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Carina Shero  Transforming the way society perceives fat bodies Inspiring body positivity/self❤️ Published model & founder of @thefemmefatalesburlesque 🇩🇪➡️Chicago

"Nice for what?"
I just uploaded a 50 photo set in this @musotica teddy to my Patreon (link in bio). 📸 @thedimpleduchess
Hair&Makeup @beautybyweetzie

HOLY SHIT. This is the most vulnerable I've felt in I don't know how long. This film @beautyisthebeastfilm is the culmination of everything I stand for. Everything I've been working towards for the last 8 years of posting on social media and creating representation for fat people. I'm scared as hell to post this because as we know I still have a long ways to go when it comes to loving my face and it's really hard for me to watch myself speak and relinquish control over how I'm portrayed especially after all the horrifying experiences I've had with being on TV in the past in Europe. I was asked to be on a show I grew up watching in Germany and they said they were doing a segment on body image and body positivity and when it aired they'd changed it to a segment of how to make money as a social media influencer, they cut out 85% of what I said about body positivity and then they sold the segment to a show called 10 freakiest bodies where my body was portrayed as a freak show. So needless to say I was nervous when I agreed to be a part of this but the urge to represent us fat women was stronger than my fear to yet again be exploited. And let me just tell you I'm crying as I'm typing this because I'm so happy how this film turned out and I'm so honored to be among all the absolutely badass people in this film! @kortney_olson @amandalacount @fight_like_a_grrrl_07 @nicole_mejia
@tiphanyadams @rosenamajunas @stormykeffeler @theericalauren @littlemisslex1212 @mia_loves_friends & many more. Directed by @sir_gino Produced by @marioapayne @360.films Link to watch the movie is in my bio ( http://grrrlfilm.com/ )

Fuck a snack - I'm a hors d'oeuvre.

I'm really fucking heartbroken. I had such high hopes for the @savagexfenty lingerie line that boasted being "for everyone" and going up to a 3X (which is already an issue because what about people above a 3X?). But I happen to be a 3X & I figured if enough 3X babes rock this line they'll expand their sizes past a 3X but as it turns out "everyone my ass" - majority of the line only goes until XL and I certainly can't fit a single bra they offer I can fit like a 4th of my titties in the size they offer and the items that I can fit that look cute - require a $50 membership?! Are you fucking kidding me? A membership to be able to purchase an already overpriced robe that I don't even know for sure I can fit? Maaaaan fuck that! I'm so fucking tired of clothing/lingerie lines stunting like they're size inclusive, body positive and all that shit and then they either don't actually have a real size range or the actual plus size range is BLAND AS FUCK. OR they offer extended sizes but they don't ever post people in those sizes on their sites so we have no clue how it will fit (I'm looking at you @lanebryant ). I'm so goddamn tired of being profited off of but constantly erased and told we're not worthy of sexy and delicate lingerie and peignoirs and all the lovely garments we'd like to dress in. THIS is why I keep posting in lingerie because THEY WON'T DO IT. We're fat and fabulous and we want to feel sexy and sensual and fly as fuck in lingerie just like any other size. Give us sizes and details and laces and garters and peignoirs and feathers and all the fucking ruffles and frills! *whoooosaaaa* Thank you to @yoursclothinguk for this cute set that ACTUALLY fits my body and is comfy as hell! Taken by the magnificent @i.mays

If you're new here, first of all, thank you for being here 😉 and secondly, let me tell you what I create! You know how we see those skinny women sprawled out half naked in ad campaigns on billboards and magazines all the time? Those sexy music videos where a skinny girl or 20 are lounging in the tiniest of lingerie? Well I'm here to create representation for fat women being sensual and sexy in an equal manner. They won't give us those lead roles, those billboards, those magazine spreads so fuck it I'll just do that by myself. I'm here for other women to see themselves in my work. I'm here for someone to realize that all size bodies can be enticing. I'm never fully nude in my videos and I don't do anything sexually explicit. All my work is like a sexy Beyoncé video, just in fat. Creating this work costs a lot of money (if you're my size you already know a single bra is $75 let alone the entire sets I get & lighting equipment, camera equipment, airbnbs/travel costs and so on). So if you'd like to see the full length version of my videos you can subscribe to my Patreon (link in bio) or email me at sheroisms@gmail.com to get the full list and pricing of my videos! 🎼 Rendezvous at two "F*ck me & feed me

In my daydreams I'm a mermaid and that ruffle on my @fashionnovacurve swimsuit is elegantly draped seaweed and I'm just here waiting for my merbabe gang to come rescue me on a pod of orcas.
If you want this suit minus the bucket of sand and possibly a jellyfish that got in it go to @fashionnova & use my code "Unskinnyshero" for $ off!
Swipe to end the for my girl @caligurlreal & I getting hit by a cold ass wave 😂

Shoutout to that clasp that's holding on for dear life! 😂
Byyyy the wayyyy there's a full photo set of this red swimsuit on my Patreon! Just click the link in my bio and pledge at the $4 tier and you get 4 photo sets a month! Also - at the end of May I'll be in London and if you'd like to help @yazminthefox & I organize a photo shoot then feel free to PayPal me some coinsssss so we can make this long haired goddess shoot come true ☺️ (I'm not going to bore y'all with a long winded this is how much traveling/airbnbs lighting equipment, lingerie etc cost but let's just say my ass is broke af from flight costs alone so anything helps) 🤗 hit me up if you want to buy my videos via my email button in my bio.

I just want to take a moment to dwell on how lucky I am that I have such incredible friends. When we created our burlesque troupe @thefemmefatalesburlesque we didn't realize what a tightly knit family we'd become and how amazing it feels to have a bunch of fat friends that understand the way you experience life and that you can swap clothes with! @iridessence @lauraweetziewilson @sugar_supernova_burlesque and I all went to @viva.las.vegas.vlv together for the first time and I got goosebumps and maybe cried a little every time we'd see some other plus size babes in their fabulous pin up looks. It was such a rare and beautiful moment seeing a ton of other fat babes be confident and proud and fly af! And LOOK HOW FLY MY FRIENDS ARE!!! I can't WAIT to go to VLV again next year and I'm definitely gonna step up my game next year (I didn't have the time or $ this year to put looks together that I really liked so no pics of me except that first one cause I was a crusty mess lol ooooh but next year 🙌🏻)

Gentle reminder that you don't need expensive lingerie, elaborate hair/makeup or a photographer to take photos of yourself. Most of my photos are shot on self timer and the occasional mirror selfie. The point of my work is to take you along on my self love journey so you can see yourself in me. For most of us it's not realistic to hire a photographer and many of us don't know how to do our hair/makeup professionally and finding lingerie in my size is expensive and tedious and I often hear from you all that you feel like you need those things to take photos but you really don't. Yes, there's definitely value in all of those things but I don't want you to let the lack of those things stop you from taking photos of yourself where you can find love for parts of your body that you haven't before or reaffirm how much you already appreciate an aspect of yourself. It's more important that you play with light, composition, posing, colors and authenticity. In this photo I was fresh out of the shower (didn't wash my hair that day obviously) and I was worried about how that day was going to go and I was mad at my body for not fitting into the clothes I'd ordered for that days' shoot. Instead of dwelling on that I chose to take this photo and now I get to marvel as always at how much I love my hair and I get to reaffirm how adorable my belly is and I get to be gentle with myself when I assess how I perceive my face.

I decided that because IG wouldn't let me post during my Vegas/LA trip I'm just going to relive my whole trip in my stories starting now!
This was at a friends' house in Vegas.
Shot on self timer.
Suit by @forever21plus 3X

I'm fat. Yes, FAT. Fattttt and cute as hell in my @fatgirlflow TShirt & @fashionnovacurve skirt. And if that makes you cringe or you want to rush to tell me that I'm anything but that, please take a second to look at why you feel that way? Why is fat the worst thing someone can be? Why is it so unsettling to people that someone can be at peace with being fat? You know the feeling you have when you see a fluffy fat puppy? That's how I feel about my friends and myself like "awww look how round and fat you are" 😍 now, you absolutely can hate yourself, or judge others' bodies by comparing yourself and others to an unrealistic beauty and size ideal. You can rip others apart and try to make them feel shitty about themselves but just because you can, why do you choose to? Wouldn't your life be a lot more enjoyable if you were gentle to yourself and learned how to unlearn all the bullshit society has ingrained in you about what beauty is? And let's keep it real, don't you want to be able to full out cheerlead your friends and vice versa? I know I feel free as fuck with my friends and we don't ever feel the need to tear each other down and we're constantly showering each other in genuine compliments and it feels magical. Try it 😉 .

Oh & use my code Unskinnyshero to get 💸 off your order at @fashionnova

I'm 60% fat bombshell 20% delicious melting ice cream 20% all your long haired mermaid dreams come true!
Speaking of dreams coming true - holy shit - I got to shoot with THE @i.mays this past week! I've been fangirling over him for years (check out his work & you'll see why) & on top of that I walked in my first red carpet event for the movie Grrrl Beauty Is The Beast that I'm in (will post more about that soon)! Then I got my account back fully yesterday (in case you haven't been around my IG was deactivated for a week & then partially re-activated) & now I'm on a mission to get Instagram to stop disproportionately removing plus size creators. Stay tuned for more on that as well 😉
Thank you to each one of you that plugged my backup account @carina_shero while I was deactivated & for everyone that posted about & signed the petition (link in my bio). AND hooooly shiiiit we made it to 400K!! I'm so goddamn grateful for each one of you being here with me through all the ups and downs and deletions and other shenanigans! We've got a lot of badass projects in the works that I can't waaaait to share with you all! My work would be useless if you weren't here to receive it so thank YOU for being here! *hugs*

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