees and windy weather, I performed my civic duty.

This election is too important not to.

Dear Satan,
Today is not your day. Tomorrow ain’t looking too good either.
Child of God❤️

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