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Call Me Shyne *222*  ⚛️🔯✡️ after death is life forever *🎱* Indigo Uno

Don’t Get It Confused Im Smokin Weed #limbus222

You can take the Nigga out the Trap but never the Trap out the Nigga... Limbus 222 on Friday #yudiggg

POINT THAT LIL NIGGA OUT!!! #btw #ClonedExistence Video Droppin Soon lil bitty bitches 🌌 eat up 🍽⚛️

When I Was 11 I Turned 13

I wanna say I’m greatful and thankful for every last one of you that support and love me and the feeling is mutual, Limbus 2 drops December 7th, that being said I want to give a Little thanksgiving dinner u dig “One Deep” out now!!! On SoundCloud. 🔯✡️⚛️

“enough with the cap word y’all hoes is mannequins” #spokenintongue

“I need a 12 pc lemon pepper, all flats”

It’s SZN, y’all niggas wake up now for its too late... #keepingupwithshyne #limbus222 “Cloned Existence” Out now!!!

“ a 4 and a deuce might crash my liver,
might crash the kitchen, I’m living so rude from rags to riches “ -

Cloned Existence Out Now ‼️
They wanna be you so much they clone you 👥. Time To Eat Up Kids. Link In Bio, Send Me All Y’all Videos I’m Posting Every One ‼️

First Single from me and @travisbarker project, Out Now, Link In Bio!!!! Happy Murderween, shit bout to get real real ps. “Nov 2”

I need a female artist to put on her but i don’t know who 🧐, tag who y’all wanna hear on this. PS. “Nov.2” turn your notifications on!!!