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Cerise Zelenetz  Artist/Illustrator. To collaborate or purchase work, contact me at czelenetz@gmail.com.


Blanche and Georgia's glares were oddly complementary. They had a shared condescendence that amounted to somewhat of an arrogant yin yang. #doodle

How Stella got her beer back. #doodle #stellaartois

Frederick's repertoire was impressively varied. He enjoyed starting the night off with a lively show tune and seeing where his audience's drunkenly shouted requests took the night from there. #doodle #piano #showtunes

Little sneak peek from my collaboration with @pamplemousseny. New tees and prints coming soon! #doodle

A just for fun doodle of Marni for @hyu915. #doodle #thecutest

A portrait of Petunia, accompanied by Claire. #doodle #whoswho

Leah had yet to find any luck picking up street pennies. Even with her skepticism however, she couldn't help collecting them just in case the upturned faces could change her fate. #doodle #lucky #penny

My first piece for @newyorkermag is up now! Link to full story in bio. #doodle

Each day from precisely 12:45 to 12:58, Damien sat on the slatted bench outside his office. He used these 13 minutes to reflect on the morning, as well as compose a humorous anecdote he planned on recounting around the water cooler later in the day. #doodle #anecdote #watercooler

Tatiana collected cocktail napkins from each soirée she attended. She enjoyed comparing trends in paper type and ridge detailing throughout her years of sipping. #doodle #cocktails #napkin

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