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Radhika *Nomllers*  Just can never get enough of adventure #Nomllers Blog, YouTube -

The best part of traveling is the hidden gems that you discover unknowingly, the ones that are not on the Internet and are seldom talked about.

And this is exactly what I experienced in #Jibhi. While strolling my way slowly towards a beautifully calm waterfall, we found this tree swing nestled beautifully amidst the dense forest. How delightful the moment was, of just letting the journey surprise you.

#Nomllers #TreeSwing #TravelBlogger #GoProIndia #Himachal

You know me better than most of the people and I cannot believe you still choose to stick by. As long as I can look back at my years I always remember you being there.

16 years? Or probably 17 now? I couldn't tell, but I certainly can tell that I love you.

To traveling together again after almost a year. :) #Nomllers #BestFriends #ILoveHer #TravelDiaries #Blogger #IndianYoutuber

Okay. What happens when you plan to step into Italy, solo? Fun. Ultimate fun. Yes!

Italy was my first international solo destination, a 15 days’ trip in the month of October and I won’t sound all flowery and positive by saying that I was not intimidated. I was, a lot. At one point, I even thought of not going there at all.

But I did go and you can read all about the places I visited on the blog.

Link in my bio!!

And just like that, there was a tick in my head and I knew I wouldn't be able to go back, to the same old 9-5. Is depression even real? I don't know, but I was feeling a certain numb feeling and regret that I should have tried to turn my life a year before.

I stood near the window for far too long staring at the distant mountains, those enigmatic structure that can make people fall in love with peace and simplicity. And I was one of the those too, unsure of which feeling was more overpowering, the peace of the mountains or the remorse of going back to the same course starting tomorrow.


A lot many of you have asked me on how to grow on Instagram, and then many of you after trying have also given up.

To be honest, I feel your goals shouldn't be about gaining a few followers. I used to hate Instagram once upon a time, and started uploading travel photos when the fad reached it's saturation. What I am trying to say here is, I never did this to gain followers but for myself because it made me happy. This should be your first focus point - doing it for yourself.

I know people who use fame as a gasoline to put out the fire of loneliness. I mean take a small company as an example. They are happy, a small tight knit family and when they grow they get several departments and processes, like there are just too many people to focus on. This should be your second focus point - not to get lost and not to forget why you started in the first place. I'll be honest, I did get lost a while back.

Just maintain your individuality and invest as much as possible in yourself. That would be the best form of an investment. Be a rare individual that people in the end fall in love with your individuality, however small that number is. It is anyway better than getting lost in the crowd. 📷 @tainted.perfection

The definition of humanness is the opportunity to marvel at the majesty of creation.


I want to go to Spiti and Ladakh
And trek to Sandakphu
And maybe when I am strong enough 
To Mt. Everest too
I want to master the art of skiing
And sky diving
And scuba diving
And I want to skate on the roads 
That are covered with trees
I dream of
Seeing Northern Lights someday
And I also dream of
Diving in a river from a helicopter
This is what I am made of
Adventures and wilderness and
I want to build my life
Which is full of life and stories and memories
And I hope
That if someday we meet
We meet on a mountain top
Because that is when we are the most happy

#Nomllers #HimGeo

God damn, I can't even tell you how many places I want to visit at the same time and how many places I want to make my home at the same time.

Sarolsar Lake, Jalori Pass, April 2018

#Nomllers #HimGeo

This right here, is your life.
Have the power to do what you love and do it diligently
Have the power to love the person and love them truthfully
Have the power to meet new people and give room to yourself for new perception
Have the power to go on adventures and cherish the experiences
Have the power to go into the forest and hug the nature
This is your life, have the power to control it, mold it, and do things that you desire to do the most
As you have the power to make your life a happy one

Jibhi, April, 2018

#HeroChallenge #GoProIndia @goproin


I recently started using Nada Bottles on my travels and I love it!! I was told that the nylon works as a barrier to protect the inner plastic liner from leaching chemicals into the water due to UV exposure. Which is just perfect during treks and outdoors.
Glass breaks
Plastic act as a pollutant
So this is a perfect alternate
So here it is. Tell me your favorite adventure on travels and tag three of your friends. Follow me and @Thought2Things and three winners of the giveaway will be announced in the story section next week - Sunday. Yay! :)

Note to self series:

You probably think I’ve gone off the deep end. I can hear the critics in my own head. A mediocre photo that might not be “postworthy”. I get it, I feel this intense pressure to be more creative, more epic, just more everything to be successful in this space.

But I want to share this because I love the half of me that’s so good at seeking joy.

I want you to know from experience that you can be just as happy on your own roof as you are halfway across the world. I want you to know you do not have to be one thing even if it’s better for your “branding”. Mostly, I want you to stop apologizing for sharing the things you love. You are here to be your whole self. . 📷 @tainted.perfection

*NEW VIDEO ALERT* link in my bio

Wassup everyone?

New video is up which talks about few of the lesser known places in and around Manali. It was so much fun!!! Especially meeting everyone during the #soscampostelmeetup

Do watch, and please review, I always look forward to constructive criticism. :) #Nomllers

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