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Working on something very exciting. Cannot wait to share with you all. P x

16 months sober. Drunk on life. Gets better every day. Don’t ever let anyone ever tell you not to wear your cowboy hat in the pool. You can do whatever you set your mind to. P x

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for 1m plays of 'My Love' on @spotify.
Here is a Re-imagination for you with the amazing Silver Lake Chorus @tslchorus
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Beautiful Beautiful India. To see more of what I have been working over here, click the link in our bio. P x

spending my birthday in Dharavi, Mumbai, which is the third largest slum in the world. We came to see the real India - and found the happiest, most beautiful people living here. So much life, so much colour. A true inspiration..

Of all of the songs ,of all the words, Meru is the closest and most important to me. If I had to leave one song at the gates, this would be it. The words were written in one rocky sitting on a fishing boat in Thailand last November. The boat was taking me back to the mainland, the start of a journey home after three months of rehabilitation, recovery and intense spiritual practise. For a while I thought about never coming back. I would have been happy there, a simple, structured, contemplative existence. I couldn’t do it, I have something left to say and crucially, I have beautiful, incredible, empathetic and loving people around me and I want to live amongst them. You can only truly see what you have when you have been stripped of your sense of self, when you tune out of the whirring, clicking relentless voice of fear and tune back into what has always been waiting....the quiet, patient voice of calm. It is all within you, no need to look to anybody or to anywhere else.
Next time you see a mountain, know it can’t see you. You are looking in a mirror. Meru.
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A very honest conversation. You can find the link to listen on our Facebook/twitter

We've had an amazing response to the album and have been touched by all of the messages we've received. To further the conversations, JOIN US on Facebook Live WEDNESDAY at 12pmPT, 3pmET, 8pmGMT to ask us whatever you would like. We look forwarding to speaking to all. Love P+E xx

So so blown away, humbled that our music has reached you how it has. Your messages mean so much and some of you are even inking us into your skin @andrevardling. No words, Just thank you thank you thank you. P+E ❤️

Notes from Until The Ribbon Breaks...
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Until The Ribbon Breaks. Out Now. Listen in bio. xx

The fact that you guys hear it. Really hear it for what it is ...means the world.

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