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Bilingual Montessori Kids  I'm Isabel. Mama to a baby & a preschooler. Sharing our multilingual journey with hands-on activities & printables. We ❤️ #Montessori #childrensbooks.

Our next theme for the #montessori4all challenge is Montessori materials! Please share your photos and videos with us! Tag your hosts @mamashappyhive 🐝 and @unozeitutu 🌈 Please also follow us and use the #montessori4all hashtag. Thank you! ❤️ We will feature you next week! #montessori #montessorimaterials

Here are my outdoor practical life features! @eatwritebe with her daughter working in a mini garden 🌱@miladoesmontessori with her daughter caring for her plants at 17 months @firstpathmontessori with her daughter helping scoop leaves 🌳@mamashappyhive with her son mowing the lawn @montessoridays with plant watering practice 🍅🥕Thank you all for submitting your photos and videos! ❤️❤️#montessori4all #gardeningwithkids #practicallifeskills

I made this video last week when my 4 year old was helping daddy to plant a tree. Sadly our dog destroyed the tree the very next day and this girl was really upset.
Do you let your children help you with gardening? Check my list of the best gardening tools for children following the link on my profile. And Join us this week in our outdoor practical life #montessori4all challenge! We would love to see how you work on practical life outdoors!

Today I wanted to plant some flowers in our backyard and since I still cannot move my right hand this little girl offered to help. She has been using gardening tools since she was 2 years old. She surprised me when she is there to use this tool like a pro and even "taught" me how to do it properly 😂 You can find the best (our favorite) tools to start gardening with kids if you click on the link on my profile.

Our next theme for the #montessori4all challenge is practical life outside! We are a week behind because Vanessa and I were both sick or injured. So I am going to combine two themes into one! Please use the #montessori4all hashtag and tag your hosts @mamashappyhive and myself @unozweitutu 😘 We will feature your photos next week! Thanks for joining in on the fun!! #practicallifeskills #montessori #montessorichild #outsidelearning

Here are my Montessori environment features! ❤️❤️ Thank you for all the amazing entries! We are going to do our best to feature as many as we can. There is so much inspiration here - enjoy! @the_prepared_environment with a look into their Montessori space and a lovely set up for her daughter’s clothes @nas.vsakdanji.zivzav1 with a beautifully displayed shelf in her prepared environment @alittleglam_alotofmom with a lovely set-up of their practical life area @mindful.learning with a practical life washing station @nourishnurturenature with a gorgeous photo of their new kitchen space @debchitwood with a work/food prep/snack table set-up! ❤️ #montessori #montessori4all #montessorichild

This girl desperately wants to get tadpoles to see the life cycle of a frog. She was very excited to try her new net and what did she find? (Scroll to second photo here please!).
Garbage! It made me so sad but you know what she said? "Mama, this is good! Now the ducks and the water can get hurt with this ketchup! Let's find a garbage bin to throw it away". Oh, my heart. She is only 4 but so wise. Don't you ever forget that our children have the power to save our world and turn it into a better place. Happy earth day!
What are you doing for the earth today?

Preparing one of our favorite weekday lunch --> Italian mozzarella tomato sandwich with pesto! 🍅 These sandwiches are so delicious and ridiculously easy to prepare making it the perfect lunch for a 4 year old to make on her own. The only thing I did was halving the bread as she still struggles with cutting bread.
If you want tips for including a toddler or a preschooler in cooking you can check the 10 things we started with on my blog (link on profile). What is your favorite recipe to cook with kids? I'd love to get more ideas! 🥙🥙🥙 Preparando una de nuestros almuerzos favoritos para un día de semana --> sandwich de queso mozzarella, tomate y pesto. Esta receta es deliciosa y muy fácil de hacer por lo que es perfecta para que un@ niñ@ de 4 años lo prepare independientemente. Cuál es tu receta preferida para preparar con niños?

She is obsessed with raking the grass since her daddy mown the lawn this past Monday. Gardening with children has so many benefits from improving hand motor skills to bonding your kids. Read more about it #ontheblog link on profile.

Here are my features from our language #montessori4all challenge:
@mariaschavez with a lovely letter sound game in Spanish ❤️
@nourishnurturenature working on grammar with some beautiful figurines 😍
@debchitwood with an inviting butterfly themed writing tray 🦋
@mamashappyhive with a sound sorting activity 👦
Our next theme is about home spaces. Share your ideas with us using the #Montessori4all hashtag and tag your hosts @mamashappyhive and me. We will feature our favorite ones at the end of the week.

Tree trunk rubbing! We tried this for the first time today and it was just so fun! It took us a few tries to find just the right tree but once we did we couldn't stop painting. 🌲🌳
What are your favorite ways to use nature to make art? 🌴🎨
Hoy estuvimos pintando el tronco de un árbol. Fue la primera vez que lo intentamos y aunque nos demoramos un rato en encontrar el tronco perfecto una vez lo encontramos no podíamos parar de pintar.
Cuál es tu forma favorita de hacer arte con la naturaleza?

There is nothing better than finding two gorgeous swans on our daily walk and getting so close to one of them that you can almost touch it 😍 What did you do today?

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