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You pretend and I fell...πŸ™‚
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Yes, useless.
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β€œ I feel like...” #relatableposts
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Whatever pronoun relates you... :-)
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Ukw? The worst type of crying is the silent one πŸ˜” , it is the one when everyone is asleep....the one which you feel in your throat , the one in which you just want to scream , the one in which your eyes become blurry ,the one in which you have to hold your breath and grab your stomach so that no one can hear you ! THE ONE IN WHICH YOU FUCKING REALIZE THAT ONE PERSON THAT MEANT THE MOST TO YOU , THAT ONE PERSON WHO MADE THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE , IS GONE, FOREVER! πŸ˜” and uk life is not like in movies , it is much harder.. you have given me so much sorrows , I am broken , nights have become difficult , I am just completely broken , and trust me you will be missed , but uk it's hard when someone special ignores you but its harder pretending that you just don't care anymore , I hate you and trust me I will hate you till the very end ☺ .

β€œ You fucking destroyed me. You built me up on all of your sweet,sweet lies. You had me believing we actually had a future together, that maybe for once in my life something was going to work in my favor, that maybe for once I was actually going to be happy. I'm still trying to process how in the world you could've coped with how badly you crushed my heart. How do you sleep at night knowing you left me broken, knowing you left me as one big mess. You Didn't even stay around to help me piece myself back together. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I still think you're here,and I still think you love me. I haven't been the same since you walked out on me. You stabbed me in the heart and didn't think twice about twisting the knife. And the sickest, saddest part about it all is the fact that I blame myself, I blame myself for not being smarter, because now that you're gone I see it all so clearly and I can't believe how naive I was. You sure did leave your mark on me and your name will forever be in the back of my mind, I'll try remember you as someone who I had loved deeply, I'll remember you as a project I couldn't ever finish, you can't Change people who don't want to be changed, you have a stone cold heart and I don't think you'll ever be capable of loving anyone but yourself.” ~Aryan

β€œ The worst part isn't that you hurt me. The worst part isn't that because of you I'm afraid to trust people, to trust anyone. The worst part isn't that I cried for days and still cry sometimes. No. The worst past is that when I see you I know I would still take you back in a heartbeat. That's the worst part!!!”

β€œDear someone,

I have so many questions I want to ask you but just don't know how. And because I know for a fact that my voice would break and tears would start streaming down my face if I were to ask you in person, I am writing you this letter. Furthermore, I don't think that you would even listen to me. These days you seem to be ignoring me as if I'm your worst enemy.

How ? That would be my first question.

How was it so easy for you to go ? to just leave me and not even look back.

Why ?

Why would you leave and why would you leave like that ? No explanation. No real goodbye. Nothing.

Was it even real ? what we had , I mean. Was it ? Because I've been dreaming so much about you lately that it seems like I can't tell what's real and what's not anymore.

Love, I wish you didn't shatter my heart . I wish you Didn't make all these promises just to break them.

The last time we were standing in front of each other, looking into your eyes made my knees go weak and my heart beat faster. how can someone feel soo much and after some time just not even care ? I guess I'll never know because I tend to give people all of me. Always. With you it was no different. I gave you all of me, made you my favourite person in this shitty world and hoped that I would be your favourite too.

But this is farewell,my love. I hope that a part of you never forgets me. No matter how important I really was to you. I hope that wherever life takes you , it takes you someplace happy. You deserve it, I'm sure of that.

Love always,


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