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Author: Mira R.Aridi  🥀ᴾᵁᵀ ᴹᴱ ᵁᴺᴰᴱᴿᴺᴱᴬᵀᴴ ᴳᴼᴰ' ˢ ˢᴷᵞ ᴬᴺᴰ ᴷᴺᴼᵂ ᴹᴱ ᴰᴼᴺ' ᵀ ᴶᵁˢᵀ ˢᴱᴱ ᴹᴱ ᵂᴵᵀᴴ ᵞᴼᵁᴿ ᴱᵞᴱˢ ᵀᴬᴷᴱ ᴬᵂᴬᵞ ᵀᴴᴵˢ ᴹᴬˢᴷ ᴼᶠ ᶠᴸᴱˢᴴ ᴬᴺᴰ ᴮᴼᴺᴱ ᴬᴺᴰ ˢᴱᴱ ᴹᴱ ᶠᴼᴿ ᴹᵞ ˢᴼᵁᴸ ᴬᴸᴼᴺᴱ🖤

I hope there comes a day when we all figure out our purpose in life.
A day when we realize that happiness can only be achieved within.
A day when we learn to focus on our dreams rather than on people.
A day when we are able to cherish our memories rather than feel pain because of them.
A day when we decide that a change can and will start with us.
A day in which we will shine and light up the lives of those around us.
A day when we’ll accept our flaws and learn to see beauty in them.
A day when we’ll stand out and say that we have no regrets.
A day when our future path would no longer seem blurry.
A day when we’ll pave the way for happiness to join our journey of life.
A day when we’ll find inner peace and true love.
I hope we realize that it is us who decide when that day comes.
That it is up to us to arrive to that day early or late.

Have a great day! .
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Let’s talk about you.
You’re a thousand miles away.
You’re everywhere except here.
You’re applying the ‘secret of life’ to see if it actually works.
You’re not sure whether you should go back to the one you love the most because he/she is also the one who hurts you the most.
You’re not sure if you’re trusted the way you trust.
You’re not sure if you’re wanted the way you want.
You’re not sure if this is the end or the beginning of the end.
You want to experience true emotions but the world is always showing you the opposite.
You regret the moments in which you caused hurt to others because you never thought you would.
You feel like you’ve lost an important part of your life and that it may not come back if you won’t fight for it.
But what you don’t know is that the world understands you.
What you don’t know is that your love can become too possessive; it can destroy others.
What you don’t know is that you should always fight for what you truly want but also consider others’ feelings.
What you don’t know is that when people go away, they still have you in their hearts.
What you don’t know is that they distance themselves because they want to keep the good impression about you.
What you don’t know is that I feel good to know you’re happy even if you’ve found joy a thousand miles away.
What I would never know is whether you’ll read this or not.
But what I do know is that I’ll always be here when you need me.
And that what’s meant to be will happen and the right ones will always come back.
How many unsent letters do you keep? And why don’t you send them?
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