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I'm so incredibly grateful for all of you! Yeah it's super clichΓ© but - I couldn't do this without you all! It means the world to me that you continue to support me through all my irregular posting and rants and sappy posts and all πŸ€— I love you all so much and I'm sending you all big squishy hugs!! 😘

Mustering courage is not something that I often have to do when I post my photos. I've been doing this for years now and I have posted pretty much every angle imaginable of myself but the one I still struggle with the most is my face and I love hiding behind my hair or hands and posting this photo with my whole profile showing was definitely something that took courage for me. We are all a work in progress and I've been feeling a bit more comfortable with my face lately. I love the beauty-marks that I have next to my eyes and I really like my cheekbones. Just wanted to share that with you all and I ask you to choose a part of you today that you're not so comfortable with and find 2 things about it that you like and write them down or say them aloud. Like "damn girl those elbows are cute as hell!" 😜
This image was shot in NYC by @fatleopard.jpeg

Happy Monday!
I hope you are having a marvelous start to your week! I'm on the megabus (so fancy) headed to Iowa to take care of my new nephew for the week and I'm super excited cause this is my first time being an auntie and my first time seeing my nephew!
I can't wait too see him!! πŸ–€

Good morning my loves 😘
Today I'm hosting Friendsgiving at my place as I do every year and I'll be preoccupied with that so I just wanted to address something that will come up later today. Last year I was filmed for a show that I grew up watching as a child/teenager in Germany and I was incredibly excited to be able to talk about body positivity and specifically about transforming the way that society perceives fat people and how we perceive ourselves. The producer of the show told me that the segment I'd be in was to be about body image and body positivity however once the episode aired all my interview parts about those topics had been cut and the segment was really about how to make money as a social media influencer and they tried in every way possible to make me look as unflattering and large as they could (camera angles from the floor up like noooobody looks good at that angle fam y'all KNOW this - filming me while I wasn't aware of it, showing only my upper body while I'm walking barefoot over sharp rocks so it looked like I couldn't walk properly and so on). I was really disappointed and had meant to make a YouTube video about this whole ordeal but I never got around to it but today they are apparently running part of that segment again just copy and pasted into a different show (they own the rights so they're unfortunately allowed to do that) - and this will be the 6th time that this segment is run in my home country and Austria and i just wanted to let my german and Austrian followers know that I did not at all intend for that segment to look the way it did and for them to broadcast my words in such a profit oriented way. I'm pretty disappointed in this show that I watched and respected for so many years. We still have a loong way to go when it comes to body positivity in Europe and if getting to a better place means I've got to look like a jackass on TV for a while, whatever let's do it! If it paves the way for one day having fat people being shown in a favorable light and not the body shaming spot light they shine now then I'm all for it!

Good morning my loves!
I don't think I'll ever get over how much I love this photo set by @andrewthomasclifton

"Fade away"
Shot in Hells Kitchen by @jsibajaphotos

If you don't support @whosestreets we can't be friends. End of story.
#whosestreets #ferguson #blacklivesmatter #mikebrown

Gooood morning my loves! 😘

Good morning my loves!
My video sale is still going on and I'll be answering my emails today so if you haven't gotten a response yet - look for it today!
You can currently purchase any of my videos by emailing me at sheroisms@gmail.com (or click the email button under my bio) and I'll respond with a list of my videos and sale prices ;) (yes - this video is also on sale)
Tights are by @bigtights
Song is "F*ck me and feed me" by Rendezvous at Two

Goood morning my loves!
Let's have a video sale!
This week you can purchase one or all my videos on sale - email me at sheroisms@gmail.com (or click the email tab under my bio) just put "Video Sale" in the subject line and l'll email you a list of videos and prices ;) Hope you're all having a marvelous start to your week! 😘

You guyyyyys! My shower has been broken for months and only cold water was coming out and it's finally fixed!!! WARM SHOWER HERE I COME! .
This is an old video but it perfectly describes how I feel about my shower right tf now! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

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