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Carina Shero  Transforming the way society perceives fat people Published model & founder of @TheFemmeFATalesBurlesque From🇩🇪->Chicago Black Lives Matter 🏳️‍🌈

On my Queen shit... 👑
Couldn’t decide which filter I liked best so it’s a swipe 😉
Wearing my new 🍑 Reyna Robe from @the_nylon_swish
Shot by @iridessencephotography

The Empress of the fatties has arrived.
Gather around and hear the tales of a time long ago where internet trolls and real life fat shaming goblins ruled the land but the fearless rotund warriors fought centuries of battle after battle and finally prevailed and brought in the new dawn of the world we know today in which every body is good and valuable and no one ever need feel less than... maybe one day.
Peach robe is from the lovely @the_nylon_swish
Corset is from a few years ago from @hipsandcurves
Bra & panties @caciqueintimates
You already know the rest of this set will be on my Patreon 😉

Shot by @iridessencephotography

Oh you know, just a casual Sunday...
Lounging in my @the_nylon_swish robe ☺️
Shot by @iridessencephotography

I’m tired.
If you haven’t heard - Instagram is now officially demoting “vaguely inappropriate” content.
They’ve been doing this for a long time now but they’re been denying it and people haven’t wanted to believe us. But now it’s official and with that it will most likely be happening even more frequently and severely. As in - people running accounts like mine being permanently demoted (which we’ve been referred to as a shadow ban up until now) - or having our accounts completely disabled/deleted. For many of us our Instagrams are a huge part of our livelihood and since Tumblr has also completely tanked it’s getting nearly impossible to delegate traffic to our websites and Patreons and so on.
Which is just absolutely hypocritical because one of the main reasons all of these platforms became so big is because of creators like me posting content that can be deemed “vaguely inappropriate” 🙄. I’m not sure what the future holds but I know for sure one of the reasons this is happening is because nobody listened to us when we were telling everyone about FOSTA/SESTA and people didn’t care because it didn’t affect them personally - but SURPRISE it does now!
Bra @curvycoutureintimates (get 20% with code shero20)
Shot by @iridessencephotography

When my “too much gene” kicks in... my intent was to get some good shots of my @curvycoutureintimates bra, and just have a little robe to accentuate it... but then the robe just took over completely 😂
And before you ask - a friend made this robe but it was a huge undertaking and she won’t be making any more. But you can find more robes like this if you google Catherine D’Lish 😉
Photo shot in Atlanta by @iridessencephotography

Feeling like a queen in my @curvycoutureintimates Tulip set!
If you’ve seen me in person lately, you already know I’m constantly wearing one of these bras and flashing people with it because I just can’t believe I’ve finally found a bra that’s equally comfortable AND pretty!
I don’t even remember how many years it’s been since I’ve been able to squeeze my boobs into a bra that I think is pretty and not want to rip it off 5 min later because it’s so uncomfortable.
It’s extremely hard finding bras in my size since I have a relatively small band size paired with a large cup size and most brands don’t go up to my cup size (I’m looking at you @torridfashion @thirdlove ) or only carry it with a larger band size. @curvycoutureintimates unfortunately only goes up to a 46” so hopefully their band sizes will expand soon so my bigger band size babes can benefit from this company as well but in the meantime C’MERE my bigger cup cuties let’s support a brand that ACTUALLY covers our boobs and doesn’t give us that 4 boob look and is so comfy you barely notice you’re wearing it!
And yes of course I have a code for you! Save 20% with shero20 ☺️
I know this won’t make sense to most people but if you’re in my breast size ballpark you KNOW how exciting this is and you’ll understand why I’ve teared up looking at myself with these Tulip bras at least 5 times!
It’s just THAT rare that a company actually cares and makes something delicate and pretty for larger bodies.
Thank you @curvycoutureintimates 💜

This will forever be one of my favorite photo sets.
@andrewthomasclifton is just a magnificent photographer.

No caption.
Shot by @andrewthomasclifton

Sunday fun day shenanigans!
@thedimpleduchess and I walking to “Big Lunch” organized by @lividlipids earlier today!
It was so amazing being in a room full of badass fat babes that are all up to incredible things like Scuba diving @plussizescuba , climbing Kilimanjaro @mylestotravel and all the way to fire fans!
Only fitting that be burst into some spontaneous @lizzobeeating jams!

I just wanna be 18 again and be the girlfriend in Pharrells’ videos please.
This isn’t an actual song, it’s the audio from a recording session of Pharrell & The Yessirs - “Take it off” resulted in two different songs but I don’t like either of them as much as I like this part of the session.
(I used to spend hours deepdiving into YouTube and other corners of the internet for recording sessions and unreleased beats etc. and I’ve been listening to this recording session for the last 12 years 🙈)
See the rest of this cute video on my Patreon (link in bio). I’m wearing @curvycoutureintimates and lemme tell you they’re comfy as hell! You can get 20% off with my code shero20 ☺️ #pliesbounce

My conspiracy theory: my body is actually just made of a bunch of bubbles stuck together.
I just love how round all my body parts are ☺️
What’s something that makes you smile about your body?
Wearing @curvycoutureintimates (get 20% off with my code shero20)

Just sliding into your timeline to remind you that you can get thousands of photos of me and a ton of tease videos on my Patreon! Just click the link in my bio and choose a tier that fits your interest and budget! You can support my work for as little as $1 a month and get access to multiple photo sets a month plus playlists and periodic life updates for $4 a month and all of that plus a tease video for $7 and so on. You can remove your pledge at any time and re-pledge whenever you feel like it. My Patreons’ support allows me to keep creating fat positive sensual photos and videos of myself and other fat babes and I am forever grateful for every one of you! 💕
Bra & panties are from @curvycoutureintimates

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