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Morning dose!! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

One should learn from our surroundings. Nature has all the remedies and cures to so many of our day to day problems. Stay aware, keep your eyes and heart open and observe. You can learn so much from even animals. Our dog, Zuni has been munching on these Harsingar leaves quite often. Her intelligence knows whats right for her health. Animals are closer to nature. But somewhere we have distanced ourselves from the bounty of nature. Dont just look for solutions as preached by others, rather develop an inner eye which is constantly searching while being at peace. Look within to experience the unmanifested. It is beautiful and pure joy. I am you and you are me. #lovezuni #harsingar #nightjasmine #naturalremedies #dogsintelligence

Always fun to relive the old days. Started our companionship when i was 4 years old and it hasnt changed since. We are growing, learning and seeking. You always need a guide , someone you listen to irrespective of who you become. This young lad with me is becoming lethal by the day. Not only a mentor but taken the role of my spiritual guru too. We ran 10 kms today at an easy speed. Discussed breathing, yoga and what it means to be joyful in everyday life and the true meaning of success. Live in the moment with utmost gratitude. @sunder.thakur #justliketheolddays #fitness #thursdaymotivation #running #observe #breathe #gratitude #stayfit #mindbodysoul

Sundays are special, even more special when kicked off by a good hard fitness session. Sets my tone for the day. Keeps me alert, productive and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Remember its not only about the physical body which needs to be trained, mental energies are equally important. Devote some time to meditation as well. Synchronisation is important. Have a great day.
Love and chi
#sundaymotivation #fitness #harnessingtheenergy #keeprunning #stayfit #positiveenergy @nishant_bordoloi_

Success is counted sweetest. By those who never succeed. To comprehend a nector. Requires sorest need- Emily Dickinson. Why do you want to be successful ? What makes you go that extra mile? Sometimes things happen easily with the flow and at other times you have to slog it to be able to taste sweet victories. How badly you want it is the question? And the answer too. The time has come to fire all the cylinders. Cause its hurting now. It's no more a passion, but a sorest need and when a man starts to hunt for his needs , he can go any level to meet his demands. It starts now 🕰 #onepointfocus #timestartsnow

Special talent #aryanjuyal top kid 💯congratulations on being selected as the captain of the #India #U19 team for the tour of SriLanka. Go well boy.

Travelled for the first time to play a tournament for my club #lbshastricricketacademy to #katni #madhyapradesh New experience, exciting boys. Plus, train journeys are always special. Reminiscing the good old days.

Breakfast with mom and dad at the beautiful #jaypeegolfandsparesort #family #sunday #brekkie #lovelyproperty

Push it when the mind says no, make it your slave. Dont let it stop you from achieving your goals. Take charge. Listen to the inner voice and follow it. It will never disappoint you. Its always right. Have a good day!! #saturdaymotivation #running #fitness #innervoice #preparation #mindoverbody #goforit

The face of love,care and innocence. My gorgeous nani. We all miss Nanaji. #love

That was crazyyyy!!! Magic shot u beauty @garethbale11 @realmadrid @championsleague #realmadridvsliverpool

Scorching heat, no water and what future holds for us. An alarming situation! Wake up call for us to save water. #waterisprecious #savewater

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