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#Repost Victor Kam - Pugtales Pt.4 - Approach
This is a personal project of mine inspired by my dog Pugsley. Definitely an homage to Miyazaki films and all other sorts of anime with lots of inspiration from the temples and gardens I've visited over the years.

I took advantage of Kuwahara shading for the background and a custom toon shader for the pug to bring that anime look and feel to the scene. I also wanted to see how far I could go using scan data but still come up with a stylish look and tone.

#Repost @gustavohorn
One of my environments for my Graduate Reel at Gnomon School of Visual Effects: Game environment based on artwork from the game “Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek”
Modeling in Maya, Sculpting in ZBrush, Texturing in Substance Designer and Painter, Lighting and Rendering in Unreal Engine 4. More about it in www.artstation.com/artwork/Y1GyP #artstation #3d #3denvironment #gameenvironment #unreal #ue4 #3dart #games #gameart #gnomon #gnomonschool #gnomonschoolofvisualeffects #vfx #visualeffects #cg #cgi #computergraphics #unrealengine #digitalart #gaming #digital #vfxartist #environmentart

I worked with Shaun McNeely on this Nautilus themed attraction queue.
His portfolio is: https://shaunmcneely3d.carbonmade.com

#Repost Eoin O'Broin - Noisestorm - Crab Rave Music Video
A music video for an April fools joke, you can watch it here: https://youtu.be/LDU_Txk06tM

The video was created entirely with #ue4!

#Repost Hamid Khoshbakht - The Castle
This is a scene from real-time animation "Javanmardan" which was rendered in UE4. I worked with another Modeler (Alireza Taringo) on this environment. My responsibilities were texture/shading, level art and lighting and I was involved in modelling as well. I used Substance Designer to create tileable textures. After that I used Layered-Material and Vertex paint for texturing . Lighting is fully dynamic inside Unreal engine.​ Griffin sculpted by Omid Moradi.

#Repost @tjatomica Pokemon Fan Art
I've been thinking how easily we can lose things in this world. We can lose our keys now and then. Other times we can lose someone we care about. Imagine if in the Pokemon world people lost things as easily as we do... Title: Where are you?
UE4 Speed Build
#pokemon #unrealengine #UE4 #gamedev #speed #build #indie #indiedev #3d #maya #artist

#Repost Connor Reynolds - Fresh Track
I grew up as a ski racer. I competed in the Junior Olympics. Skiing was my life.
While thinking of what my environment should be, I thought back to the time I spent on the mountains. Being the first one down the hill, leaving a mark in the snow that would be there until the trail gets groomed again the next day. I then realized that Fresh Tracks is my ideal environment. My childhood memories on the slopes of ski trails across the world helped me create this snowy wonderland. I will be posting model and material renders separately. I hope you too can escape to those fresh powder days!

#Repost Ronald Houtermans - Abandoned Paper Mill

#Repost @80.lv
Sergei Panin has shared his latest environment with a marvelous castle on a river. The design is said to be influenced by GameofThrones and several French castles. The artist used #UE4, #ZBrush, #Substancetools, #Megascans and #3DCoat to assemble the whole. The best is thing is that Sergei has also provided a nice breakdown to give some details on the production process, check it out! #gamedev#gameart#3dart#castle#GameofThrones

#Repost Giselle Valenzuela - Canyon Biome
This environment was heavily inspired by the vibrant colors found in the Zion Narrows.

#Repost Erik Polasek - Cinnamon Buns - Unreal Engine Lighting Study
I've always loved architectural visualization and still life because it always pushed me to strive for the most realistic looking results. For me lighting has always been in the little details which is why the main focus of this presentation was a couple of cinnamon buns. Hope you enjoy!

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